Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning (2024): Which Is Better & Why?

Are you still searching which one is best Coursera vs LinkedIn learning? Which is better Coursera or LinkedIn learning? How is LinkedIn learning different from Coursera?

These days, online course learning systems are given top emphasis. However, many people are unsure of which option to choose. We are here to assist you if you fall into this category. Here is some quick information comparing Coursera vs LinkedIn learning.

Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Quick Review

CategoriesCourseraLinkedIn Learning
Average Ratings4.6/54.4/5
Average annual subscription plan$399/year$19.99/month(annual plan)
Number of courses7000+16000+
Taught byProfessional instructorsIndustry experts
More relevant toStudentsEmployees
Course lengthLongShort
Free trial period7 days1 month

You may find answers to any of your inquiries about LinkedIn learning vs Coursera on our website. A thorough comparison of the two has been mentioned. To compete for analysis, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page.

To draw a firm conclusion that Coursera or LinkedIn learning would be the best to use, we will examine two platforms in this piece and examine some of their unique qualities.

What is LinkedIn learning?

An online learning platform offering on-demand, video-based content is called LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Your credentials, experiences, and extracurricular activities can all be displayed in ways that have benefited your career.

LinkedIn Learning home page combined with LinkedIn and in 2017 transitioned into LinkedIn Learning. More than 18,000 courses in business, the arts, and technology are available. More than 800 million people in more than 200 nations make up its expanding user base.

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What is Coursera?

Popular online learning portal Coursera provides courses from major educational institutions all around the world. Today’s major institutions and businesses now offer online courses and degrees through Coursera, a global platform for online learning.

Coursera Homepage

Coursera may truly assist you with your career, in contrast to many other online learning sites that provide courses. This is so because Coursera provides legitimately valuable credentials and degrees.

Coursera and LinkedIn Learning appear to be similar, however, they differ. We will go through the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, of Coursera and LinkedIn learning.

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How is LinkedIn Learning different from Coursera?

  • Coursera courses are more well-structured than LinkedIn Learning courses in terms of organization.
  • When comparing the number of courses offered by these two e-learning sites, LinkedIn has a larger selection.
  • Professional and soft skills are the main areas of focus for LinkedIn learning. Coursera, on the other hand, focuses on academic courses and some programming abilities.
  • Courses in LinkedIn Learning are short courses. The majority of Coursera courses are lengthy, and it may take you a few weeks to finish each one.
  • Coursera offers university-led courses that are categorized as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).LinkedIn Learning offers classes that are “expert-led” by certain individuals.
  • Compared to LinkedIn Learning, Coursera provides more engagement. Since LinkedIn is designed for professionals who want to update their abilities rather than learn a completely new subject, there aren’t many assessments.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers some excellent classes on various software programs that you won’t find on YouTube, edX, or Coursera, such as those on the Blender, Adobe software, etc.

Coursera: pros and cons

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Coursera:


  • Coursera makes it simple to find courses in any technical sector.
  • Practical assignments and training to earn certificates and credentials for a profession.
  • A seven-day trial is also available for students to try out classes.
  • Paying for courses and degrees is less expensive than taking classes at a university.
  • You can download course materials for offline use using the Coursera app.
  • Interactive platform with a wide range of course options.
  • Collaborated with numerous global elite businesses, colleges, and educational institutes.


  • Because there are so many alternative pricing subscriptions, many consumers may find it difficult to understand the precise cost of the course.
  • Instructors might be absent, and some Coursera courses use “peer-review” to determine grades.
  • Some courses require updating.
  • Because of the nature of the course material, some courses could call for prerequisite knowledge.
  • Coursera doesn’t offer students any career services like resume assistance or LinkedIn profile enhancement.

LinkedIn Learning: Pros and Cons

Here is a list of pros and cons of LinkedIn Learning:


  • The process is made simple by a month-long free trial period, and courses are immediately suggested based on this profile.
  • A wide variety of videos and standalone courses.
  • Experts in the subject who teach courses.
  • Simple user interface
  • Accomplishment certificates to upload to your LinkedIn page.


  • Shorter classes are primarily geared toward beginners.
  • A little more pricey than other comparable services.
  • Doesn’t give students grades at the end of the course.
  • Some of the courses are low-quality or out-of-date.

Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Certificates

Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are popular online learning platform with variety of courses. Both provide certificates after the completion of courses. But there is a slight difference amongst both the certificates.

As seen earlier, Coursera offers a plethora of courses in diverse fields. The certificates are provided after the completion of the course, quizzes, and activities. Moreover, the courses provided by Coursera is partnered with various renowned institutions and universities. Hence, the certificates are accredited and holds huge recognition in the market.

LinkedIn Learning also provides certificates after finishing the course. These certificates are not accredited by any university or institution. However, the certificates do weigh in the market and are appreciated by employers.

You can add certificates from both platforms to your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Pricing

Now lets have a closer look at the pricing plan of Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.

Coursera Pricing:

There are three main plans:

1. Single Learning Program

In the Single Learning Program one can learn single skill or an individual course and earn a credentials. The average price range is around $49 – $79 per month.

2. coursera plus monthly

In this plan one can learn multiple courses in a month and earn multiple certificates. Moreover, one can have access to over 7000+ courses and choose more than 15 professional certificates from industry experts. The cost of this plan is $59 per month. It also offers 7 days free trial period and the subscription can be cancelled anytime.

3. Coursera Plus Annual

The Coursera plus annual provides access to more than 7000+ courses and 15+ Professional certificates. One can learn at its pace. The cost of this plan is $399 per year. It has a 14 days money back guarantee policy.

Coursera even offers a 7 day free trial in which you can try all the courses.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing:

There are two plans for individual LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning pricing plans

1. Monthly Plan

The monthly plan offers unlimited library access and can learn when you want in order to earn certificates. They provide personalized course recommendation according to ones interest and needs. The cost of the monthly plan is $39.99 per month.

2. Annual Plan

The annual plan offers a huge price reduction to almost $19.99 per month. One can have unlimited access to library and earn multiple certificates. LinkedIn also offers one month free trial period.

Which is Better: Coursera or LinkedIn learning?

In short, platforms like LinkedIn Learning are best suited for professionals who may already have a degree and considerable work experience. Of course, this is not technically required; rather, it is useful for keeping one’s studies on track. This is so that they can best serve as a tool of supplementary or extra knowledge to enhance your already-existing skills.

LinkedIn popular courses

The greatest choice for individuals seeking a more academic experience is Coursera. It is the obvious choice if earning certifications and engaging with the content more rigorously are important to you. However, keep in mind that you frequently have to pay for each course separately, so Coursera is not the best choice for people who think they might want to explore many different subjects.

So, based on your interests, you can pick your choice as both seem to be similar but are different in many ways.

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We’ve now concluded all that, both Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are excellent tools for advancing your career. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so whatever platform you choose depends totally on your requirements.

It is a personal choice. Still, you can enjoy learning on both platforms. We suggest you try out both and find out for yourself. You may also like both platforms! In short, both are great learning platforms

I genuinely hope that our information on Coursera vs LinkedIn learning was useful to you and that you’ll be able to use this information to decide on one particular platform. Keep visiting often for more information.


Is LinkedIn better than Coursera?

In general, LinkedIn is already a more well-known brand. Additionally, there is some overlap between LinkedIn Learning and other LinkedIn functions. To raise your profile, you can show your finished courses as certifications. LinkedIn has the financial support of Microsoft, so if they wanted to, they could invest a lot more money than Coursera.

Is the LinkedIn Learning certificate valid?

Most of the time, industry-recognized certificates that are regarded as critical requirements won’t be replaced by LinkedIn Learning credentials. However, they broaden your audience and help employers find you.

Does the Coursera certificate have value on LinkedIn?

mostly yes. These certificates are free to display because you earned them. It might aid in your employment search. Anyone with a Coursera certificate—or any other shareable MOOC certificate—should publish a Coursera certificate on LinkedIn because it will only help your profile look better.

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