Firstly, we would like to disclose that we solely rely on primary sources of data. Our method includes in-depth research and then give our honest review keeping users’ perspective in mind.

What’s our approach?

  1. We look for the content in which the users are interested and want honest feedback.
  2. Start evaluating the content through various uncompromisable real parameters.
  3. Then we start doing comprehensive research and know exactly what our consumers need from us.
  4. Collect all the relevant data.
  5. We analyse and discuss the context: its relevance, completeness and its pros and cons.
  6. And lastly write an unbiased review.

Parameters on which we review-

Depending on the products and services that we are reviewing, we look at the relevant categories to write about. There are few parameters that we keep in mind while evaluating. But let me tell you that it can be relative for some topics.

Content and Learning Outcomes:

We assess the quality, course structure, relevancy,  and completeness of the course content. And whether its objectives are clear and achievable as well as the direction of the students’ learning journey.

Student Engagement and Assessment:

All our reviews include evaluating the level and quality interaction of students. Like whether they are actively participating in the learning activities and the discussions.

We also assess if they accurately measure the students’ understanding and progress. which is aligned parallel to the course structure.

Customer Support:

Detailed examination is done to see that all the required resources are provided beforehand. Moreover, whether the students are backed with proper customer support and time taken to resolve their issues.

Technology and ease of use:

We analyse the functionality and quality of the technology used in the course including course material, learning management system and communication tools used. Additionally, we pay attention to whether user interference is easy to use. The learning platform must have a quick navigations and hassle free registering process.


It is the most crucial one as one gets the certificate on completion of the course. We address some common questions that the readers have like: Whether the certificate is official and governed by a specific body. Will it have relevance in future career, or is it important to the employer?

How will our content and reviews help?

Our main aim is to provide the finest content about the online courses. Our content is designed in such a way that it is easier for the students to understand. Hence, making their decision making simpler.

Are we the right person to review?

We are experts in this field and we create and review our content by ourselves. Additionally, we do extensive research and in depth analysis before uploading.

Our Code of Conduct:

We ensure that our reviews and content is honest and authentic which is helpful to our readers. We make the following commitments to you:

  • We solely rely on primary data for the research which we check before publishing it.
  • We always create and review content by ourselves.
  • We are very transparent with affiliate links, including a disclosure.
  • Each one of our review/content is being checked by two authors (who are the subject experts)

Who is behind the content?

Our team consists of George Winograd and Dr Mary Heenton, who are professional in writing reviews on online learning platforms and courses. George Winograd has a background in education and technology, he has spent many years researching and reviewing online courses. He always strives to provide insightful and honest assessments of each program’s strengths and weaknesses.

On the other hand, Dr Mary Hinton is a doctorate degree holder in Online Course Research. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is able to write insightful reviews on various online courses. Her reviews are objective, well-researched, and provide valuable insights for anyone looking to take an online course.

Together, George and Mary make a formidable team that can provide in-depth and insightful reviews of online courses. They are dedicated to helping learners make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right course for their needs.

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