Mindvalley Review 2022: Is It Worth The Price?

Mindvalley is an online based platform focusing entirely on inculcating spiritual development, personal growth, and lifelong learning into those who sign for it. It was started by the bestselling author Vishen Lakhiani in 2002. What is amazing about this platform is the unique perspective it brings forward; the teamwork based on bonding and fun has made it one of the ‘coolest’ workplaces to be at – which explains the positive Mindvalley review on the internet.  

Coming to those working for Mindvalley, it has been seen that a lot of them move forward to become successful entrepreneurs within roughly just 2 years of getting hired. Since its foundation, Mindvalley has emphasized providing courses and digital learning resources to the clients it gets; the aim of creating an educational atmosphere that is independent of restrictions rooted in religion, society, and politics is one of its kind and an innovation not quite seen before.  

All courses are delivered by certified experts, which is not common to the usually existing education curriculum. The platform has even gained the perception of an actual university that is offering high-quality and inclusive education in respective fields to its students. This article revolves around a detailed Mindvalley review of various aspects that you should know about before purchasing a course from there. 

Features of Mindvalley 

Before availing of the services of any virtual platform, it is important to know what features they have to offer their audience and consumer base. here are some of the major features of Mindvalley that you should know about to understand why is Mindvalley legit: 

  • Mindvalley essentially serves the purpose of teaching its students the ‘things that matter in their life. Unlike most learning initiatives, it is specifically focusing on a sort of personal transformation in people through effective learning in things like mindfulness and spirituality.  
  • In their own words, Mindvalley says they think that being a human is a lot more than what has been interpreted by our ‘broken’ education systems. The founder, Vishen Lakhiani has highlighted how they at Mindvalley work constantly towards reinventing and optimizing their courses and learning processes to achieve their goal of providing excellent results for human welfare.  
  • Lakhiani believes that learning is truly a lifelong process and laid the base for founding this platform for that very purpose. Mindvalley has begun with the purpose of making people able to contribute amply to their respective spheres of life; for all humans are capable of great love, fondness, and contentedness which, once truly familiar to them, can be directed to the areas of their life where it is required.  
  • The platform has over 10 million students worldwide and is often highly recommended. Several leading personalities teach here, also choosing to publish their work through Mindvalley. The courses are designed to be of impact, so their effect stays. They are best suited for those looking to create a positive change in their life. 

Pros and Cons of Mindvalley 


  • Courses are made understandable through systematized, daily learning.
  • Those imparting education at Mindvalley is well-renowned names as bestselling authors and brilliant thinkers, bringing forward their best knowledge to the table for the learners to seek.
  • Mindvalley has worked hard to create a safe, inspiring atmosphere consisting of its excellent educators and staff, who have dedicated time to make it true.
  • Mindvalley provides you with the option of a refund in case you are not satisfied with the results of the process of courses.
  • The courses provided are all-inclusive and range from spirituality to all kinds of personal growth, making them suitable.
  • The main aim is to have people learn all the skills that induce personal development, things that normal education does not focus on.
  • There is a free master class each week on the platform which is accessible by everyone; it can give an insight into what it all is about.
  • Helps the learners determine the areas in their lives that need focus and those where they are strong. 


  • The courses at Mindvalley can be especially expensive to go for. As mentioned before, the platform considers itself no less than a well-functioning university. Hence the qualities of its premium courses to the several hidden costs make it uneconomical.
  • People often say that they wish there were some more courses to work with on the platform. 

What is Mindvalley 10x? 

Mindvalley 10x is a specifically focused program provided by Mindvalley that revolves around boosting productivity in achieving body goals. It specializes in making the individual work towards developing their strength so they can achieve the body they have visualized.  

The course includes just 15 fifteen minutes every day to inculcate proper adaptive response mechanisms in you. Mindvalley wishes to provide people with actual, visible results by using focused strategies. There is no age barrier in enrolling in this program and can be used by everyone to achieve their desired body goals while working out just twice a week.  

Although it is not a specialized weight loss program, it is still efficient to some extent in burning fat and building muscles. Lastly, it is a program specializing in physical development as seen fit by the learner, and the Mindvalley 10x review consists of positive feedback on the internet.   

Reviews for Mindvalley- Is it worth it? 

Those who have enrolled in the courses and programs by Mindvalley have a lot to say about it, and they do so by posting a Mindvalley membership review on the internet. Having pondered upon the pros and cons posed by the learning processes of this platform, we shall move forward to how the reviews on Mindvalley have been so far.  

A generalized view of the reviews of the platform states that there are a huge number of people who have chosen to take part in the personal growth programs and have yielded impressive results. Some claim that their life has changed drastically upon learning the ideals of holistic development as taught to them by the experts at Mindvalley.  

It has helped them uncover a wide range of personal skills that they would require further in life to work and become better. This has proved to them that there is certainly a no better place than Mindvalley to invest in for your development as an individual. This is testimony enough that people have actually benefited from the platform and highly recommend it as well.  

Is Mindvalley Worth the Price? 

As an overview, it can be noticed that along with the specialized courses, it is also the experts putting ample effort into imparting quality education to these individuals that make the process all the more promising. Mindvalley seems to provide people with a hub for all-in-one personal development and learning of skills they did not get the opportunity to learn previously.  

These people carry these valuable lessons into their regular lives and can upgrade their life choices in a way that their productivity is enhanced. The most crucial motive of Mindvalley, to assert that learning is a lifelong process, is fulfilled since learners have claimed that they understand now how there is truly no end to their learning. 

On top of all of the reviews mentioned above, there are also several about the high cost of the courses. Naturally though, and this is understood by everyone, the price of such a program is bound to be this high. The experts and the specialized programs all add to the high costs, which means that quality is being delivered according to the price that is demanded of the courses to be purchased.  

Hence, if you understand the vision of Mindvalley and it appeals to you positively – then the courses are worth trying at least once.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Mindvalley classes worth it? 

A. given all of the positive reviews by its students, it can be said that Mindvalley is a worthy endeavor. 

2. How much does Mindvalley membership cost? 

A. Mindvalley offers an annual subscription for $499. 

3. Is Mindvalley or Masterclass better? 

A. In Mindvalley vs masterclass, Mindvalley beats the latter when the features and the scientific learning methodology are taken into consideration. 

4. How do I get Mindvalley for free? 

A. Mindvalley does offer a free Masterclass of 60 to 90 minutes every week. 


To conclude, Mindvalley is a holistic and inclusive platform that has transformed powerfully in the last couple of years. The lives of millions have been highly impacted as it is evident through Mindvalley.com reviews. 

The results that are prominent amongst the people upon taking the course cannot be denied at all, making the platform a leading destination to learn all the skills, habits, and knowledge they are going to require to function in a manner of productivity.  

So even those who are reading up on Mindvalley ought to give it a try and see for themselves the astonishing results that it has to provide. Hopefully, the content of this Mindvalley review will be enough for you to figure out whether Mindvalley is worth your money or not. Our verdict would be that if you find the courses relevant and you can afford them, you should give them a try.  

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