MasterClass Black Friday (2024) – Buy One Get One

The MasterClass Black Friday offer is the biggest discount offered on this learning website. The MasterClass Black Friday sale has gone live every year around the same time since 2022 and is expected to go live in 2024 as well.

Last year, MasterClass Black Friday 2023 was available during the third week of November, so it is safe to say that you can expect the MasterClass Black Friday sale in 2024 during the third week of November.

Many of the offers and discounts predicted by many are untrue, so I have provided reliable information below to help you get the right information about MasterClass Black Friday offers.

So let us start with a quick guide summarizing the entire MasterClass Black Friday guide for you.

MasterClass Black Friday Sale – Quick Guide

MasterClass Black Friday Deal is not live yet. This post will be updated with new deals when the MasterClass Black Friday 2024 sale goes live.

The MasterClass Black Friday Sale did happen in 2023 and, based on when it was offered last year, is predicted to occur in the second week of November in 2024.

MasterClass Black Friday Sale
Source: MasterClass

The MasterClass Black Friday 2023 sale helped users access classes across all the 13 categories namely-

  1. Acting & Performing Arts
  2. Business & Entrepreneurship
  3. Community & Government
  4. Food & Drink
  5. Art & Design
  6. Games & Digital Media
  7. Film & TV
  8. Health & Wellness
  9. Music
  10. Outdoor Adventures & Events
  11. Science & Technology
  12. Sports & Athletics
  13. Writing

Through this article, I will help you be prepared for the upcoming MasterClass Black Friday Deal by discussing the following points so you access all these classes at a discounted rate-

  1. One for you and one for them.

With the MasterClass Black Friday sale, when you purchase an annual membership for yourself, you get to give one year of an annual membership to another person for free.

  1. You must redeem the offer in time.

The offer must be redeemed within 365 days of your purchase. If not redeemed, it will expire.

  1. You must enter card details to avail of the gift.

Your recipient will be asked to provide a valid payment method to redeem the free annual membership.

  1. Same Plans

The free one-year annual membership you offer as a gift to others will be of the same tier of service as your own yearly membership.

Does MasterClass Do A Black Friday sale?

As mentioned earlier, MasterClass has an online Black Friday sale like its competitors. Users can benefit from the 2-for-1 promotion, which simply means that you will get 2 MasterClass accounts for the price of one.

2 MasterClass Accounts For The Price Of One
Source: MasterClass

MasterClass Black Friday Deal- When Does It Begin, And Who Can Get It?

The MasterClass Black Friday began on 14 November last year and is expected to be available in the second week of November 2024. 

As far as who can get the MasterClass Black Friday deal, there are a few eligibility terms and conditions that you should be familiar with. They are-

  1. The offer is for new users only.
  1. You should not have previously purchased a MasterClass annual membership via a past offer to buy one MasterClass annual membership and get/share one free.
  1. Valid and current payment methods need to be provided for both accounts.
  1. Purchase and sign-up must be done strictly through MasterClass’s website directly.
  1. No third-party coupons will be applicable.

MasterClass Black Friday Discount- How Much Will You Get Off?

The MasterClass Black Friday promotional 2-for-1 offer will help you save money and look like someone who gives noble gifts to their family and friends.

Here is a quick look at how much you will be saving because of the MasterClass Black Friday Discount in a tabular format for easy reference- 

Masterclass PlanPriceSavingsNumber Of Users AccessNumber Of Users Access The Black Friday Deal

Is There a MasterClass Cyber Monday Deal?

There is massive confusion about whether a Cyber Monday Deal is available on Masterclass. Here is the real deal- MasterClass Black Friday and the MasterClass Cyber Monday Deal are the same thing.

MasterClass Cyber Monday Deal
Source: MasterClass

The offer remains constant, and so do the terms and conditions and the eligibility criteria. The dates of the offer are also the same. It is the name of the offer that is used interchangeably.

So when you see that MasterClass is offering either the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal, know it is the same, and there won’t be two different deals. This may be done because, in my assumption, the two sales dates are so close. 

Methods To Save On Masterclass Purchase

If you missed MasterClass’s mega Black Friday offer, do not worry. You can use these other methods to save on your annual subscription.

1. Seasonal Offers On MasterClass

MasterClass offers many seasonal limited-period offers, such as buy-one-get-one deals or discounts of up to 20% on annual plans.

Seasonal offers on MasterClass
Source: MasterClass

These MasterClass discount coupons last approximately a week and are offered around the festive season. Keep an eye out during the said season for MasterClass discounts-

  1. Mother’s Day offer (Live till May 12, 2024)
  2. April 2024 Offer (Unavailable)
  3. Labor Day Promotion (Unavailable)
  4. Father’s Day Promotion (Unavailable)

The Labour Day Deal and the Father’s Day Promotion were available last year in 2023, providing users with BOGO offers and Limited Discounts as high as 50%.

The eligibility criteria for these seasonal MasterClass offers may look like this-

  1. You should be a new MasterClass user (based on the email ID associated with an existing MasterClass account.
  1. Provide valid and current payment methods.
  1. The offer does not apply to third-party registration, so you should use the official MasterClass page to sign up.

2. 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

You can get MasterClass for free if you make an application for the money-back guarantee within 30 days. However, to get MasterClass free for 30 days, you must first buy the annual subscription and then request a refund.

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
Source: MasterClass

You can find more information on the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, also known as the refund policy, here.

3. Guest Pass– 14 Days Of All Access

You can ask a favor from someone you know who has the MasterClass subscription to provide you with a 14-day guest pass for MasterClass. This way, you will get to use all the features of MasterClass for free.

Guest Pass– 14 Days Of All Access
Source: MasterClass

New users can only claim 14-day access. As a new user, you must enter your valid payment details. Make sure you cancel your account on the 14th day to avoid being charged the fee automatically incurred after the lapse of 14 days.

4. Splitting The $240 Will Save You $200 On MasterClass

The best way to save money is to go halfsies, or in this case, split the membership six ways. The Annual MasterClass Subscription fee for the Premium plan is $240, which allows you to log in to 6 different devices.

Splitting The $240 Will Save You $200
Source: MasterClass

So splitting $240 among 6 people will save you $200. Each person’s share comes down to just $40, which is cheaper than the Standard plan (lowest costing plan) offered by MasterClass.

General MasterClass Pricing And Subscription Plans

The MasterClass Subscription plan is billed only annually. No monthly subscription plan is currently available on MasterClass. Let’s look at the general pricing of the MasterClass Subscription plans.

MasterClass OffersStandardPlusPremium
Monthly Break-up$ 10$ 15$ 20
Annual Cost$120$180$240
No. of User/devices126
Download Option
Access to 200+ classes
Bonus class guides & content
Watch on a computer, TV, phone, or tablet

Note- Group rates are available for bigger businesses or for groups bigger than 6 people. Contact Sales to learn more.

Is Masterclass Worth It? / Benefits Of Masterclass Black Friday

MasterClass Black Friday sale is essentially a BOGO offer, which is worth it because you get to get 2 subscriptions for the price of one. 

Benefits Of Masterclass Black Friday
Source: MasterClass

I also find MasterClass worth it because of the following features unique to it- 

  • Class offered by a famous person from a particular field.
  • Bite-sized lessons.
  • Motivational instructors.
  • Notes can be taken while watching the video in the same window as the video.
  • It is the Netflix of learning with high-quality production-value videos.

The speakers, having experienced everything one can related to a field, talking about what to do and how to do it to succeed is the best and the most credible source of information a novice can earn through MasterClass.

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Winding Up – MasterClass Black Friday Brings You The BOGO Offer

The MasterClass Black Friday discount is the best way to save significantly on high-quality classes celebrities teach.

As it usually does, the MasterClass Black Friday offer is coming soon in November. Take advantage of this BOGO offer and allow yourself and your loved ones to be thoroughly motivated by MasterClass instructors.

In case you miss this offer, I have ensured that it does not affect your learning journey by mentioning 4 additional ways to save on MasterClass. So don’t wait any longer; start your MasterClass subscription for less today.


How to get MasterClass for free?

There is no straightforward offer to get MasterClass for free, and there is no MasterClass free trial either. However, you can see the trailer or preview for each class for free or get the MasterClass for free if you apply for the 30-day money-back refund.

Is Skillshare or MasterClass better?

SkillShare focuses on more traditional teaching job skills, whereas MasterClass helps you learn through celebrities’ experiences. Hence, there is no way to compare the two as they are made for different types of learners.

What are the cons of MasterClass?

A few cons of MasterClass are that it does not provide certification course completion, it doesn’t help you learn topics the traditional way, and these courses cannot be quantified in terms of learning as there is no exam at the end of them.

Is MasterClass like Netflix?

MasterClass is similar to Netflix in terms of high-quality content and similar subscription prices. However, they are not the same. Netflix is made for entertainment, while MasterClass is for educational purposes.

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