Mindvalley is currently offering $200 off on the annual membership (limited time offer)

You can grab a Mindvalley membership at just $199/year. MissionGraduate being the official Mindvalley partner sharing all the exclusive Mindvalley Coupons.

In this post, I’ll share all the working Mindvalley discounts and step by step guide to claim it. As of now, Mindvalley Summer Sale (Limited time) is going which helps you save upto $200 on annual membership.

Mindvalley Summer Deals & Discount Offers — July 2024

Save $200 on Mindvalley (Summer Sale)

Get $200 on Mindvalley Membership. Limited Time Offer.


Get Mindvalley Membership for $199

When you opt for the annual plan, you pay $199 yearly plans.


Seven Days Free Trial 

Mindvalley offers a seven-day free trial. However, this offer is only valid for new users. 


Business Plan – Save $200

Both annual plans for business subscriptions help you save $200.

Mindvalley Promo codePriceOriginal PriceSavings
$200 OFF $199/ year$399/ year$200
Indirect Discount on Mindvalley Annual Plan$399 $588 – Monthly Plan’s annual billing$189
Monthly Billing$49 (Monthly plan)$33.25 (Annual Plan)$15.75
Free TrialSeven
Business Plan$499$299$200

Step-By-Step Guide To Claim Mindvalley $200 Discount?

To claim your $200 discount on the annual Mindvalley subscription, follow these steps:-

Step 1: Click on this link. 

Step 2: Scroll down till you reach “Join membership.”

Join membership
Source: Mindvalley

Step 3: Enter the billing details. 

Enter the billing details
Source: Mindvalley

Step 4: Finally, click “Subscribe,” which is embedded in the purple button.

Does Mindvalley Offer a Student Discount?

Mindvalley Offer a Student Discount
Source: Student Beans

Mindvalley offers a 40% student discount through Student Beans. 

However, the discount is not completely legitimate since this is a third-party offer. I recommend opting for the official discounts as you save $100 to $189 there.

Mindvalley Yearly Subscription Discount: What is it?

Mindvalley’s yearly subscription discount is where you are saving money indirectly! For example, there are two plans for Mindvalley standard subscription:

  • Monthly Plan: $49
  • Annual Plan: $399

So, when you subscribe to Mindvalley’s monthly subscription, you will pay $588 for the annual billing. However, when you purchase the annual subscription, you only pay $399. 

Therefore, when you subtract the bigger amount from the smaller one, you get the price you save – $189!

Which Mindvally Discount Is Ideal For You?

You get a maximum discount on Mindvalley’s Business Plan ($200 OFF). However, to claim the service, you must own a business and a team of at least five members.

If you do not fit the criteria, go for an annual membership, saving $189. 

Features You Get With Mindvalley Coupons & Promo Offers

Mindvalley does not offer any coupon codes. Instead, you get the following features irrespective of the direct and indirect discount deals the platform provides you with:-

  • Seven days free trial
  • Access to 100+ content library
  • Customised AI-guided curriculum
  • Access to over 100 therapeutic sounds and guided meditations
  • Share your wisdom with Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • Connect, grow, and learn alongside global members

Mindvalley Subscription Plans

Mindvalley offers three subscription plans: Mindvalley Membership, Mindvalley Pro Membership, and Business Membership. The last two memberships focus on annual plans, whereas Mindvalley Membership focuses on Monthly and Annual plans.

For detailed insights, read my article on Mindvalley Membership.

SubscriptionsMonthly PlanAnnual PlanAvailable Discount
Mindvalley Membership$49$399$189 on the Annual Plan
Mindvalley Pro Membership$598$199 for the first year
Mindvalley Business$499$299
  1. Mindvalley Membership

As discussed earlier, subscribing to the annual plan helps you save $309!

It’s a simple math: Monthly Plan – $49, which you multiply to get an annual bill = $708. 

Considering you already have an annual plan ($399), you do not need to spend extra money on the monthly plan, especially when you will be using the service for an entire year.

  1. Mindvalley Pro Membership

If you are an existing member of Mindvalley, you need to pay $199 to upgrade your membership. This is because you have already paid $399. So, adding additional cost makes the total $598, which is the annual membership fee for the Pro subscription. 

  1. Mindvalley Business

There are two plans for business membership, and despite the same cost ($299), the number of team members differs. For example, the smaller team has 5 to 19 members. 

Meanwhile, the larger team consists of 20 to 200 members.

Mindvalley Free Trial 

Mindvalley offers a seven-day free trial, which you can read about in detail – here. By claiming this free-of-cost demo, you can access all the paid features you normally cannot in free courses. 

For instance, the free courses are hardly 1.5 hours long, so you can learn only so much from them. On the other hand, using a seven-day free trial will give you enough time to complete at least one immersive course.

After the trial ends, you can opt for our Mindvalley coupon codes and get a discount!

Mindvalley Refund Policy 

Mindvalley offers 14 days money-back guarantee. However, to get a 100% refund, you must cancel your subscription at least on the 12th or 13th day of sign-up. That is because many users have complained about having difficulty canceling their subscriptions. 

So, to avoid the last-minute panic, you’d better have enough time to go through trials.

Does Minvalley Offer Free Courses?

Mindvalley offers over 500 free courses that change every week. These 60 to 90-minute demo lectures help you understand the gist of the long-form courses. This will help you decide if you enjoy the instructor’s teaching style and want to invest in a subscription.

Minvalley Offer Free Courses
Source: Mindvalley

Remember that you do not get course completion certificates for free courses. 

Related Read: You can read about my detailed insights on Mindvalley Review.

So, if you are looking for certificates after completing your course, check out the paid courses. Which course should you take? Check out my handpicked list of the best Mindvalley courses!

Tips To Save More On Mindvalley Subscriptions

The best way to save money on a Mindvalley subscription is by purchasing the annual membership. By doing so, you get $189 OFF, as the annual billing for a monthly subscription is slightly expensive. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Mindvalley

To maximize your Mindvalley subscription, divide the annual subscription cost between 3 to 5 people. So, you all can leverage the Mindvalley service for a year cost-effectively. 

Let’s assume you have five members in your group, so depending on the subscription rate of $299 or $399, each person pays $60 to $80, respectively.

You can always add members to decrease the individual price. 

Mindvalley Black Friday Sale

Mindvalley Black Friday Deal is not live for 2024. Last year, Mindvalley offered their service for $1 for the first month. So, most likely, this year’s discount could be just as promising. 

I will keep you updated whenever the discount is live. 

Wrapping Up: Get $200 OFF With Mindvalley Discount!

The official Mindvalley promo code saves you $200 on the Annual Subscription. And get the Mindvalley membership for $199.

However, you gain a double whammy with the indirect discount, too. By opting for an annual membership ($199) and not a monthly subscription ($588 annual billing), you save $289. 

So, in total, you save $289! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Mindvalley, as the platform also gives you a seven-day free trial!


What is the price for Mindvalley membership?

Mindvalley Membership for the annual plan is $399, where you are getting a $200 discount. So, that reduces the price to be $199.

What is not included in Mindvalley membership?

Mindvalley membership does not include its partnered programs, Wildfit and Lifebook Online. So, if you want to access the services, you must purchase them individually. 

How do I cancel Mindvalley?

To cancel your Mindvalley subscription, follow the instructions: Go to your profile picture > My Account > Billing Section > Active Membership.

Is there a Mindvalley Coupon code?

Mindvalley does not offer any coupon codes. However, you can claim its official discount of $100 on the annual subscription.

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