7 Best Mindvalley Courses On Mindvalley (2023 Edition)

As a cult institute in wellness and personal development, Mindvalley needs no introduction. And you may have decided to enrol in Mindvalley courses for the same reason. However, the vast Mindvalley library makes it confusing to determine which quest will be most suitable for you. 

And to end your dilemma, I have brought an extensive list of the best Mindvalley quests for your overall development. I have shortlisted the quest considering every aspect of individual development, my personal experience, and after considering a wide range of feedback from the Mindvalley community. 

So let’s not delay anymore and get started with the list of top Mindvalley quests. 

What Kind Of Courses Does Mindvalley Offer? 

Mindvalley offers quests that are designed to help individuals progress in various fields of their lives. Mindvalley has quests for personal development, healing, and self-growth in various areas of life, such as career, relationship, self-belief/ confidence, etc. 

There are courses for health and fitness, spiritual development, skill building, entrepreneurship, relationship, parenting, and more. 

There are other platforms that also offer similar courses, but what sets Mindvalley apart? The course approach is the biggest and the unique USP of Mindvalley. 

Midvalley does not go along with a typical way of delivering information and expecting users to benefit from them. Mindvalley offers insights into things that you may have never thought of before. 

Mindvalley instructors introduce you to secrets and powers we humans have within us and how by using them, we can explore myriad possibilities of life. This original, unique, and one-of-a-kind course content has brought Mindvalley more than 20 million followers and five hundred plus active users. 

Top 7 Mindvalley Courses To Try For All-Round Development 

Whether you want to work for personal growth, deal with anxiety, and stress, improve focus and memory, or work on yourself, the following is the ultimate list of Mindvalley quests you should check out. 

Duality By Jeffery Allen 

Often, you feel clueless about the events happening in your life and wonder if you had the power to solve these issues. Jeffery Allen has created Duality precisely for that purpose. Duality is basically an energy-healing quest. 

Duality Jeffrey Allen-Mindvalley

According to Jeffery, we face numerous obstacles in life due to energy blocks. If we familiarize ourselves with the energy chakras and know the means to clean blockages and activate them at our command, we can lead a happier, healthier, and fuller life. 

Duality is divided into several stages, and each stage familiarizes us with our inner power, strengths, and energies. By the end of this program, you’ll be able to activate your energy chakras at your command, understand problems and find sustainable solutions to them. 

Instructor: Jeffery Allen 

Duration: 8 Weeks 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding the chakra healing system 
  • Using our energy system in our favor 
  • Heal and clear energy blocks 

Superbrain & Super Reading By Jim Kwik 

Superbrain and Super Reading are two separate courses, but they were created by Jim Kwik, and the purpose of both courses is somewhat the same; hence, I mentioned both together. Superbrain and Super Reading break the typical idea of reading and memorizing. Instead, Jim Kwik, the famous brain coach, teaches the concept of neurostimulation to utilize the maximum capacity of our brain. 

Superbrain by Jim Kwik

He deconstructs fixation and saccade: two stages of our brain processing information. And talks about how to use our brain to process maximum information in less time. Superbrain also stresses similar concepts to utilize our minds’ fullest potential and become extraordinary in our roles. 

Superbrain & Super Reading are the best quests for students, business owners, academic professionals, or anyone who wants to work on their memory and reading powers. 

Instructor: Jim Kwik 

Duration: Super Reading (21 Days), Superbrain (30 Days) 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding fixation and saccade 
  • Steer clear of conventional learning method
  • Understanding neurostimulation 

Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani 

On rare occasions, you get the opportunity to learn from the creator of a platform as famous as Mindvalley. And Be Extraordinary is one of those quests that give you this chance. In Be Extraordinary, Vishen Lakhiani teaches you how to rise above your mental barriers and limited perspective of life. 

He unveils techniques to shape our minds in the right direction to set bigger goals, create a stronger mindset, achieve our biggest dreams, and rise above and beyond our fears, anxiety, and limitations. Moreover, the course teaches us how to handle defeat positively and learn from our mistakes. 

be extraordinary by vishen lakhiani

It’s a must-try course for anyone who wants to live an extraordinary life. 

Instructor: Vishen Lakhiani 

Duration: 30 Days 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Growing beyond mental barriers. 
  • Shaping the mind in a progressive direction 
  • A comprehensive approach to self-growth 

Wildfit By Eric Edmeades 

If starting and failing in your fitness journey sounds similar to you, Wildfit by Eric Edmeades is the best Mindvalley program for you. But to make it clear, Wildfit isn’t a fitness program. Instead, it focuses on changing your food psychology. 

Wildfit by eric edmeades

Compared to other Mindvalley quests, Wildfit is a long quest of 90 days. But these 90 days change your relationship with food by making you understand different types of hunger and your relationship with food. 

You will get familiar with why you make certain food choices and how they negatively affect your body. In the journey, you’ll consciously start making healthier food choices and lose weight in the process. 

A majority of Wildfit users have seen positive results and lost weight during the journey. 

Instructor: Eric Edmeades 

Duration: 90 Days 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the human relationship with food 
  • Learning about six types of hunger 
  • Gradual diversion to making conscious food choices 

The Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer 

Our minds naturally delineate more toward negative thinking, and it affects our life decisions as well. In Uncompromised Life, Marisa Peer instructs how to develop positive thinking and a growth mindset. 

Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer-Mindvalley

The quest aims to reprogram your mind and to think patterns so that your habits work in your favor and not against you. Marisa Peer teaches us not to make things overly complicated but instead to work on our strengths. Her quest is based on transformational hypnotherapy, which has proven benefits in training our brain to bring it to its peak performance. 

The uncompromised life is suitable for people who want to form a deeper understanding of how to develop a positive mindset and utilize their inner powers to the maximum. 

Instructor: Marisa Peer 

Duration: 8 Weeks 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Break ties with negative thinking
  • Use of transformational hypnotherapy 
  • Using the mind to the fullest potential 

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance Marisa Peer 

Marisa Peer has outdone herself when it comes to creating wellness and self-development programs, and hence I could not help but add her to another program in the best Mindvalley course list. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance teaches us to program our subconscious mind by combining hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic conditioning, and hypnosis. 

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer

The simple logic behind the program is that “what you manifest (believe) is what you receive). The quest helps you leave aside the negativity and brew a positive mindset to lead a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilling life. 

This quest is also beneficial for anyone hoping to shape their lives in the right direction. 

Instructor: Marisa Peer 

Duration: 35 Days 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Combination of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic conditioning 
  • Strong focus on manifestation powers 
  • Getting full control of our mind 

Lifebook Online By John & Missy Butcher 

John and Missy Butcher, the artist entrepreneurs, train us to create the LifeBook of our dreams. The quest covers almost every possible area of an individual’s life, such as health & fitness, intellectual, emotional, spiritual life, love & relationships, and parenting. 

Life book online

There are different sections for each of these stages, and the instructors ask us to fill them based on our premise, vision, purpose, and strategy wherever applicable. The ultimate goal of Lifebook Online is to develop a progressive mindset outgrowing societal limitations. 

If you want to form entrepreneurial skills and work on yourself and your relationships, Lifebook Online is the best-guiding light. The only drawback of the program is all the lessons may not seem applicable to everyone’s life. Other than that, this is another must-try program by Mindvalley. 

Instructor: John & Missy Butcher 

Duration: 6 Weeks 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Revolves around the 12 primary aspects of life. 
  • Stresses on PVPS (premise, vision, purpose, strategy) to manifest life.
  • Growing beyond typical boundaries. 

Price Structure Of Mindvalley Quests

The individual prices of Mindvalley quests are high, as most of them are priced above $400. When you buy a single course, you get lifetime access to the course content, and there are no added benefits. 

But there is a better way to access not one but all Mindvalley quests, and it’s by opting for Mindvalley’s all-access pass. The all-access membership lets you access all 50+ Mindvalley quests and communicate with the Mindvalley community as well. 

The price of the Mindvalley all-access pass is as follows- 

Membership Type Price 
Monthly membership $99
Yearly membership $41.60/month
mindvalley pricing plan -Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley also offers a 15-day refund policy to all-access members. If they cancel their subscription within that 15 days, they are liable to get a full refund. 

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Final Thoughts On Mindvalley Courses!

It’s usual to get lost in the varied Mindvalley quest library and not know which quest to pick. But I hope this list gave you the right direction in picking quests that would benefit you the most. My favorite course on the list is Duality because it helps us understand the immense power we have and how to utilize them in the right direction. 

Superbrain and Wildfit are my other two best picks which help shape us into our best selves. Let me know which course you would pick and why in the comments. If you have any other queries regarding these quests or Mindvalley in general, ask them away! 

FAQ- Mindvalley Courses

1. Which Mindvalley course is best for Fitness?

Wildfit is the best Mindvalley course in the body and fitness category.

2. What all things are included in Mindvalley Membership?

Live sessions, access to private social networks and Mindvalley meditation, and newly introduced entrepreneurship classes. These are the few things that are included in the Mindvalley Membership.

3. Which courses are the best Mindvalley courses for positive thinking?

Everyday Bliss and Total Self Confidence by Paul Mckenna and Be Extraordinary by Vishen, are the best Mindvalley Courses for positive thinking.

4. Name the best courses on Mindvalley to calm and peace the soul?

Life Visioning Mastery by Michael Beckwith and Chakra Healing by Anodea Judwith are the best course to calm your soul.

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