Meet Our Team

Our team consists of field experts who strive to give you the perfect and most accurate information.


dr steve pearson

Dr Steve Pearson

I have done my doctorate degree in Philosophy. While I was studying, I felt a need to start a platform where everyone would have an access to quality education regardless of their location, background and finances.

With this vision in mind, I started this website. So that people all around the world can use this website and can start their career.


Dr Mary heenton

Dr Mary Heenton

I am a doctorate degree holder in Online Course Research.With an extensive knowledge and experience, and I am able to write insightful reviews on various online courses. My reviews are objective, well-researched, and provide valuable insights for anyone looking to take an online course.

George Winograd

I am an experienced writer and educator with a passion for online learning. With a background in education and technology, I have spent many years researching and reviewing online courses. I always strive to provide insightful and honest assessments of each program’s strengths and weaknesses.

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