Skillshare vs Masterclass: Which E-Learning Platform Should You Choose?

There is an overwhelming variety of platforms that claim to provide the best quality education to all its users. However, what works for one may not work for another – and hence you should always compare and assess many sites before narrowing down to a clear winner. In this article, a comparison of skillshare vs masterclass has been made to help you make your decision.

Today, there are many virtual education sites and applications that enable users to earn at their own pace, irrespective of where they are. This method of learning has revolutionized the education field, but left the common masses with a dilemma – which e-learning platform should one go for? Here are some factors that you should consider before choosing between Skillshare and Masterclass.

Which Platform Best Fits Your Budget?

The first factor that many people consider before purchasing anything – including courses from e-learning platforms – is the pricing structure and whether it fits perfectly with their desired budget or not. Although it should not be the only criterion, it is indeed an important one. Although both the platforms – Skillshare and Masterclass – have a pricing plan which is justified by the content that they provide, Skillshare is more affordable than Masterclass.

For instance, the individual plan on Masterclass is for 15 dollars per month and it is paid for on an annual basis; whereas the premium subscription for Skillshare is about 168 dollars per year and roughly about 14 dollars per month. Hence, if you are looking to earn some relevant skills that fit your somewhat tight budget, then going for Skillshare is a better choice than choosing Masterclass.

Which Platform Has The Best Quality?

The top aspect that one should consider before purchasing courses from any e-learning platform is the quality provided to users. The videos should be well-structured, tutors should be well prepared and highly qualified in their field of study, and another relevant criterion should be covered as well.

While on Skillshare, the tutors are qualified experts who have spent years studying and getting to know more about their field – the tutors on Masterclass include experts who have gained worldwide fame for their field of work. This includes top-known celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey as one of the tutors on Masterclass.

The course quality on Masterclass is full HD for every video uploaded on the platform. On the other hand, Skillshare has some great quality video courses too – but some courses lack the level of finesse that the other videos on Skillshare have to offer the users.

Users get to receive additional study material such as practice tests, PDFs, assignments, and so on in Masterclass to develop a better understanding of the concepts that they learn. However, no such material is provided to the students learning from Skillshare. However, Skillshare provides some free courses to its audience, while Masterclass lacks this feature.

Which Platform Is Suitable For Your Level?

One of the most overlooked criteria when it comes to narrowing down the perfect e-learning platform for one is whether the level of information provided matches their level of understanding. For instance, if a person is a complete beginner at coding, then taking an intermediate class in Python would not make sense.

Hence, the winner here depends upon your field of work and the level of skills that you possess. If you are at a beginner level and wish to explore some options to find the most suitable field for you, then

Skillshare is the perfect platform for you. it has some great beginner-friendly content and it is easier to grasp concepts from the tutors of this platform.

However, if you are a professional in the field that you want to study in and are looking for value addition in your workspace – then Masterclass is the one to go for. It provides great content for people at an advanced level of any tech-related category that Masterclass tutors in, and one is guaranteed to get a job by completing certain courses from here.


The lockdown may have been a setback for most of us, but we have to thank this situation for making us dig into other options to enhance the levels of our skills. One field that emerged as a lifesaver in such times of distress is the online learning platform. Sites like Skillshare and Masterclass are in demand today for the same reason.

There are a lot of dilemmas when it comes to choosing between these two e-learning platforms, and relevant opinions are posted on platforms such as masterclass vs skillshare Reddit forums. However, it depends upon your needs and which online learning platform you choose to go for. If you are a beginner and wish to avail an affordable online course, then Skillshare is the best option for you. However, if you can afford to spend a little money and wish to grow in your field, then Masterclass will be the best platform for you.

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