5 Best Online Courses for Photography in 2022

As different underrated fields are coming mainstream this year, photography has been no exception to it at all. Many photographers who used to click pictures for fun now wish to work in this field professionally as well, which is why the courses that help people attain this expertise are becoming more popular. 

However, it is a little difficult to find a good online course for photography for several reasons. One such reason can be that it is not a very popular course and hence it is not found on every mainstream and trusted education platform. In such cases, how will you choose the perfect site to learn from? 

In this article, we will be covering 5 online courses for photography that you should consider going for in the year 2022. They are assessed on various factors and shortlisted here. 

Top Online Courses for Photography

1. Master Photography | 26Hr Complete Guide Includes Workbook

This Master Photography course is offered by Udemy and created by Chris Parker. The course provides 28 hours of recorded lectures with 18 articles. 17 downloadable resources and lifetime access are also available. You will learn to master exposure, tonal range, and adjust camera settings. It will give you assignments for practice, and a certificate of completion. 

This course is great for beginners as it gives complete guidance to master the art of photography. No fancy devices are required for this course, hence you can learn from your phone while traveling too. 

2. Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

This is a paid course available on Udemy brought by reputed photographers Phil Ebiner, William Carnahan, and Sam Shimu Jones. The course has 65 articles with 25.5 hours of on-demand recorded lectures. There are 44 downloadable resources available. 

The entire course has lifetime access so there is no deadline to finish. Assignments will be provided for you to practice. Above all, it will give you a certificate of completion. 

The course starts from the basics to the advanced level. No fancy camera is required, and you can start with your smartphone camera. The price is affordable, and no prior experience is required. 

3. Photography Essentials: Understanding the Basics

This course covers the essentials of photography for both beginners and intermediate photographers. Available on both SkillShare and Udemy brought by Sean Dalton.

The course offers 1.5 hours of on-demand video lectures. Great for those who do not have 20 hours to spend on the lectures. You will learn about the perfect composition, lighting environments, and photo editing tips. It will give you lifetime access and a certificate of completion. Any camera or smartphone user can opt for this course. It is short, detailed, and great for beginners. 

4. Professional Photography for Instagram

This course is available on Domestika and presented by Mina Barrio. There are 16 lessons with almost 2 hours of recorded lectures. This course has unlimited lifetime access and is great for beginners. 

This course provides the best ways to take pictures and present them for Instagram using only your smartphone. You will learn to create your style and communicate through it. Different aspects and techniques of photography will be provided. It will also give you insight into editing on your smartphone according to any Instagram profile. 

5. Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

This course is offered by Adorama and presented by professional photographer Mark Wallace. It is a free online course available on the YouTube channel Adorama. 

This course provides practical knowledge of lighting, lens, and many other useful techniques. It will also provide tutorials for using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in editing. There are more than 250 videos available with 50 hours of workload. 

This course is great for beginners who just want to explore the scene. This free course gives an extensive idea of photography without any investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best photography course?

Ans. Harvard’s Digital Photography course is considered to be one of the best photography courses in the world today. 

2. Can photography learn online?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to learn photography online if you practice your theory regularly. 

3. Is Udemy good for photography?

Ans. Yes, Udemy is considered good for photography since it has great ratings and reviews online. 

4. What is the best photography course in the UK?

Ans. Robert Gordon University provides the best commercial photography course in the UK. 


While many people are today opting for online platforms to learn and polish various skills, indeed, we do not always know if any particular site is right for us until we try it. Hence, it is important to analyze properly before we pay for courses. 

As we have discussed the top 5 online courses for photography in this article – hopefully now you will be able to make a calculated decision as to which one to buy and brush up your photography skills efficiently.

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