7 Best Online Learning Websites Like Udemy

People who want to learn new skills online have probably heard of Udemy. This website provides unrestricted access to courses for nothing or a very affordable price. Udemy has recently emerged as the platform of choice for both students seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the university curriculum as well as learners in the business world. However, due to various reasons, people are now looking for Websites Like Udemy and Udemy alternatives.

The main issue with Udemy is that they don’t provide course certification. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take certificate-type courses online; there are a lot of different learning platforms that function as the finest Udemy alternatives and have a tonne of extra features. We’ve chosen the top 10 Udemy alternatives for you in this article; hope! You will be able to select the best replacement.

Stanford UniversityOne of the free online learning platforms like Udemy that provides a wide range of educational possibilities for students from various age groups, geographical locations, and educational backgrounds is Stanford University.

For those wishing to study skills in areas like civil & environmental engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, mathematics, aeronautics & astronautics, etc., this is the ideal alternative because the courses are free.

1. Skillshare

Of all the online learning systems, Skillshare is arguably the one that most closely resembles Udemy. In addition to providing thousands of free courses, Skillshare also offers a reasonably priced premium subscription that grants access to even more courses and video lectures. The material in Skillshare courses is frequently particularly applicable because they are instructed by specialists in the field.

Instead of just viewing and absorbing theory like with some other e-learning sites, this platform puts a strong emphasis on learning by the process of practicing and working. While other eLearning platforms like LinkedIn Learning emphasize business, Skillshare’s course catalog places a greater emphasis on the creative and artistic disciplines.

Therefore, Skillshare is a fantastic option whether you’re looking to learn about animation, music, photography, or other creative areas.

2. Alison

Through 41000 different courses from many various categories, like legal studies, psychology, health studies, project management, human resources, etc., Alison offers completely free online courses with certifications. It is one of the biggest and most well-known e-learning platforms in the world for polishing various kinds of skills.

Alison offers lengthy tutorials lasting several hours along with certificate and degree programs. All of Alison’s courses are free, and you can earn a certificate without spending any money that you can put on your resume.

3. edX

Like Udemy, edX offers a huge selection of free online courses, but unlike other websites, users from Iran, Cuba, and the Crimean part of Ukraine are unable to sign up and enroll. To offer the greatest instruction in online learning, edX has partnered with numerous prestigious educational institutions and top universities.

You can obtain certification from numerous reputable organizations and universities through edX. Depending on the courses, the cost varies from $50 to $300. For subjects and areas including computer science, language, data science, business & management, engineering, humanities, etc., there are many possibilities available.

4. Coursera

By collaborating with prestigious colleges and organizations to offer courses online, Coursera ensures that everyone has access to the greatest education available. Additionally, it connects the top academic institutions and programs worldwide. The majority of the courses are free and can be taken whenever the user wants.

The instructors are respected university lecturers. For a nominal fee, you can also enroll in certificate programs and learn for nothing. You can access the majority of courses for free to advance your knowledge and skills, and if you want a certificate for passing the course, you can get one for a little, fair fee.

In addition, you will be delighted to learn that Coursera offers full-time master’s and bachelor’s degree programs from the greatest universities. On a wide range of subjects, including social science, the humanities, business, computer science, etc., it provides exceptional depth.

5. Harvard Extension

The users of Harvard Extension Online have access to a unique feature that lets them select the course time that best fits their schedule. Since there are no scheduled meetings for online students, they must meet all exam and homework deadlines.

They provide classes in programming, data science, health and medical, and arts & sciences.

6. Open Yale Courses

The open yale classes, like the other websites on the list, are a well-liked hub for free online education. The course resources include high-quality, downloadable video lectures as well as prescribed readings from the syllabus, tests, and problem sets. History, geology, chemistry, astronomy, and other subjects are also offered as courses. It is a fantastic substitute for Udemy.


1. What is better than Udemy?

The well-known Udemy rival Coursera has a huge selection of online courses, many of which are taught by top academics from top universities around the globe and industry experts. This is the best site if you’re looking for Websites Like Udemy.

2. Which is the best online course website?

A wide variety of free, in-depth classes on technology, languages, science, financial literacy, soft skills, entrepreneurship, and more are available through ALISON.

3. Is Skillshare better than Udemy?

Both main companies in the e-learning space, Skillshare, and Udemy offer platforms that can help you advance your knowledge. But after thorough deliberation, we’ve concluded that Skillshare is the undisputed champion if you want to put what you’ve learned into practice, connect with peers, and receive instructor feedback.

4. Is Udemy better than Coursera?

It’s a difficult choice because Coursera’s courses are of a much higher caliber and Udemy’s are more plentiful and easier to locate resources.


As various fields are shifting to online mode for increased efficiency, so is the field of learning and teaching. The above-mentioned Websites Like Udemy are as good as Udemy and deserve a shot in case you liked the interface of Udemy.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down to the perfect e-learning platform for you to grow in your desired field of profession or studies.

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