YesChef vs MasterClass: Which is the better One In 2022?

The rise in popularity of e-learning platforms has also led to too many platforms which makes it difficult to choose one. Each seems to be good in its own way, and if you want to learn a skill such as cooking – you might be battling between choosing either YesChef or MasterClass. In this article, we will be covering various aspects that will help you make your decision.

Which One Will Suit You The Most?

While both e-learning platforms are strong competitors, the first factor to be considered is the relevance of courses on each site. After assessing the courses and objectives of each platform, you would be able to choose between YesChef and MasterClass pretty easily. Here is the broad objective of both platforms:

  • YesChef: it aims to provide users with the best culinary courses to excel in the field of cooking in the most hassle-free manner.
  • MasterClass: it aims to help promote personal growth that includes creative courses like writing, designing, cooking, and so on.

Hence, if cooking is simply one of the many skills that you wish to possess then going for MasterClass is a good decision. However, if you want to learn from a platform that only has cooking as its niche – then YesChef is better.

Which One Is More Affordable?

One of the most important criteria when it comes to comparing online learning platforms such as YesChef and MasterClass is its pricing structure. If it lies outside your budget, then there is no point in exploring how good or bad it is.

Overall, it is smarter to purchase courses from MasterClass because hundreds of courses are available to users at an annual cost of 180 dollars. Whereas on YesChef, the cooking course is available at the same cost too. If you feel that you need other courses and fields to learn from as well, then going for MasterClass is better since it is offering more courses than teaching culinary skills at the same price as YesChef.

However, if you only have to learn cooking from an online learning platform, then both MasterClass and YesChef would seem similar to you since both have an annual fee of 180 dollars.

Features of Yeschef And Masterclass


  • Videos: there are recorded lessons in video format for users to observe and learn various cooking skills efficiently.
  • Secure: the platform is very secure and no personal information is at risk of leaking at any point.
  • Updates: there are frequent updates on this platform to help users and students be updated with the recent trends in the culinary world.
  • Customer care: customer care support services are available to users’ needs 24*7 in case of any doubts or queries.


  • Easy to use: the interface of this platform is easy to navigate through, making the learning process very easy.
  • Quality: the videos are well-structured and explained in depth; hence the quality of videos on MasterClass is very good.
  • App: this platform has a mobile application as well; hence students do not mandatorily require devices like laptops to learn from.
  • Creativity: Since the courses on MasterClass promote personal growth, they are very creative and boost students to explore their creativity as well.

Pros and Cons

1. YesChef


  • The culinary skills that are taught on this platform are very beginner friendly and easy to master.
  • You do not require any degree, certificate, or diploma to start learning from YesChef.
  • Currently, this online learning platform offers users more than 30 authentic and tasty recipes to master and gain inspiration from.
  • There are many documentaries on chefs for a better understanding.


  • Some users find it irrelevant that the annual cost is 180 dollars when there are only culinary courses available on YesChef.
  • There are no interactions between peers, tutors, and the communities and hence there is no chance to socialize and build networks.

2. MasterClass


  • The quality of content on this platform is unmatched – the videos are clear and in HD.
  • The tutors are internationally famous experts. For instance, the courses on culinary skills are covered by chefs like Gordan Ramsey.
  • The annual billing allows users to save money.
  • The mobile application makes the learning process easier while traveling.


  • Since the audio is only in English, non-English speakers cannot avail of these courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which course is best for cooking?

Ans. The courses on YesChef and MasterClass are considered best for cooking.

Q. Are MasterClass cooking classes worth it?

Ans. Yes, they are worth it since world-class professionals teach such classes.

Q. Is yes chef good?

Ans. Yes, YesChef is a good platform but there are better ones available too.


With the popularity of online mediums for learning almost anything, virtual learning platforms have witnessed a massive bloom in recent years.  The level of comfort and flexibility provided by online learning platforms has attracted many users, which is why more such platforms are coming up to compete and dominate within this field. Hopefully, this article will help you choose between YesChef and MasterClass easily.

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