Mindvalley comes with two primary plans $49/month or $399 for the annual membership. In addition, users can enjoy a pro membership and Business plan with exclusive Mindvalley features. 

As of now, there is 50% Off on Mindvalley Membership for a limited time. Get Mindvalley membership for $199 annually and save $200.

In this article, I will review Mindvalley’s pricing, understanding what each plan offers, free courses, etc., to help you understand which plan offers maximum value for money!

I will also cover the ongoing Mindvalley discounts, refund policies, and how you can get Mindvalley for free. 

Mindvalley Membership: Quick Cost Breakdown

Before diving into Mindvalley’s pricing details and the ideal plan, let’s check out the snippet!

Monthly PlanAnnual PlanAnnul Per/MODiscount
Mindvalley Membership$49
($588 per year)
$33.25/ month$189 on the annual plan
Mindvalley Pro Membership$598$49.8/ month$199 first year
Mindvalley Business$299$24.9/ month$200

Save $200 on Mindvalley (Summer Sale)


For more insights on how the platform functions, you can read my detailed Mindvalley Review. 

Different Mindvalley Plans: How Much Does Mindvalley Cost?

All three Mindvalley plans come with various features. Let’s analyze each plan in detail and understand which one is worth the money. 

1. Mindvalley Membership Cost

Mindvalley Membership offers two plans: Monthly and Annual. Regarding the monthly plan, you pay $49/ Month, whose annual billing becomes $588. 

Mindvalley Membership Cost

Conversely, Mindvalley Annual Membership requires you to pay $399. (Whose monthly billing is $33.25). So, indirectly, you get a $189 discount. 

What Does The Mindvalley Membership Include?

  • Access to over 100 unlimited courses
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • You can share your wisdom and learn alongside global learners
  • Customized AI-guided curriculum
  • Over 1000 guided meditations and therapeutic sounds

2. Mindvalley Pro Membership

Mindvalley Pro Membership only offers an annual plan – $598. 

If you are an existing member, you only need to pay $199 for the first year, as you already paid for the $399 subscription. You must pay for the annual plan directly if you are not an existing member. The monthly billing for the same is $49.8.

 Mindvalley Pro Membership

What Does The Mindvalley Pro Membership Includes? 

  • Access to over 100 unlimited courses
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • You can share your wisdom and learn alongside global learners
  • Customized AI-guided curriculum
  • Over 1000 guided meditations and therapeutic sounds
  • Group coaching session with Vishen and special guests
  • Lifelong Shift group embodiment session with Vishen

3. Mindvalley Business

Mindvalley Business offers two annual plans, which cost $499, irrespective of the members. For instance, the smaller team consists of 5 to 19 members. 

Mindvalley Business

Meanwhile, the larger team has 2 to 200 members. Either way, you get $200 off! So, instead of paying the standard membership, you pay $299!

What Does The Mindvalley Business Membership Include? 

  • Request a demo
  • One-year business license
  • Access to 100+ hours of coursework
  • Flexible learning
  • Access to personal Mindvalley Champions – Trainers

What Is The Difference Between Mindvalley And Mindvalley Pro?

The only difference between Mindvalley and Pro Membership is you get additional features. 

For example, Pro Members offers everything that Mindvalley Membership along with:

  • Group coaching sessions with Vishen
  • Special guests and Lifelong Shift group embodiment sessions with Vishen. 

Which Mindvalley Plan Is Best For You?

I recommend the Mindvalley Annual Plan, as the platform indirectly offers a $189 discount. Just subtract the monthly plan’s annual billing ($588) from the annual membership ($399). 

In addition, the mind wellness platform also offers $100 OFF on the annual membership. So, again, instead of paying $399, you get the same benefits at just $299!

However, you can choose: 

  • Monthly Membership: If your usage with Mindvalley is short-term.
  • Annual Mindvalley membership: If you are going to use the platform for a long time.
  • Mindvalley Pro membership: You want to access the additional Vishen Lakhiani benefits.
  • Business: If you handle a group of teams and will be sharing the service with them.

What Does The Mindvalley Membership Not Include? 

You cannot access Mindvalley’s partnered programs through Mindvalley’s free trial. Instead, you need to purchase either of the programs individually:-

WildfitEric Edmeades128 Hours$899
Lifebook OnlineJon & Missy Butcher18 Hours$499

Does Mindvalley Offer Any Discount?

Mindvalley is currently offering a discount of $100. So, instead of paying the standard subscription worth $399, you get the annual membership at just $299 per year.

Mindvalley also offers frequent discounts, especially during special occasions such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. So you can keep an eye out for discounts.

Can you use Mindvalley for free?

Mindvalley offers 500+ free course shuffles every week. 

Generally, people take these free courses to understand how much they understand a particular course and whether they are interested in committing to the paid subscription. 

Mindvalley free courses

However, there is quite a bit of restrictions:

  • No course completed certificates
  • Roughly around 1.5 hours

Hence, if you like short courses, Mindvalley’s free plan is ideal for you. However, if you are interested in certificates, you must subscribe to membership or certificate-based programs.

Mindvalley Free Trial: Is it available?

Mindvalley offers a 7-day free trial on its membership. 

When you claim the special feature, you can access the paid features you normally don’t regarding its weekly free courses. 

It is more so because these 60 to 90-minute courses are only there to help you determine whether you like the course enough to purchase the subscription. 

Steps To Claim The Mindvalley Free Trial

To sign up for Mindvalley Free Trial, check out the instructions below:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: At the mid-left, you will see a “Join Membership” button, so click on it.

Click on Join Mindvalley Now

Step 3: Select the orange button “Become a member.”

Click Become a member

Step 4: Select the orange button that says “Join Memberships.”

Click on Join Membership

Step 5: Enter your payment details and subscribe for your seven-day free trial.

Enter Your Payment Details

Mindvalley Refund Policy – 15 Days!

Mindvalley offers 15 days money-back guarantee. 

However, remember that there have been complaints about the platform’s poor customer service and inability to cancel the membership within time. 

Worse, paying double the amount. So, to avoid all this hassle, end your membership at least a few days before your refund period ends. 

The Truth About Mindvalley: Is It Worth It?

Mindvalley is worth it, considering you get a wide range of immersive coursework for a year. 

The highly interactive courses help you break down each concept into smaller chunks for better understanding. In fact, the platform provides additional resources like PDFs, quizzes, video lectures, and even meditations to enhance the knowledge received.

Wrapping Up: Mindvalley Membership Costs $199/year!

As of 2024, Mindvalley Membership begins at $199. However, the platform is currently offering a $200 OFF on its service. So, you will get to access the service at just $199! 

Save $200 on Mindvalley (Summer Sale)


So, overall, the annual membership is worth the cost! However, if you are using Mindvalley just for an experiment and will likely not stay for more than a month, then the $49 monthly plan is suitable for you! 

Either way, you can try out the platform with its seven-day free trial and determine whether you are willing to invest in the paid membership!


What Is The Cheapest Mindvalley Membership? 

The cheapest Mindvalley subscription is $399 for an annual membership, with a monthly billing of $33.25. Moreover, some other Mindvalley membership discounts are going on. So, that reduces the plan’s price even more.

How Can I Cancel My Mindvalley Subscription? 

To cancel your Mindvalley subscription, follow these steps: My account > Billing Section > Active Membership> Cancel subscription.

Does Mindvalley offer an application?

There is a Mindvalley application for Android and iPhone devices. However, unlike the browser format, the complete dashboard is unavailable in the application. On the flip side, you can access new features like Shorts, Notifications, and setting an alarm for particular lessons.

How much does Mindvalley cost?

The lowest Mindvalley cost is $24.9 monthly, which is an Annual Business Subscription’s monthly billing. However, for the standard Mindvalley Membership cost, you need to pay $399 per year. So, when you break down its monthly price, you pay $33.25.

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