Udemy Black Friday 2024 | Get 95% OFF DEALS

The Udemy Black Friday Sale is an annual event that allows learners to purchase courses at a fraction of the usual price. 

However, it is not active right now, but I can still help you make significant savings on Udemy while discussing how and when to expect the Udemy Black Friday Deal, whether there will be a Cyber Monday Sale, and how long it will last.

I have been using Udemy since 2018 and have bought many courses for a low price or have availed them for free during the Black Friday sale. So let me help you get this deal. Let us go!

Udemy Black Friday Sale 2024 – Announcements

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of “How to” and “What to” do to get the Udemy Black Friday Discount, here are a few crucial pointers that will be discussed throughout this guide.

  • Udemy Black Friday deal is approximately live for 2 weeks (14 days).
  • Udemy Black Friday Discount helps save as much as 97%.
  • Select Courses are offered for $0 during the Udemy Black Friday season.
  •  Udemy usually tends to extend its week-long Black Friday Sale by 7 days.
  • Many paid courses are offered for free during the Udemy Black Friday deal.

Does Udemy have a Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale?

Udemy runs a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on its website every year end with discounts raining on popular courses. Similarly, for 2024, Udemy users can expect a grand discount during Black Friday Time in November.

During the time of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, Udemy users can find courses offered by various instructors for as much as 97% off

If that excites you, here are a few essential details about the two deals on Udemy coming in November 2024

  1. Udemy Black Friday Sale 2024

Udemy’s Black Friday sale goes live on the official website around the third week of November. The Udemy Black friday sale is often extended by 7 days if it gets a good response from its users. 

udemy black Friday Sale
Image Source- Udemy

Last year, the Black Friday deal began around 16 November. Based on this information about the Udemy Black Friday Deal 2023, you can expect the deal to go live around the same time in 2024.

This is a great time to buy as many courses as you want from your favorite instructor since the prices drop as low as $9.99.

  1. Udemy Cyber Monday Sale 2024

Udemy also runs its Cyber Monday Sale every year. Last year, the sale started after the end of Black Friday and was supposed to last only for 2 days. 

Cyber Sale Header Offer
Image Source- Udemy

However, following the trend of extending sales for user benefits, the Udemy Cyber Monday Discount was available until December.

The Udemy Cyber Monday Deal is a great way for users who missed out on the Udemy Black Friday Deal to get discounts on their desired courses.

Udemy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale – Cost & Savings

Regular Udemy users without the Udemy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and discounts must pay high fees for some specialty courses top Udemy Instructors offer.

Courses List
Image Source- Udemy

To give you a ballpark figure, I have paid as much as $199.99 ( or even more in a few instances) or as low as $12.99. This price difference among many Udemy courses is due to the quality of courses offered by top instructors.

With the Udemy Black Friday Discount, you can save as much as 97% on the original price of a course. If some course instructors are generous, they will offer a few of their bestsellers for $0 during this sale.

Other ways to save on Udemy- Udemy Personal Plans

Besides the Black Friday deals and discounts, Udemy users can save money with other methods and offers throughout the year. Sadly, no special offers are active currently, so you can use my tips below to get thrifty and save money.

The best-kept secret on Udemy is the savings you can make by opting for Udemy Personal Plans (a monthly or annual Udemy subscription). 

Here is a quick look at how much you can save

Udemy SubscriptionMonthlyAnnual
7-Day Free Trial
30-day refund policy
Who is this for?Users who want to buy multiple short courses that end in less than 5 monthsUsers who want to pace out their learning and are taking courses longer than 5 months.
What do you get?Unlimited access to 10,500+ CoursesUnlimited access to 10,500+ Courses

It is easy to subscribe to Udemy’s annual subscription to save considerably. Just follow the steps given below-

How To Claim The Udemy Annual Discount?

Udemy Annual Discount is the best way to save money on learning on Udemy. In the absence of the Black Friday deal, go for this option by following the simple steps mentioned below-

Step 1- Visit the Udemy Homepage

Access Udemy’s homepage via this link or by typing www.udemy.com in your browser.

Step 2- Click on Pricing and Plans

Choose the “Plans & Pricing” option on the homepage, circled in the image below.

Plan and Pricing Button
Image Source- Udemy

Step 3- Choose a Personal Plan (For Individuals)

On the next page, you will see many subscription options for different Udemy Users. You must choose the “Personal Plan” by clicking the “Try it free” button.

Pricing Plan List
Image Source- Udemy

Step 4- Check the details.

You will be taken to the next page, which contains in-depth information about the personal plan and its benefits. Once you read the details, click “Try it Free for 7 days.”

Step 5- Fill in the Basic Details

Enter your name, email ID, and new password for this account. Tick the box to receive regular information on deals and discounts offered by Udemy sent directly to your mail.

Image Source- Udemy

Step 6- Choose the Annual Plan for maximum savings

You will now see the Checkout Page where you must choose a plan and fill in your Card details. After correctly entering all the details, click “Start Subscription.”

Image Source- Udemy

Hurray! By choosing the annual Udemy Personal Plan, you have saved yourself $180. You can now access more than 10K courses at a flat fee.

Udemy Refund Policy

Udemy offers a 30-day refund policy on its Personal Plan. If you do not like your experience on Udemy’s learning website, you can ask for a refund.

This means you can use the platform for free for a whole month and get your initial investment back.

However, if you earned any certificates during this period, your chances of getting a refund decline. Udemy can charge you for certificates or return your subscription fees as Udemy credits. 

Udemy Black Friday 2024 Guide

The Udemy Black Friday deal is hands down the best deal of the year, so if you want to be the first to learn about it, here’s what you need to know to find out if the deal is active yet-

  1. How To Know When The Deal Goes Live

You can subscribe to Udemy’s emails or follow them on social media accountsFacebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. Udemy regularly posts updates about new offers on these social media channels.

Image Source- Udemy on Instagram 
  1. Tips for Choosing the Best Course on Udemy

Here are a few tips to remember while choosing courses on Udemy during the Black Friday sale.

  • Go for courses that are rated 4.5+ stars.
  • Read the course reviews and instructor background.
  • Follow your favorite instructors on social media to stay updated.
  • Check for when the course was last updated.

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Bottomline- Udemy Black Friday is Coming!

Udmey Black Friday is the best way to save as much as 97% on your online learning needs. 

Learners can expect a significant course discount during Udemys Black Friday Season. Udemy also offers a Cyber Monday deal that goes live right after the Udemy Black Friday Sale.

However, these deals are not live yet, so don’t worry about missing out on any. Use my tips from this guide to keep an eye out for them.

Meanwhile, you can start your learning journey on Udemy and save $180 by signing up for its annual subscription. You’ll earn yourself access to 10,000+ courses today.


What is the best time to buy an Udemy course?

The Black Friday sale in November is the best time to buy an Udemy Course.

Does Udemy have discounts often?

Udemy frequently gives discounts on its personal (monthly and annual) plans. Stay tuned to their email or social media accounts to find such deals.

Which is better, Udemy or Coursera?

In terms of courses, I like Udemy because of its regularly updated course material. However, in the case of Coursera, I appreciate its Ivy League tutors and accredited certificates, which give it an edge over Udemy.

Are Udemy courses a one-time purchase?

Udemy Courses, when bought individually, offer lifetime access to the course buyer.

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