DataCamp vs DataQuest (2024) – Choose the Right Platform

This DataCamp vs. DataQuest comparison will examine two e-learning platforms dedicated to data training and will provide you with the guidance you need.

Starting a career in data science requires suitable guidance and resources. Many online resources have poorly structured courses, outdated curricula, and bad tutors, and that too at a high price.

Let’s understand the main distinctions between DataCamp and DataQuest, highlighting their strengths and drawbacks.

I  will compare the course content for both platforms and platform elements, such as learning paths, career tracks, pricing, and certifications to understand which course is best for you clearly.

Let’s get started! 

Comparing DataCamp vs. DataQuest – Overview

Here’s the general overview of DataCamp and DataQuest, to provide you with a quick insight on these platforms.

Programming languagesPython, R, and SQLPython, R, and SQL
Digital toolsMicrosoft SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Google Sheets, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Shell, Scala, and GitCommand line, Excel, GIT, GitHub, and Power BI 
Number of courses 48297
Skill tracks6518
Career tracks197
CertificatesYes Yes 
Free coursesFree introductory coursesFree introductory courses
Premium Membership$13 per month billed annually$24.50 per month billed annually
Target audienceBeginners, students, professionals, data analysts, and data scientists.Beginners, students, professionals, career changers, data analysts, and data scientists.
LinkHere Here 

When you compare DataCamp with DataQuest, you will notice many similarities. Both offer free initial course access and a free subscription, allowing customers to test the course layout.

However, compared to DataQuest, DataCamp provides many more choices.

DataCamp vs. DataQuest — Pros And Cons

Like every online learning platform, DatCamp and DataQuest also have advantages and disadvantages.

I have noted the pros and cons of both DataCamp and DataQuest to help you make a wise decision.

DataCamp Pros and Cons


  • High-quality material that helps you learn new skills
  • Cost-effectively
  • New courses are added constantly, making it an excellent starting place for learning data analytics and science.
  • Ideal for folks who enjoy video content.


  • It may not be ideal for expert users because tasks are typically straightforward.
  • Lack of non-programming-related data science skills.
  • Customer support could be more helpful.

DataQuest Pros and Cons


  • High-quality content
  • Complex assignments promote self-learning.
  • Best for those who like written content
  • It is an excellent beginning point for beginners in data science.


  • Fewer classes
  • More pricey.

Comparing Datacamp Vs. DataQuest Across Factors

From here onwards, I’ll compare DataCamp vs. DataQuest in detail based on Course content, course curriculum, best features, career and learning paths, price structures, the value of certifications, and user testimonials. 

1. Course Content And Curriculum

DataCamp provides approximately 390 courses from beginner to expert, while DataQuest offers 80 courses.

Depth And Breadth Of Topics Covered

Whether you check the DataCamp or DataQuest course catalogs, you’ll notice that all the courses focus on data science and analysis, including programming languages and business intelligence tools.

DataCamp Course Catalogs
Source: DataCamp

Both DataCamp and DataQuest platforms emphasize the fundamentals of three programming and data management languages: Python, R, and SQL.

DataQuest Course Catalogs
Source: DataQuest

Both catalogs provide general introductory courses for programming languages and more specialty, industry-specific topics. Because DataCamp Catalog has over 390 courses, it offers more specialized options and career-oriented programs. 

However, DataQuest’s catalog is mostly career-oriented, and some content does not overlap, making development through a single skill set challenging.

Teaching Methods And Pedagogy

When it comes to the course structure and teaching methodologies, industry professionals and academics produce and teach the content on DataCamp and DataQuest, respectively.

DataCamp Teaching Methods
Source: DataCamp

This means you’ll get not only the theoretical information you need but also industry insights.

DataQuest Teaching Methods
Source: DataQuest

Data science professors, software developers, and engineers teach courses at DataCamp. In addition, DataCamp’s in-house data scientists and curriculum developers have created numerous courses. 

Here’s what a DataCamp user says about instructors.

“On DataCamp, you learn from the experts. As you are taking courses, you are really learning from the best instructors in the world.”

Ofentswe Lebogo, Data Scientist, DataCamp user

Source: DataCamp

DataQuest course instructors possess knowledge similar to the professionals from X and Amazon, enriching courses with real-world experience. 

“The guided courses have been really excellent, and there is also a variety of courses available.”

Josh L., Operations Manager, DataQuest user

Source: G2

2. Platform Features And User Experience

DataCamp and DataQuest online platforms are adorned with multiple features. These features enhance the user’s experience. Here’s how:

Interface And Accessibility

Regarding interface and accessibility, there are two facets worth exploring: the adaptability of DataCamp and DataQuest courses to diverse learning levels and the overall user-friendliness of the platforms for navigation purposes.

For example, the signup process for both DataCamp and DataQuest is comparable. 

Here’s what a DataCamp user shared about the interface and interactive experience.

“We’ve trialed a number of other online learning solutions, but only DataCamp provides the interactive experience that reinforces learning.”

Sarah Schlobohm, Senior Analytics Manager, HSBC, And a DataCamp user

Source: DataCamp

Similarly, a DataQuest user described their experience related to the interactive environment on DataQuest.

“I liked the interactive environment on Dataquest. The material was clear and well organized. I spent more time practicing than watching videos and it made me want to keep learning.”     

Jessica Ko, Machine Learning Engineer at X and a DataQuest user

Source: DataQuest

Gamification And Engagement

The course presentations change significantly across the two platforms.

The DataCamp platform relies largely on gamification, and the courses are designed to provide a complete audiovisual experience. The learning experience is heavily visual, with video instructions, activities in the Jupyter Notebook, and cheat sheets.

DataQuest implemented an innovative strategy. It uses just written classes. As reported by DataQuest, the platform also examined video content. However, it did not produce the expected results.

However, DataQuest does not consist entirely of text. The classes include charts, tables, and diagrams to make learning more exciting. 

3. Learning Paths And Career Tracks

Learning Path is a collection of courses designed by specialists to help you improve your data skills and take the next critical step. Similarly, a career track includes all the skills needed to start and advance your career in a specific role.

Both DataCamp and DataQuest provide a wide range of data science career options after graduation. 

Structured Career Paths

Both platforms fare well in this aspect. The courses are interesting, the learning path provides precise information about your performance, and you can choose whether to learn a single subject or go via a learning path.

DataCamp Career Paths: 

DataCamp Career Paths
Source: DataCamp

DataCamp provides both career training and upskilling, while DataQuest focuses only on preparing students for a career change. If you want to improve your skills and need an organized approach, DataCamp offers customizable skill tracks that include three to six courses.

For example, DataCamp provides Data Analyst with Python Career Track, which requires no prior knowledge and includes several interactive tasks. It comprises nine classes totaling 36 hours and five projects.

DataQuest Career Paths: 

DataQuest Career Paths
Source: DataQuest

In a similar fashion, DataQuest has its own Data Analyst with a Python career path. This self-paced route consists of 27 interactive courses and 17 projects.

4. Pricing And Value Proposition

The first thing I noticed about pricing is that the subscription cost of DataQuest is manyfold the price of DataCamp. 

DataCamp and DataQuest are subscription-based platforms that offer free trials. Each offers numerous plans with varying perks.

DataCamp vs Dataquest Cost Comparison

Pricing PlansDataCampDataCamp
Basic PlanFree Free 
Premium Plan $13/month billed annually$24.50/month billed annually
Team Plan$25 per user/month billed annually$23.50 per user/month billed annually

DataCamp Pricing

The Premium plan costs $13 per month, while the DataCamp Teams plan costs $25 per user per month when paid annually.

The pricing is far lower than what Dataquest is offering. The Premium Plan includes access to all of DataCamp’s courses, as well as numerous practice tasks and other bonus features. 

DataCamp frequently offers discounts on purchased memberships. For example, through Student Premium, teachers and students can get a six-month complimentary subscription to DataCamp Classroom.

DataQuest Pricing

Looking at the pricing, DataQuest offers a monthly plan for $39.20. However, billed annually, the identical package costs $24.50 per month.

The DataQuest Team plan costs $23.50 per month for a single license when invoiced annually. This plan allows you complete access to all courses, tests, and projects. 

The most excellent thing about this plan is that you may add and remove users without incurring additional costs.

Free vs. Paid Content

Free and Paid content features on DataCamp and Dataquest are very different. DataCamp offers the first chapter of every course free whereas DataQuest provides limited access.

DataCamp Content

The free bundle includes free access to the first chapter of each course. However, the Free membership also provides restricted access to practice problems, project access, and unlimited access to practice assessments.

DataQuest Content

DataQuest’s free plan gives you limited access to lessons, practice problems, and community features, which comprise roughly one-third of the overall content.

Datacamp and DataQuest Refund Policies

Before going fully into any online platform, getting information on refund policy is a sign of being a wise person. I have laid out the refund policies of DataCamp and DataQuest here for your convenience.

DataCamp Refund

It is vital to note that DataCamp does not provide refunds. DataCamp’s auto-renewable feature will automatically renew your membership payment monthly or yearly (depending on your plan).

You can use the services until the conclusion of your membership term and cancel at any time.

DataQuest Refund 

DataQuest is a subscription service that automatically renews. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by canceling your subscription.

You will be eligible for one if you request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. Similarly, you may be reimbursed for that renewal if you request a refund within 14 days of an auto-renewal. 

5. Certifications Offered

Obtaining shareable certifications is an excellent approach to demonstrating your commitment and competence to finish the task.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly post them to your LinkedIn page or include them in your CV.

DataCamp Certifications

DataCamp students can get achievement certificates for any courses they successfully finish. Furthermore, you can obtain the DataCamp data science certification by completing a case study, a coding challenge, and six timed test sessions.

DataCamp Certifications
Source: DataCamp

DataCamp certifications were launched in 2022. These certifications are career-focused incentives, such as Data Analytics Certification, and often require many months to complete. 

To be a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst, you must pass the final exam to get certified. Unlike certificates, certifications expire after two years and require additional examinations to keep their qualifications.

DataQuest Certifications

DataQuest, on the other hand, only issues premium members a certificate for each course or path they finish. These credentials are given automatically and displayed on your profile.

DataQuest Certifications
Source: DataQuest

However, DataQuest also provides unique certifications. These are community-based prizes for testing new features.

Please note: DataQuest credentials have not been accredited by educational institutions. 

6. Community Support

DataCamp and DataQuest both feature a large community and support network; however, the free DataCamp Basic plan doesn’t include this access. 

DataCamp created an instant chat community using Slack. If you purchase a Premium DataCamp subscription, you will gain access to a Slack community where you can discuss your project and ask questions.

Similarly, DataQuest provides access to a support network at every level of the plan. Premium plans also include access to the career community.

7. User Rating Comparison

You know, selecting the right online learning platform can be challenging due to the numerous options and reviews available. This makes it crucial for prospective learners like you to make an informed decision.

Acknowledging the significance of such reviews, I thoroughly compared DataCamp and DataQuest, analyzing ratings from three major platforms: Trustpilot, G2, and Course Report.

Platform NameLearning MediumTrustpilotG2Course Report

DataCamp review sources: Trustpilot, G2, Course reports.

DataQuest review sources: Trustpilot, G2, Course reports.

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Conclusion: Datacamp Is Better Than DataQuest!

In conclusion, the comparison of DataCamp and DataQuest demonstrates a nuanced environment of online learning platforms catering to a wide range of learning preferences and career goals. 

However, DataCamp offers a large catalog of courses at a very low price. Thus DataCamp is better than DataQuest.

While both platforms provide excellent resources for anyone looking to improve their data science skills, they stand out differently.

  1. DataCamp stands out for its comprehensive course library, inexpensive cost, and dynamic video-learning experience, which makes it ideal for visual learners.
  2. DataQuest, on the other hand, distinguishes itself through its rigorous project-based approach, which emphasizes self-learning and content depth.

Finally, the decision between the two platforms is based on personal preferences, career ambitions, and learning styles.

But, I’ll say DataCamp is the best. Go for it!


Which is better: DataQuest or DataCamp?

DataQuest and DataCamp are comparable in that they are both excellent choices for self-paced learning. However, with over 370 courses, DataCamp has a more extensive portfolio than DataQuest, with fewer than 100 course possibilities.

Are DataQuest courses worth it?

DataQuest classes are an excellent method to improve your skills in data programming languages such as Python, SQL, and R.

Can you get a job with DataQuest?

DataQuest can help you get a job as a Data Analyst. Its Junior Data Analyst Path gives you important skills in data analytics.

Are DataCamp certificates credible?

DataCamp claims its certifications are industry-recognized. DataCamp Certification confirms that you have met the appropriate skill level as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Engineer.

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