YesChef Vs MasterClass: Which Is The Better One In 2024?


If you’re considering taking a culinary class, you might wonder how YesChef and Masterclass stack up.

While the latter is a creative hub of programs, the former focuses completely on cuisine.

This implies that you can hone your abilities in various fields, including journalism, music, and the arts of photography and film.

These online learning resources will suit your needs, whether you wish to improve your flambéing or strive to be the next Martin Scorsese.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you need assistance choosing, particularly if you want to use the online course to improve your baking and cooking skills.

Let’s dive deeper into the complete comparison of YesChef vs. Masterclass, considering all features and other details.

Comparison Between YesChef vs. Masterclass: In a Nutshell

Before we dive deep into the details, let us have a quick look at the key difference of YesChef and Masterclass.

Reviews out of 54.34.7
Classes & Teaching Methods30+ recipes; 12+ sessions, Each course is broken down into ten to fifteen video courses
About InstructorsYou learn a lot of tips and strategies from top chefs lThe top MasterClass lectures by Celebrity tutors
Advanced FeaturesBeginners to experts can make a profit from the content.Your instructor’s pre-recorded videos, a class workbook, interactive tasks, and, occasionally, community service projects are all included in your classes.
Starting Pricing $180$15(Individual),$23(Family)

YesChef Overview

YesChef is an online education system created specifically for all aspiring chefs. Anybody who is interested in the culinary arts, from beginners to experts, can benefit from YesChef.

The home-cooking platform makes it simpler for the students to understand the knowledge they have learned in the courses through creative documentary-level storytelling, which is helpful in learning.

YesChef homepage

YesChef, run by some of the world’s top chefs, is the ideal place to learn how to cook because you have full access to experts in the area.

The nicest thing about YesChef is their classes, which are designed to be easy for anyone just starting because in addition to taking the sessions, you also get into:

  • Features of the route
  • Some amazing recipes
  • Exemplary methods
  • Components tab

Masterclass Overview

Masterclass is a creative learning platform that provides an innovative way of learning for people with creativity. Not only does it provide expertise in cooking, but it also provides a systematic platform for learning other fields of interest like various fields like filmmaking, music, culinary arts, journalism and sports and arts, and many more.

Attending classes is fairly simple. Once you’ve logged in to MasterClass, you can either visit the Library tab to view every course by category or the Explore tab to view curated courses (suggested for you).

masterclass homepage

The following are what you may anticipate from a normal MasterClass course:

  • Video lectures by well-known instructors. Most courses feature twenty to twenty-five video lessons (around 2 to 5 hours of video content in total)
  • A worksheet that highlights the main ideas from each class
  • Extra reading materials
  • A place where you can keep your own notes
  • Access to the neighborhood. You can participate in discussions, submit your own work, and communicate with other students enrolled in the course (although, as I’ll explain below, this MasterClass aspect didn’t appeal to me).
Verdict on YesChef vs. Masterclass-  YesChef, Given that it is specifically devoted to cooking, It offers the best cooking instruction with famous chefs and has no diversions.

YesChef vs MasterClass: Instructors

The instructors are the real people behind the success of any platform. Both YesChef and Masterclass have expert instructors in their fields. But let us have a look at each platform’s instructors in detail.

YesChef: Instructors

YesChef is an online education system created specifically for all aspiring chefs. Anybody interested in the culinary arts, from beginners to experts, can benefit from YesChef.

YesChef cooking instructors

The chefs who work with YesChef, serving as instructors, are responsible for transforming the platform into what it is today. YesChef is the ideal course for you to learn how to cook since it has expert-level instruction, beginner-friendly courses, and well-structured content.

Masterclass: Instructors

Every session has devoted (and qualified) Teaching Assistants on hand who are available to respond to inquiries and offer feedback. Students can engage with one another in the community feed, exactly like on the previous hub we mentioned.

MasterClass instructors

Only the web browser and iOS versions of MasterClass currently support Sessions (the Android version is coming soon).

Everyone may learn from the greatest in the world on the streaming platform branded as MasterClass. With their annual membership, members have unrestricted access to all 11 categories and more than 100 teachers.

Everyone may learn from the top practitioners in the world through the immersive online experience that is MasterClass. The instructor designed each course and features a wealth of pre-recorded video material, interactive assignments, and extracurricular activities.

Who Ranks Higher YesChef vs Masterclass- YesChef, as takes a step further by inviting the top chefs in the world to use its platform to share  their cooking techniques.

Yeschef vs Masterclass: Classes and Teaching Techniques

The classes and teaching techniques differ from platform to platform. There are a variety of classes and unique teaching techniques on both platforms.

YesChef: Classes and Teaching Techniques

Classes Offered by YesChef:

YesChef offers classes categorized into three levels – Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Here’s a brief overview of the classes offered by YesChef:

Beginner Classes: These classes are designed for people who are new to cooking or who want to improve their basic cooking skills. The beginner classes cover knife skills, basic cooking techniques, and simple recipes.

Intermediate Classes: These classes are designed for people with some cooking experience who want to improve their skills. The intermediate classes cover advanced cooking techniques, international cuisines, and complex recipes.

Advanced Classes: These classes are designed for professional chefs or people who want to take their cooking skills to the next level. The advanced classes cover molecular gastronomy, advanced pastry techniques, and professional kitchen management.

YesChef Classes and Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques used by Yeschef:

  • Video-based learning,
  • Interactive Quizzes,
  • One-On-One Sessions,
  • Community-Based Learning

Masterclass: Classes and Teaching Techniques

MasterClass offers classes in several categories, each taught by experts in the respective field. Some of the categories include:

Masterclass categories

Arts and Entertainment: This category includes classes in acting, comedy, music, dance, and writing.

  • Culinary Arts: This category includes classes in cooking and baking taught by renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Alice Waters, and Thomas Keller.
  • Business and Leadership: This category includes classes in entrepreneurship, leadership, and negotiation, taught by experts like Sara Blakely, Howard Schultz, and Bob Iger.
  • Sports and Gaming: This category includes classes in basketball, tennis, chess, and poker, taught by legends like Serena Williams, Garry Kasparov, and Daniel Negreanu.
  • Lifestyle: This category includes classes in fashion, design, gardening, and wellness, taught by experts like Anna Wintour, Kelly Wearstler, and Dr. Jane Goodall.

Teaching Techniques of MasterClass

MasterClass uses several teaching techniques to create an engaging and effective learning experience for its students. Some of these techniques include:

  • Storytelling
  • Demonstration
  • Interactive Assignments
  • Feedback
  • Accessing to Experts
Verdict on YesChef vs. Masterclass: Masterclass, as it offers a variety of courses and has a unique teaching strategy  

YesChef vs Masterclass: Pricing Structure

The cost of the platform plays a crucial role when it comes to buying the platform. Here is the list of pricing for both YesChef and Masterclass.

Pricing Plan: YesChef

Unlimited access to all programs as well as new classes as they are released, is available with the Yearly All-Access membership, which costs $15 per month and is invoiced annually ($180). High-definition videos, printed cookbooks, and access from your phone, computer, laptop, and TV are all included with every YesChef membership.

Pricing Plans-YesChef

Pricing Plan: Masterclass

There are several variances between the three subscriptions, even though there are some commonalities.

MasterClass pricing plan

You can watch courses on one device at a time with the Basic Plan; the Duo plan allows for a maximum of two devices, while the Family plan allows for up to six users. Read our detailed Masterclass pricing guide.

Verdict on YesChef vs. Masterclass: Masterclass, as it offers more than 180+ courses across 11 categories.

YesChef vs Masterclass: Major Features, Pros, and Cons

Now let us have a quick look at the features, pros, and cons of YesChef and Masterclass.

YesChef: Features

  • A focus on the culinary arts
  • Offers structured learning where organized and own creations are entertained
  • A documentary on the instructor-chef opens each session. 
  • Closed captioning is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Provides educative content with great learning episodes
  • Offers long-term subscription plans 

YesChef: Pros

  • International renowned chefs instructing you
  • Large amount and variety of recipes
  • Practical hints and recommendations
  • Well-structured content Lessons of a high caliber
  • Provide with Affordable specialized platform
  • Consists of Each chef’s comprehensive documentary

YesChef: Cons

  • Would profit from greater uniformity in teaching methods
  • There is no accompanying workbook or printable format for the recipes (though this is coming)

Best Suited To: Ideal for people who are serious about honing their cooking techniques, wish to learn from chefs of international fame, and like preparing a wide range of various foods. Beginners to experts can all profit from the content.

Masterclass: Features

  • Nine categories of courses are available.
  • Workbook and assignments in PDF format that can be downloaded
  • Facebook and web-based student communities
  • There are more than 50 videos available for download on the iOS app.
  • some classes are only available in audio format
  • Compatible with Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, and Amazon Fire TV
  • iOS and Android Apps

Masterclass: Pros

  • Cost-effective: rates start at $15 per month
  • Access to all classes at any time
  • Illustrious educators
  • A range of subjects
  • Added courses each month
  • Excellent video quality

Masterclass: Cons

  • Offers no memberships for individual courses.
  • Neither a free trial (30 days refund policy)nor a monthly subscription is available (membership is billed annually)
  • There are no certified courses

Best Suited To: Overall, MasterClass is best suited for learners who don’t mind taking a hands-off approach to learning and are dipping their toes into a new field. It’s especially beneficial for students who simply want to learn more about a certain subject for fun.

Verdict on YesChef vs. Masterclass: It's kind of a tie, although MasterClass has the advantage when it comes to cutting-edge features because to its mobile app and community.

Customer Support of YesChef vs Masterclass

Customer Support is the backbone of any platform. It provides technical support to the customers after signing up into the platforms. Now, let us have a quick peep at the customer support of both the platforms.

YesChef’s Customer Support

Customer service for YesChef is available by phone, email, and the web app’s chat feature. Contact information includes and 1-844-466-8296.

It offers first-rate customer service around-the-clock, with email support staff available round-the-clock. The passion in the client reviews demonstrates the professionalism displayed when dealing with customers.

Masterclass’s Customer Support

MasterClass offers answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) in order to assist its clients. On weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM PST, they offer great customer assistance via phone and email.

Verdict on YesChef vs. Masterclass: It's a tie, although MasterClass has the edge in cutting-edge features because to its mobile app and community.

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EndNotes on YesChef vs MasterClass

If you’re considering taking a culinary class, you might wonder how YesChef and Masterclass stack up. While the latter is a creative hub of specialised programmes, the former focuses completely on cuisine.

Both MasterClass and YesChef are fantastic online learning environments with wonderful features. Based on a feature-by-feature comparison, we choose YesChef above MasterClass.

YesChef is a platform specifically devoted to teaching the culinary art of cooking. The top chefs in the world come to teach you the delectable craft of cooking.

Nonetheless, MasterClass is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and want to take classes other than cooking.

FAQs– YesChef vs MasterClass

Why is Masterclass so popular learning platform?

Celebrities and VIPs instruct MasterClass video lessons. Numerous its instructors are well-known professionals and celebrities, including Serena Williams and Gordon Ramsey. If you want to study from a respected professional, MasterClass has a truly great selection of professors who teach its classes.

What is the major difference between Yeschef vs Masterclass?

The key distinction between MasterClass and YesChef is that it is a multi-skill platform. Cooking is the only talent YesChef has committed to, therefore they are obligated to give it their all in terms of input and output for this one area of competence.

Who is the target audience of Masterclass and according to its  audience demographics shows that t the audience of is made up of 47.84% men and 52.16% women. The majority of visitors are between the ages of 25 and 34. (Desktop).

What is the purpose of a Masterclass?

The Masterclasses are prepared in a variety of topic areas to deepen and widen understanding while giving participants skills for further education and career.

What is Masterclass Marketing strategy?

Even prior to the creation of a course, MasterClass begins the marketing campaign. It begins by selecting themes by hand after investigation. Then, it carefully chooses the top renowned specialists to create a course together. Ultimately, it simplifies information in a way that is digestible.

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