9 Best Pluralsight Alternatives & Competitors In 2024

Online learning platforms are one of the largest growing sectors today. Thanks to the rapid development of technology and the quick spread of the internet, people can avail top quality courses at extremely affordable prices. However, there is one common issue that people usually face while choosing an e-learning platform – there are too many platforms to choose from.

One such site is Pluralsight. It provides great content at affordable prices. But one should only purchase after assessing alternatives to any option that they wish to go for. Hence, in this article, we will take a look at 6 Pluralsight alternatives and competitors in 2024.

Pluralsight Alternatives

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that provides many video lectures for creative professionals, IT and software developers. Now let us have a quick look at the Pluralsight alternatives.

Sr. No.Pluralsight AlternativesRatingsBest for
1.Coursera4.7/5Personal and Professional development
2.Skillshare4.5/5Practical courses
3.Edx4.7/5Management and Computer Science
4.Udacity4.6/5Technology courses
5.Treehouse4.4/5Technical tutorials
6.Udemy4.6/5Software courses
7.LinkedIn Learning4.8/5Professional courses
8.Codecademy4.6/5Programming languages
9.DataCamp4.5/5Machine and Data Learning

1. Coursera

Coursera is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to Pluralsight. There are many reasons why it outshines the latter, such as certifications from top universities such as Yale and Harvard University. There are several free courses available on this platform, which allows the user to test the general quality and workability of the platform.

coursera home page

The structure of courses and teaching plans is very well organized on Coursera. One can receive an actual degree from a college through an online medium of learning. The courses here are relevant for people looking to develop an industry-related skill – which is why it is the top competitor of Pluralsight.You can read our detailed Coursera review.

Coursera Pricing Plan:

Coursera has three plans:

Single learning platformCoursera MonthlyCoursera Annually

2. Skillshare

While there are many online learning platforms such as Pluralsight that help people from the tech field upskill in their working arena, sites such as Skillshare help in personal growth and creative achievements. The programs on this platform are creative, engaging, insightful, and ad-free. There are more than 40,000 courses on Skillshare which are easy to learn and very beginner friendly.

Skillshare home page

Users are given free access to the platform for 30 days to thoroughly assess if the platform suits their needs or not. Workshops are hosted regularly, and it is ideal for people looking to develop writing, designing, and other related skills.

Skillshare Pricing Plan:

$13.99/month$159/yearly per user

3. edX

edX is one of the most popular learning platforms today. With collaborations with top universities and institutions from around the world and well-known tutors, the platform provides quality education to people looking to develop or advance in any field. edX provides users with a beginner-friendly curriculum as well, which makes it very inclusive and one of the top Pluralsight competitors.

edx homepage

Talking of inclusivity, edX courses are available in 4 languages. This online learning platform is also praised for providing financial help to people who cannot afford the fees of the edX programs. Students get a certificate upon completing any course and can earn degrees too.

edx Pricing Plan:

The majority of the content can be accessed for free via audit tracks. In order to receive a certificate on edx you need to buy the lectures, which usually range between $50-$200. moreover, edx has few specific courses, which typically cost around $1000-$2000.

4. Udacity

One of the biggest competitors of Pluralsight today is Udacity. Like the former, Udacity provides content for tech-based professionals looking to either develop or upskill in any tech field. It may not be as well-known as the rest of the options on this list, but it is definitely worth the purchase.

Users are allowed to avail about 200 courses before they are asked to pay – which is a very unique feature in itself. The level of difficulty varies from course to course; hence there is something for everyone here. Users can also download the syllabus for offline or external use. Real-time projects enhance the overall quality of this platform.

Udacity Pricing Plans:

Many Udacity courses are free, but if you want to gain a nano degree, it can cost you around $100-$1000. They also have a monthly plan for nano-degree programs starting from $399 per month.

5. Treehouse

If you wish to learn about topics that revolve around core tech, then you will not regret going to Treehouse for expert guidance and mentoring. This platform is taken care of by professional tech experts who ensure that the quality of content is relevant to help people upskill their value.

treehouse homepage

Users have the option to test the quality of Treehouse through the 7-day trial, which is completely free of cost. The courses cover all the relevant topics and concepts and can be downloaded for offline use. The option of availing of the Techdegree helps you navigate through courses easily.

Treehouse Pricing Plan:

Treehouse has three different plans, namely:

DurationCoursesCourses PlusTechdegree

6. Udemy

Udemy is probably one of the best online learning platforms today. With a large number of courses in every possible category (writing, design, management, app development, and so on) Udemy has millions of happy users. These online learning platforms present their content in more than 50 languages – making them one of the most diverse platforms to learn from.

udemy homepage

Since there is something for every niche, there are more than 150,000 courses available on Udemy. The interface is easy to navigate through and all programs are self-paced in nature.

Udemy Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan of Udemy varies from course to course and instructor to instructor. But the courses usually range from $14.99 -$199.99.

7. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an adaptive learning platform that provides a wide range of on-demand courses that will keep users up-to-date on their job prospects, helping them to learn and search for jobs simultaneously. LinkedIn Learning is highly beneficial for those who are looking for job opportunities.

LinkedIn learning Homepage

The course library is equipped with all the relevant video tutorials that would be advantageous if one is hunting for jobs or want career advancement. Moreover, LinkedIn Learning is available in five different languages.

LinkedIn Pricing Plans:

Monthly Annually

8. Codecademy

Codecademy emphasizes programming and helps to understand coding with hands-on practical projects. It is a beginner-friendly platform offering 15 programming languages with more than 20 categories. Codecademy provides free resources like videos, cheat sheets, docs, and PDFs. It offers a skills path if one wants to get job ready. They have a supportive and active community that helps the users answer their questions and queries.

codecademy homepage

Codecademy Pricing Plans:

The basic plan of Codecademy is free. But, Codecademy also has three different plans individual, student, and team. 

$29.99/month (annually)
$149.99/yearly$299 per user, yearly 

9. DataCamp

Datacamp is an e-learning platform that provides courses and certifications in various courses like Data Science, Machine learning, Data training, and Statistics. One can choose the difficulty level according to their needs and learn at their pace. The platform provides high-quality content with deep and detailed information. The learning methodology of Datacamp is prompt, i.e., to learn, practice, apply, and assess.

Datacamp homepage

DataCamp Pricing Plans:

DataCamp has free and premium options available on a monthly and annual basis. Furthermore, they also have plans for teams and businesses.

BasicPremiumTeam(for 2 and up)
Free$12.42/month (annually)$25/month (annually)

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Whether you are dissatisfied with Pluralsight’s performance or just looking for competitors to formulate a better analysis before purchasing a course – you are at the right place. This article has briefly discussed the nine online learning platforms that you can consider going for if you want Pluralsight like sites.

The kind of e-learning platform that you choose to go for depends upon several factors, such as your budget, level of prerequisite knowledge, field of work, and so on. Hopefully, this article will help you choose from the best Pluralsight alternatives.

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