Skillshare Vs Masterclass: Which Is The Best Platform In 2024?

The two most well-known platforms for online learning are MasterClass and Skillshare. I took courses on MasterClass and Skillshare separately since I couldn’t decide which one was better.

I found some positive aspects of both platforms, as well as some negative ones, so I decided to make a thorough comparison of MasterClass vs. Skillshare.

An overview of both platforms’ functionality, ideal users, pricing options, top features, and user-friendliness is provided in this article. If you want to learn a new skill or are having trouble deciding between a MasterClass or Skillshare course, I will also suggest a few courses on both platforms.

Faster Verdict: TLDR

MasterClass is the ultimate winner when observed through my experience. When compared to Skillshare with respect to instructors, Masterclass has top-class celebrities like Ramsay and Jackson, Mira Nair, Jodie Faster, etc. teaching everything from cooking to games and technologies.When lesson quality is observed along with providing valuable information, students can get access to a PDF with the workbook, assignments, practical guidance, and advanced-level videos. The program starts with a $180 annual fee and allows access to more than 150+ various courses with easy usability features.

Skillshare vs Masterclass Complete Reviews: In A Nutshell

Skillshare Masterclass
Count of Users12 Million+1.5 Million+
Number of Courses40000+ across 3 various categories 150 for 11 various categories 
InstructorsAnyone curate and teach a courseTop tutors from world’s best like celebrities
Details of Pricing Starts with$14/month$15 /month
Availability of free content Short samples of few coursesShort samples of all available courses
Major SpecializationAnimation, business analytics, film & video, music, photography, UI/UX design, and fine arts.Classes in cuisine, leadership, photography, writing, and more
Best Suited toLearn WordPress step-by-step with WordPress School. TikTok Marketing 101: Expand your brand and company.
Ramsay teaches cooking classes. Home and lifestyle niche.
Reviews out of 54.54.7

Overview of SkillShare

Are you interested in learning new skills or enhancing your existing ones? If so, Skillshare might be the platform for you! Skillshare is an online learning community with over 30,000 classes in various subjects.

Skillshare homepage

Skillshare offers courses in various subjects, including design, business, cooking , technology, photography, film, writing, and more. 

With thousands of classes, you’re sure to find something that interests you. Each course is designed to be bite-sized and easy to follow so that you can learn at your own pace. To know more about this platform read our detailed Skillshare Review.

Overview of Masterclass

David Rogier, a Stanford undergraduate, founded MasterClass in 2014 (initially under the name Yanka Industries, Inc.), and it debuted its website the following May with just three instructors. Throughout time, MasterClass has expanded considerably to provide a range of courses in the following categories:

masterclass homepage
  • Performing and visual arts
  • Housing and way of life
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Designing and styling business meals
  • Games and exercise
  • Science technology, as well as community and government wellness

Who Wins Skillshare or Masterclass: Skillshare wins if you have limited budget and to learn related to hobby courses of short term 

Key Differences in Skillshare vs Masterclass

  • More than 40,000 courses are available on Skillshare, which is broken down into three main categories: Create, Build, and Thrive. MasterClass only provides 150+ courses across 11 categories, which is less than Skillshare.
  • Because of its celebrity professors and the opportunity for students to benefit from their real-world experiences, MasterClass is more well-known. Even though Skillshare is little known, it still has more students than MasterClass.
  • On Skillshare, for anyone may become an instructor. You must be a well-known figure in your profession to teaching for MasterClass; everyone can’t do it.
  • While Skillshare ensures that you are prepared to put what you have learned from its courses into practice, the MasterClass simply concentrates on teaching its courses.
  • Skillshare courses can range in quality from being very awful to being excellent. Whole Masterclass courses are built with very good quality maintaining consistency.
  • In Skillshare not possible to buy a single course of your choice while in Masterclass can buy any desired course with a lifetime membership.
  • The team learning option is not available in Skillshare while in Masterclass both the formats of team learning to tailored classes is available.

Skillshare vs. Masterclass: Features

Now let us have a quick look at some of the key features of Skillshare and Masterclass.

Major Features of SkillShare

  • Experience Learning Together.
  • Class publishing.
  • Creating classes and encouraging classes
  • Paid time off for teachers.
  • Constructing channels.
  • Use the Referral method & provide a list of the premium classes.

Major Features of Masterclass

  • Excellent instructors who are reputable figures in their respective fields.
  • High-Quality Video Lessons from experts team 
  • MasterClass provides interactive assignments to aid in reinforcing the lectures.
  • Access to a learner community to connect with learners and teachers
  • Multiple device accessibility
  • Access to the course materials is unrestricted after enrolling in a MasterClass course.
  • MasterClass offers a subscription-based pricing structure with reasonable prices.

Who Wins Skillshare vs Masterclass: Masterclass Wins because of its quality features and highly valued video content 

Usability and Suitability of Skillshare vs Masterclass

After having a quick look at key features, now it is time to assess the ease of use and suitability of the two amazing online learning platforms.

Skillshare: Usability and Best Suited to

If we talk about Skillshare, the website is simple to use and evaluate. This learning tool has a relatively straightforward user interface. To get things going, the portal also provides an interactive video. On the website, you can view every course offered.

This website succeeds with its plain appearance because it isn’t as dazzling as the others. When you register for a free on our platform, a video will be prepared. Also, it will outline the accessible online courses and how to sign up for them. You can pick up new abilities from it.

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design: Ellen Lupton’s course on the fundamentals of visual design for 161,000+ students
  • Introduction to Procreate: iPad Illustration with Brooke Glaser as of 2024 (114,000+ students)
  • Dale McManus teaches 161,000+ students how to use their iPhones to take professional-quality pictures.
  • Creating a Unique System that Works with Thomas Frank in Mastering Productivity (137,000+ students)
Skillshare Usability and suitability

Skillshare is suitable for students to succeed in the real world, Skillshare provides the ideal blend of specialized skill development and aspirational learning.

Masterclass: Usability and Best Suited to

When you first access the Masterclass home page, you are greeted by a dark color scheme. In the background, a video of your instructors in action is visible. You may see the trailer as well.

Nine main categories are included on this page, each with a list of online courses that fall into that category. You will see some of the methods and teachers we have scheduled as you continue to peruse the website. You can also access FAQs, customer reviews, and information on new courses.

MasterClass offers a unique and simple user interface. You can choose from various programs taught by instructors you may have yet to encounter.

  • Ramsay teaches cooking classes Home & Lifestyle is a niche.
  • Photographer Annie Leibovitz teaches classes. The photography niche.
  • Dancing music is led by Armin Van Buuren. The music niche.
  • Serena Williams instructs tennis lessons. Sports niche.
  • Storytelling Techniques Taught by Neil Gaiman. Entertainment is a niche.

Overall, MasterClass is best suited for learners who don’t mind taking a hands-off approach to learning and are dipping their toes into a new field. It’s especially beneficial for students who simply want to learn more about a certain subject for fun.

Who Wins Skillshare vs Masterclass: Masterclass because of its easy usability feature 

Skillshare vs Masterclass Instructors

The instructors are the true essence behind any learning platform. Both platforms have incredible instructors and coaches who are experts in their fields. Let us have a brief look at the instructors of both platforms.

Skillshare Instructors

Skillshare has a plethora of instructors. Unlike Masterclass, the teachers at Skillshare are not celebrities. It is an open source where anyone can become an instructor and teach. Hence, the quality of the courses varies throughout the platform. However, Skillshare ensures they have relevant knowledge and are well-qualified in the relevant field. You can always check the peer reviews if you are still confused about the course.

Skillshare instructors

Masterclass Instructors

The instructors at Masterclass are well-renowned celebrities from various fields. It is an ultimate destination for those who want to learn from the industry experts and do not want to compromise on the quality of education. Some of the famous personalities who teach at Masterclass are:

  • Leaders must be inclusive, as Bill Clinton advises.
  • Chris Voss teaches negotiation skills.
  • Teaching mindfulness and meditation, Jon Kabat-Zinn.
  • Hillary Clinton promotes the value of grit.
  • Gordon Ramsay gives cooking lessons.
  • Lewis Hamilton promotes having a winning attitude.
  • The tennis instructor Serena Williams.
Masterclass Instructors

Who Wins Skillshare vs Masterclass: Masterclass, as the educators are industry experts who deliver high quality content.

Best Courses: Skillshare vs Masterclass

There are a variety of categories to learn from both platforms, right from business analytics to music. These categories include various courses which are different on both platforms. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the popular courses of Skillshare and Masterclass.

Best Courses of Skillshare

  • Quit scrolling and post your first TikTok to master TikTok: this course, taught by Taylor Loren, guides students through producing their first TikTok and becoming familiar with the TikTok platform. Perfect for people who want to investigate this new marketing environment.
  • Create a Structure That Brings Out Your Best for Creative Productivity. Thomas Frank assists artists in creating a productivity system that keeps them productive, organized, and motivated.
  • Mixing hand lettering and illustration: Transforming Plain Text into Breathtaking Art. In a brief, straightforward workshop, Gia Graham demonstrates to illustrators how to elevate their typography to the level of Art.
  • Four ways to live more intentionally: documenting your life. A self-care expert Nathaniel Drew teaches students how to write their lives to live more mindfully.
 Best Courses of Skillshare

Best Courses of Masterclass

A well-known online learning platform called MasterClass may help you increase your knowledge and skills in various areas, including business, cooking, the arts, entertainment, writing, sports, science, and technology. You may be confident that your instructor will be skilled and competent in the subject matter you choose to study. There is no need to verify their credentials.

  • Chris Voss instructs about negotiation techniques.
  • Dr. Jane Goodall imparts conservation knowledge.
  • Emily Morse recommends communication and sex.
  • Alice Waters teaches the craft of home cooking.
  • Ron Finley instructs gardeners.
  • John Krebs introduces in wildland survival
  • David Sedaris imparts humor and narrative
  • James Suckling leads wine appreciation.
  • Kelly Wearstler teaches interior design.
  • Jimmy Chin instructs outdoor photography.
 Best Courses of Masterclass

Who Wins Skillshare vs Masterclass: Masterclass wins because it produces high-quality video content from renowned instructors from around the world.

Pros and Cons of SkillShare vs Masterclass

Now that we have a detailed overview of both platforms, let us discuss some of the pros and cons of Skillshare and Masterclass.

Pros of Skillshare

  • A sizable selection of courses in art, design, and other creative disciplines
  • Courses taught by experts in their field
  • Classes that are brief, practical, and packed with impact
  • Affordability with a wide range of prices plus a 30-day free trial 
  • Provides the strong Community support

Cons Of Skillshare

  • There is no official documentation or certificates.
  • Requires a significant annual subscription charge

Pros Of Masterclass

  • All site content is accessible for a single annual fee.
  • Courses taught by well-known experts
  • Short, easily digestible videos are used to teach the material.

Cons Of Masterclass

  • Access to the content requires yearly membership.
  • No direction or criticism from teachers
Who Wins; Skillshare vs MasterclassMasterclass wins because of its easy affordability and more positive aspects when compared with Skillshare

Pricing Structure of Skillshare vs Masterclass

The first factor that many people consider before purchasing anything – including courses from e-learning platforms – is the pricing structure and whether it fits perfectly with their desired budget. Although it should not be the only criterion, it is indeed an important one. So, let us look at the pricing structures of Skillshare and Masterclass.

Pricing Details of Skillshare

Recently, Skillshare has changed their pricing structure. Skillshare offers an annual subscription for $168 which averages to around $14/ month. Moreover, Skillshare offers a free trial for one month to try after signing up for Skillshare premium membership.

Pricing Structure of Masterclass

MasterClass has a comprehensive pricing structure. It has three different pricing plan types.

Pricing Structure of Masterclass

Individual: $15 per month ($180 if paid yearly)

Duo: $20 monthly (or $240 if paid yearly).

Family: $23 per one month ($276/year if billed annually)

Who Wins Skillshare vs Masterclass: Masterclass because it offers 3 subscription plans with 30 days money back guarantee 

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MasterClass is the best online learning resource for various factors, including its well-organized lectures, availability of complete workbooks, and exceptional caliber.

Also, one could enrol in numerous courses at once without paying extra because of their alluring All-Access Pass, which enables customers to enrol in more than 100 courses.

The fact that MasterClass instructors are well-known celebrities motivating millions globally is its best feature. In this way, one’s heroes taught them firsthand. Skillshare is a beautiful learning environment for those who want to offer courses and become instructors. The MasterClass is a fantastic option for efficiently learning a skill.


Is Skillshare like Masterclass?

Skillshare concentrates on creative subjects and has a pool of 35,000+ programs, whereas MasterClass has thousands of classes taught by 150+ VIPs and celebrities.

What makes Skillshare unique?

Compared to other websites for online learning, Skillshare is unique. Anyone can teach from anywhere in the globe thanks to our open platform. Also, we are dedicated to making sure that both teachers and students enjoy a unique and authentic experience and a sense of belonging to this large, creative community.

How can Masterclass be a better option than Skillshare?

Since MasterClass allows you to attend many courses taught by celebrities in various creative fields at once, it is a superior alternative to Skillshare.

Which one is more affordable, Skillshare or Masterclass?

Skillshare is more affordable as compared to Masterclass.

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