The extraordinary claims of Mindvalley’s quests persuade us to become a Mindvalley member. However, Mindvalley does not offer cheap courses unlike other online wellness platforms. Mindvalley is an expensive platform, so before investing such a huge sum, we want to know about the flexibility of their membership programs. 

And the most common query I have seen is regarding Mindvalley’s free trial. So, does Mindvalley offer a free trial? 

Continue reading to know if Mindvalley has a free trial option and how to claim it if there is one. Let’s dive in. 

Does Mindvalley Offer A Free Trial? 

Yes, Mindvalley offers a free trial. Mindvalley has a 15-day free trial policy, but it is only for all access members. The all-access membership is a subscription-based program where users can pay monthly or annually. 

If you opt for the all-access pass, you can try different Mindvalley quests and avail of a 15-day free trial. But it gets activated only when you make the payment. 

The best part is that Mindvalley offers a hassle-free free trial, and if you don’t like the course content, you can cancel your subscription anytime within these first fifteen days and get a full refund. 

 Mindvalley -15-day free trial

As you can see in the above picture, Mindvalley announces a seamless way to get your refund. You don’t have to go back and forth with emailing their team, explaining why you want to cancel your subscription. You have to visit their refund page, follow the steps as directed, and claim the refund. 

Mindvalley also provides a 7-day free trial on buying individual courses. Like the all-access system, you must buy the quest first and then get access to the free trial. 

How To Access Mindvalley Free Trial? 

As mentioned, you get the free trial only after purchasing the all-access membership. Here is how you can purchase it: 

Step #1: Go to Mindvalley’s official website.

Visit the Mindvalley membership page.

 Mindvalley membership page

Step #2: Scroll to the bottom of the page till you find the subscription options. 

 Mindvalley- Click on join now

Step #3: Select between monthly or yearly membership options. 

You can either select a monthly or yearly subscription as per your requirements.

 Mindvalley- Pricing page

Step #4: Click on Join the membership. 

Mindvalley- Click on Join Membership

Step #5: Provide necessary information like your name, email id, zip code, country, etc.

And choose between credit card or Paypal payment options. 

Mindvalley- Fill your details

Step #6: Fill in the payment details and complete the purchase. The free trial starts as soon as your Mindvalley account gets activated. 

Make sure to set a reminder about the free trial period. You will be charged for the whole month if you forget to cancel within the stipulated time. However, Mindvalley lets you cancel your subscription anytime. 

What Can You Access With Mindvalley Free Trial? 

Through the free trial, you can access all Mindvalley quests, live classes, special webinars, meditations, and everything Mindvalley offers. Yes, you read that right. There are no course limitations when you’re on the trial period. 

Mindvalley lets you explore all the course content to pick the quest you connect to the most. It’s rare because not all online learning platforms give guest users open access to their course content. You can read our detailed Mindvalley review.

You should fully use this trial period and check what Mindvalley offers. They have quests for personal development. Entrepreneurship, emotional healing, health & fitness, wellness, relationships, and every possible area of life you can think of. Pick a quest that resonates the most with your current life situation as well as with your ethics to be able to take full advantage of it. 

But one drawback of the trial period is the duration. Most Mindvalley quests are over a month long, providing only introductory classes in the initial days. Hence, 15 days seem short to test and explore different options. 

What Is The Original Mindvalley Price Structure? 

If you buy individual quests on Mindvalley, you’ll have to pay an exorbitant amount. Most single courses are priced above $500, and single courses only provide 7-day trial periods. But the all-access membership is a lot cheaper than buying single courses. Here is what the Mindvalley original price structure looks like 

Membership Type Price Structure 
Monthly Membership $59 per month 
Annual Membership $25 per month 

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Conclusion: Try Mindvalley 7-Day Trial Before Buying!

Mindvalley’s free trial is a great way to test the platform’s worthiness. You get a fair chance to test the platform with the system if you don’t feel comfortable paying the monthly or annual fee at once. I explained the complete procedure of getting the free trial; try it yourself to decide on buying a Mindvalley membership. 


What Is Not Included In Mindvalley Free Trial? 

You get to access everything in Mindvalley’s free trial. But a few Mindvalley quests, like Lifebook Online and Wildfit, are not in-house Mindvalley quests; hence, they are not included in the all-access pass. 

What Is The Cheapest Mindvalley Membership? 

Mindvalley annual membership is the cheapest among all memberships. It costs only $25 per month. 

How Can I Cancel My Mindvalley Subscription? 

Go to my account on the Mindvalley page, visit the billing section, and click on cancel the subscription.

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