Mindvalley Review 2023: Is It Legit? (My Experience)

When we hear the words wellness, meditation, and mindfulness, Mindvalley sounds like a synonym for it. It has curved its own space in this industry and has helped millions, 10 million to be precise, of people uplift their lives. 

I’m one of those 10 million people who have tried Mindvalley, and here I’m today with a complete Mindvalley review. I have completed a few Mindvalley quests and have been an active member of the Mindvalley community, and I’m sharing both the good and somewhat drawbacks of the platforms here. Keep reading for more. 

What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an e-learning platform that helps you grow emotionally intelligent by developing deep mind and body connections. Following the words of Mindvalley, we spend so much time preparing for our careers and learning new things and are always chasing after an infinite goal. But we hardly invest in things that help improve the quality of our lives. In simple words, Mindvalley’s mission is to enforce positive psychology in everyone in the world.

And therefore, Mindvalley has devised quests for our mind, body, and soul, and it goes beyond that. It has quests for every important chapter in our lives, be it parenting, relationships, fitness, development, etc. there is everything. All these quests teach you ways to master each area of life without burning yourself. 

Mindvalley will teach you ways to outgrow these stereotypical limitations to live a happy, healthy life. 

Who is behind Mindvalley?

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, an amazing self-development platform with over 10 million students worldwide.  He is a speaker, activist, and entrepreneur on a quest to remake how the world works regarding business, politics, education, and spirituality.

Vishen studied computer engineering at the University of Michigan and was a senior leader at a rapidly growing Silicon Valley startup. However, he faced extreme stress and decided to quit his job to study meditation and personal development.

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s own transformation journey inspired him to start Mindvalley in 2002 with the aim of creating a personal transformation program for people to raise human consciousness and help them elevate their lives. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, now translated into 25+ languages.

Mindvalley Instructors

In order to deliver high-quality content, Mindvalley has brought together the best leaders to help you on this path. The instructors at Mindvalley have to undergo an intensive and rigorous selection process to become certified Mindvalley instructors.

Mindvalley Instructors

These instructors have mastered their field and are now associated with Mindvalley to help you achieve joy, love, and fulfillment in life and achieve the same level of self-esteem. 

Courses Offered By Mindvalley

As an active Mindvalley member, I have studied most of their quests. Of course, it’s not possible to finish all the 60 quests, and all are not relevant to me either. But I’ll share insights on some of the most popular quests from different categories like- mind & soul, fitness, parenting, entrepreneurship, performance, relationship, etc. 

mindvalley quest categories

Best Mindvalley Courses For Mind & Soul

Some of the best quests in this category are the following:

Mindavlley courses for mind & soul
  • Duality By Jeffery Allen

Duality is an 8-week-long quest where you’ll have 40 to 60 minutes of meditation programs every day. These guided meditations are led by the program’s creator Jeffery Allen himself. This quest helps you learn about your chakras and the inherent energy system.

As a practitioner of Duality, I can rightfully say this is one of my top favourite quests. I can say endless things about why Duality is the best, but I’ll leave them to explore on your own. To keep it concise, the teachings of Duality go beyond this world. 

As you enter the quest, you realize that if you can understand your energetic personal system, you can take full control of your life. He teaches how to activate these personal energy systems at our command and get the maximum benefit out of it. 

  • Be Extraordinary

Another great quest by Mindvalley is Be Extraordinary, created by its founder Vishen Lakhiani. This 30-day quest has the potential to make you extraordinary by instilling a sense of gratitude, unleashing your mind to the fullest potential, and helping you achieve the best in your life. 

  • The Uncompromised Life

Famous therapist Marisa Peer creates the Uncompromised Life. It’s a transformational hypnotherapy program of 8-weeks. This quest also has so much more to offer to bring happiness, peace, and success to your life. 

Her technique transformational hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven technique to rewire your mind to put its best performance. With this technique, your entire neurological process gets a makeover to think, feel, and perceive things on an entirely new level. Marisa claims these programs can also help people fight anxiety, depression, pain, stress, etc. 

Best Mindvalley Courses For Entrepreneurship

Mindvalley entrepreneurship Courses
  • The Quest For Personal Mastery 

The Quest For Personal Mastery by Dr. Srikumar Rao is one of the most popular quests in this category. By enrolling, you can learn Dr. Rao’s personal approach to building resilience and personal growth. Through this course, you’ll learn to form a strong inner voice, face stressful situations without fear, overcome obstacles, and learn a lot more life skills. 

  • Zero To $100 Million 

Curated by Miki Agarwal, Zero To $100 Million spills some crucial secrets of how to build a $100 business with disruptive ideas. It’s a 7-week program where Miki teaches how you can build a successful business irrespective of your financial background. She shares frameworks, strategies, and other tips to help you emerge as a market leader instead of getting crushed by competitors. 

There are actually tons of great courses in this category. These two are my personal favorite, but you can skim through Mindvalley’s library of best entrepreneurship courses to pick your preferred one. 

Best Mindvalley Courses For Performance

  • Superbrain 

Superbrain is, without a doubt, one of the best quests in Mindvalley, irrespective of the category. This course is devised by brain instructor Jim Kwik who has an interesting life journey. Superbrain again disrupts the stereotypes we have been hearing about learning and memorization. This quest will help you maximize your brain’s potential within 30 days and help you retain information faster and much better. 

  • Speak & Inspire 

Public speaking or social communication phobia is a very common thing for most of us. But Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nicholas is such a tremendous quest that will help you unleash your speaking skills. The best part is it’s a 30-day course with just 10 minutes of classes each day. 

Best Mindvalley Courses For Fitness & Body

Mindvalley courses for Fitness and body
  • Wildfit 

How many times have you joined a diet or exercise program but could not keep up with it? It’s an everyday story, and the main reason for this is that we start a diet without understanding our relationship with food. This is where Wildfit, an unconventional nutritional program by Eric Edmeades, comes into the scene. Wildfit does not ask you to follow a diet plan or exercise for an hour daily. Instead, it’s a 90-days health program that will rewire your relationship with food and program you to willingly make conscious food decisions. 

  • The Longevity Blueprint 

As Mindvalley says, this program is for everyone who wants to “expand their lifespan by years or decades and live to the fullest at any age.” Taught by Ben Greenfield, this quest presents the secrets to living a fitter, happier and healthier life without giving up to joint pain, reduced stamina, dull skin, muscle loss, low energy, brittle joints, etc., which we consider unavoidable signs of aging. If you want to rediscover your life in health and fitness, there is no better option than the Longevity Blueprint. 

These are some of the most sought-after categories and their famous programs. But Mindvalley’s genius quests don’t stop here. There are excellent options in other categories like relationships, parenting, teen life, etc., which help bring your life on the right track with an in-depth analysis of where you’re lacking. 

Pros and Cons Of Mindvalley:

Mindvalley is a reputable online learning platform with a lot to offer. However, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons before you decide to sign up. 

Mindvalley Pros:

  • Quality content: The courses offered by Mindvalley are packed with information. The videos are well-produced, engaging, interesting, and easy to follow.
  • Quality instructors: Mindvalley instructors are passionate and experienced in their subject matter.
  • Supportive community: Mindvalley has an active community of students who support each other on their journey of personal growth.
  • Variety of courses: Mindvalley offers a plethora of courses on mind, body, soul, entrepreneurship, career, and relationship.
  • Free trial: Mindvalley offers a 7-day free trial so that you can try the platform yourself before committing to the membership.
  • App: Mindvalley’s app is available on mobile and desktop from where you can access all the quests, mentoring sessions, and all the other programs.
  • Value for money: The annual membership of the Mindvalley is indeed a beneficial deal. You all get access to the quests and other programs

Mindvalley Cons:

  • High price: Mindvalley memberships can be expensive, especially if you buy individual quests.
  • Lacks content: Though the content is engaging and interesting but some videos lack informative and detailed content.

A Note On Mindvalley’s User Experience? The Truth About Mindvalley

The reason Mindvalley is able to create one of a kind place in such a vast industry is by providing a quality user experience. As a member, I can say that Mindvalley’s approach is really unique, unlike most other institutions. Even though there are certain limitations, it focuses on giving a lifetime of user experience. 

Here I’ll like to talk about the user experience in three categories briefly- 

  • Quality Of Content– There is no denying that Mindvalley’s content quality is unmatched. It’s easy to follow and comprehend. The audio and video quality is nice, and I didn’t face any difficulty in accessing them. Besides, the things Mindvalley’s quests teach are found nowhere else. 
  • Interactivity & Engagement- Since most Mindvalley quests are in the form of pre-recorded audio or video, you can’t have one on one talks with the instructors, which is the case in most online platforms. Despite that, the instructors have put a lot of effort into keeping you engaged with frequent addresses and questions. But you can connect with the Mindvalley community and share your experience and learn from their experience as well. 
  • Customer Support- Although I haven’t tried the system yet, Mindvalley has a helpful customer support team. You can reach them via WhatsApp, iMessage, or Email. You can raise any query, and they don’t take more than 48 hours to respond. 

Mindvalley University: Breaking Stereotypes Of Traditional Education System

Mindvalley is a growing online learning institution with disruptive concepts, and Mindvalley university is one of them. I didn’t lie when I said it’s breaking the stereotypes of the traditional education system because it indeed is. 

When you think of the word university, the words automatically come to your mind: a campus, classrooms, a curriculum, syllabus, definite class routines, etc., right? 

But Mindvalley University does not adhere to any of these traditional concepts. It’s actually a global rotating university that will take place in a new country every year. 

It’s a 21-day transformative program where you can learn from world leaders, meets the amazing Mindvalley community, and get to experience an enchanting one-of-a-kind experience. This is not the type of institution from where you’ll pass out with a degree once you complete the program. 

Instead, it teaches you life-changing skills without the pressure of the traditional education system. Vishen Lakhiani started Mindvalley University in 2017, and thousands of people participate every year. 

Did You Know About Mindvalley Coaching Certification? 

If you see expanding your career in the wellness and mindfulness area, Mindvalley has an amazing opportunity for you. Mindvalley offers five coaching certification programs in- life, business, fitness, hypnotherapy, and holo body coaching. 

Mindvalley Certifications Steps to enroll

You can join one of these programs if you want to become one of the Mindvalley leaders if you’re truly interested in these fields and want to teach more people to gain personal, spiritual, and physical freedom to live a healthy and happy life. 

The certification programs are pretty expensive, so you must be committed to this career before you spend such a huge amount. 

Mindvalley’s Pricing Plans: Is Mindvalley Worth It?

Here comes the important part, how much does Mindvalley cost? I won’t lie, the price is a bit bummer, and I feel Mindvalley is targeting a specific sector of the audience here because not all can afford a $1000 quest. 

However, if you opt for their yearly or monthly memberships, you can save a subsequent amount of money and get access to all their quests. Let’s see the price structure for more clarity- 

Membership TypePrice 
Monthly $99 per month 
Yearly $41.60 per month
mindvalley memebership- Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley offers a 7 free trial. If you feel the quest isn’t right for you, you can ask for a refund within the stipulated time.

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As A Mindvalley Member, Here Is How My Journey Went (Verdict)

So is Mindvalley a worth investing platform? In short, yes. Even though the price factor seems a little too high, you’re investing in improving the quality of your life. 

Till now, I have completed Mindvalley’s Silva Ultramind, Duality, Wildfit, and the Quest For Personal Mastery. And none of these quests have disappointed me. Each of these quests has taught me something that I never knew before. 

And most importantly, Mindvalley teaches us how to unleash the superpowers we have within us. Therefore, I would say that one should definitely try Mindvalley quests. 

But these quests require a lot of dedication, concentration, and an open mind. If you are over-speculative and don’t practice what has been taught throughout your life, you won’t see a long-term benefit. Hence, accumulate everything you learn and make it a lifestyle. 

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FAQ- Mindvalley Review

Are Mindvalley classes worth it? 

It has many positive reviews from its students, and hence it can be said that Mindvalley is a worthy endeavour. 

How much does a Mindvalley membership cost? 

Mindvalley offers an annual subscription for $41.60 per month. 

Is Mindvalley or Masterclass better? 

When it comes to Mindvalley vs masterclass, Mindvalley beats the latter when the features and the scientific learning methodology are taken into consideration. 

Does Mindvalley provide a certificate?

Yes, it does provide a certificate.

Does Mindvalley provide a free trial period?

Mindvalley offers a 15-day risk-free trial period from the date of purchase.

Can I apply for Mindvalley Certification Course?

Yes, you can apply for Mindvalley Certification Course by registering and paying $200 refundable fee.

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