Masterclass Cost: Is The Masterclass Pricing Justified? 

In this guide, I am going to talk about Masterclass’s features and costs to determine whether it’s worth your time and money or not. 

Today, virtual learning is one of the easiest and most hassle-free methods of mastering any skill. Whether you are a beginner looking to enter a field or a pro wishing to polish your skills – online education platforms have room for every type of student. 

However, one of the most common issues that people tend to face while availing of the services of such platforms is its pricing structure. Some online learning platforms are costlier than others, and it may get you wondering whether it is worth spending such a huge amount of money on. 

MasterClass Overview

In this article, we will be discussing the justification of the masterclass price. This platform rose to fame for its unique quality of courses, but we need to be sure that you will not regret buying expensive courses from this site at the end of the day. 

Features of Masterclass

Before moving to discuss the pricing structure of Masterclass, we must be thorough with what this platform has got to offer the public. Here are a few of the many features of Masterclass that may get you thinking about buying a course from its site:

1. Great Quality Videos

One of the first aspects that is important to make a good impression on users is the quality of the video. Masterclass exceeds expectations in this criteria since the quality and flow of videos are unmatched by any other platform available to us today.

2. Reputed Faculty

There are hundreds of VIP guests that work as the teaching faculty on Masterclass. Hence, you can trust people who are veterans in their field of work and known worldwide for their mastery to pass on their skills to you. 

More than hundreds of such celebrity teachers distinguish Masterclass from several virtual learning platforms, and it is easier to trust the knowledge being passed on to you since the teachers have proved their caliber to the world numerous times.

3. Great Range of Variety

Another aspect that helps us assess any online learning platform is the variety of courses provided by them. While many platforms choose to stick to a particular niche and teach students in that field (coding, for instance) – Masterclass is known for its variety. You can find several courses that range from photography to cooking and everything in between. Hence, there are a lot of scopes to develop skills that you never thought you would get your hands on. 

Choose a Category

Pricing Structure of Masterclass

The pricing structure should always align with your budget, otherwise, there is no point in checking out any service no matter how good it seems. The masterclass price for all courses is $180, billed on an annual basis. 

Pricing Plans MasterClass

The $180 masterclass subscription(individual) awards users several perks, such as access to close to 200 courses that vary in quality. Users of Masterclass also get to avail of a workbook that allows them to practice the set of skills that they acquired during classes. 

The videos of Masterclass are usually 10 minutes long. One particular course, say dog training, will consist of about 20 videos with a detailed introduction, different skills, a conclusion, and tips. This allows users to study and learn skills in the most systematic way possible. The billing of courses is done on only an annual basis, which may sound a little pricey as compared to its alternatives in the market today. 

Individual Plan – As the name suggests, it’s a perfect plan for an individual! Costing you just $15 /mo with all the required features one may need. The only feature which misses out on this plan is that you won’t be able to download and view it offline.

Duo Plan – Here, in this plan, you can use the account through two different devices. With $20 /mo, it is a highly valued plan, and unlike Individual Plan, the Duo Plan helps you download the video and can be viewed offline.

Family Plan – It is considered the most valued plan out of the three. Costing you merely $23 /mo, it has all the features available. With one account, it can be shared with 6 devices, where it can be downloaded and viewed offline too.

Is Masterclass Pricing Structure Justified?

Now that we are clear with all the features of Masterclass and its pricing structure, it is time to move on to the main question – is the cost of availing courses from Masterclass justified? The answer to this question depends upon your priorities, but the general answer would be yes – it is justified. 

First of all, let us examine the cost of availing courses themselves. Since it is being billed on an annual basis, it seems like a huge amount of money – investing 180 dollars (individual plan) at once may be a big decision for anyone. However, if you divide it by 12 to know how much you will be spending monthly – it may calm you down a bit. 

Members Review

The pricing structure of Masterclass is quite affordable if we look at it monthly. However, since this platform does not allow users to pay their bills monthly, the one-time-investment may seem a little bizarre. However, if you can put in 180 dollars at once – it may be your best investment so far. 

Apart from costs, it is also worth noting that paying 180 dollars(individual plan) once unlocks all sorts of courses on Masterclass. Hence, you can pretty much avail of all the courses at the same price without paying anything extra. Additionally, the refund policy of this platform is great, too. Hence, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days easily if you feel that the courses do not add value to you. 

Conclusion – Masterclasses Cost

Hopefully, this article will help you understand whether or not Masterclass aligns with your needs and requirements and if it is worth spending all the money on. Through the content of this article, you can also decide whether the pricing structure is justified or if your requirements demand you to search for an alternative. 

While there are several online platforms to choose from, it is seldom that we see one site offering a diverse range of skills to master from within the same pricing package. The $180/year Masterclass cost will definitely suit a majority of serious learners who are looking to enhance their skills and are prepared to devote their time and money to it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Masterclasses Cost

How much does a MasterClass cost?

Masterclass costs 180 dollars annually.

Can you get masterclasses for free?

No, you cannot get Masterclass for free. As of now, there is no masterclass free trial available on the website.

Can you get individual masterclasses?

No, you cannot get individual Masterclasses anymore.

Is MasterClass billed monthly?

No, Masterclass is not billed monthly. 

Is MasterClass worth it?

According to the quality of courses provided, Masterclass is worth it.

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