Coursera Plus Free Trial – 7 Days Unlimited Courses

The Coursera Plus free trial is available for all new users and is a great way to explore its offerings.

In this post, I will explain the steps required to get the 7-day free trial and answer all your questions.

Since I have researched Coursera and used its free and paid versions, I can help you easily start your 7-day free trial. I have also shared more ways to save up on your Coursera purchase once the free trial ends.

Let me show you how!

Coursera Free Trial –  Key Takeaways

In this article, you will gain the following insight into the Free trial offer by Coursera-

  1. Coursera Plus offers a free trial for all new users. 
  2. To get signed up, a learner needs to enter credit card details to use Coursera Plus for free.
  3. Learners cannot claim a certificate for free and would need to pay for a certificate if they need to acquire a certificate within the free trial.

How do I get a 7-day free trial of Coursera Plus?

Getting the Coursera Trial is easy. Just follow the detailed guide below to start your free trial in seven simple steps.

#1. Got To Coursera’s Homepage

Use this link to land on the Coursera homepage, or simply type in in your browser.

#2. Sign In Or Create Your Free Coursera Account 

If you already have your free account, log in using your mail ID and password by clicking “Login.”

But, if you are a first-time Coursera user, click “Join for Free.”

Create Your Free Coursera Account 

#3. Enter Your Details

You can log in or sign in with your Gmail ID using “Continue with Google” or separately enter your details, such as your name, email ID, and password.

Enter Your Details

#4. Your Account Is Ready!

Now that you have created your account, enter the details on the screen to get customized suggestions or skip the process.

Your Account Is Ready

#5. Free Trial Pop-up

Skip the personalized recommendation step mentioned above in the image to get the free trial pop-up. Click on “Start Free Trial”.

Free Trial Pop-up

#6. Entering Your Card Details

You will now find yourself on the checkout page, where you must fill out your Full name, Country, and zip code details—followed by your payment method selection. 

Entering Your Card Details

Once you have filled out all the required information correctly, click “ Start Free Trial.”

#7. Your Free Trial Begins Now

Congratulations! You have successfully received a free trial on Coursera. Enjoy learning and exploring Coursera and its offerings! 

What Is Included In The Coursera Plus Free Trial

Now that you have successfully obtained a Coursera Plus free trial let’s evaluate what you can do with it.

300+ Industry Leaders And Universities

With Coursera Plus’s free trial, you can start with 90% of the courses available on Coursera’s Learning Platform. The Coursera Plus plan gives you access to over 7000 courses offered by 300+ industry leaders and universities.

Any Course With The Plus Icon

Any course with the “Plus” icon in its description (as shown in the image above) can be accessed during the free trial.

Note: You can Check all the courses included and excluded from the Coursera Plus subscription here.

However, you can not take the following two types of courses during your free trial as they are a part of Coursera’s individual courses –

1. Online Degree Programs

These are not included in the Coursera Plus Subscriptions as they are degree programs taught and managed directly by the institution that made the course.

2. MasterTrack Certificates

The Master Track certificates are also not included in the Coursera Plus subscription as they are university-issued certificate courses. Hence, you will have to pay the fees individually for each course of this type.

Note- check detailed Coursera Review to know how it is to take individual courses.

Can I Get A Certificate From Coursera Plus During The Free Trial?

If you successfully complete a course by completing the quizzes, assessments, and exams, you can earn the Coursera certificate while you are on your free trial

Certificate From Coursera Plus

However, the Coursera certificate will come at an additional cost of $49, equivalent to a monthly subscription.

Can I Continue The Course I Took During The Free Trial When I Purchase The Plus Membership?

Any course you take during your free trial that is available on the Coursera Plus subscription can be continued when you purchase the membership.

Just make sure you use the same login details you used when you signed up for the free trial, as Coursera will save your progress, which will help you continue the course from the exact point you left it.

Other Ways To Save Up On Your Coursera Plus Purchase

I love free trials for the apparent reason- They are Free! And they help me save money. But how can you do that apart from using Coursera’s free trial?

There are three ways that you can save money on your Coursera Subscription:

  1. $1 referral program
  2. Subscribing annually
  3. During the Black Friday period

Here’s more information on how each method can help you save:

1. $1 Referral Program

When you log in, use the referral invite in the drop-down section titled “Get Coursera Plus for $1” ( as shown in the image).

$1 Referral Program

Share this link with your friends and family members who are also interested in a Coursera Plus subscription.

When someone uses your link to get the Coursera Plus subscription, you and they both get a month of Coursera Plus for only $1.

2. Getting The Annual Subscription

You inevitably save money when you get an annual subscription to Coursera Plus. The monthly subscription is $59, which adds up to $708 for 12 months. 

Getting The Annual Subscription

When you get the annual subscription to Coursera, you only pay $399, which saves you $309 compared to the monthly payment, which adds to $708 for 12 months.

The best part is that you get a 14-day money-back guarantee when you choose the annual Coursera Plus plan, which means you basically get a free trial

Note- Check this article for complete information on how to claim the Coursera Plus Discount.

3. Coursera Black Friday Deals

Coursera usually offers mega discounts in November, so watch out for those deals. Last year, the Coursera  Black Friday Deal offered a discount of $100 on an annual subscription of $399. This years in November 2024, the deal will go live on official website, stay tuned for claiming exclusive discounts.

Coursera Black Friday Deals

Coursera always offers a discounted rate for its new users during the festive season, so if you want to save money, take advantage of these offers.

Coursera Plus After Free Trial – Is It Worth It?

Despite being expensive, getting Coursera Plus is worth it because, with the Coursera Plus Subscription, you pay less while having the freedom to complete more courses and earn as many certificates as possible.

Here is how much you pay on Coursera with and without the Plus subscription-

Comparison ParametersCoursera Individual CertificatesCoursera Plus 
Monthly PriceStarting from $49$59
Annual PriceNot Available$399
BenefitsLifetime access to 1 purchased courseFlat fee for 90% of courses and certificates

Note- Check the full Coursera Plus review to determine what Coursera Plus offers and excludes.

Coursera Plus Benefits

Now that you have all the information you need about the Coursera Plus free trial, let me tell you how exactly you will be benefiting from this –

  • Saves money

As pointed out before, Coursera Plus is at a flat fee. All the courses included in the Plus subscription are available to you, so you do not have to worry about paying for each individually.

  • Take as many courses as you want

You can easily access a prequel course to your desired course if it helps clarify your doubts, and you can also indulge in other unrelated courses. For example, I took a few courses for my mental health while taking a theory course on writing. 

  • Unlimited certificates

With the Plus subscription, you can access as many certificate courses as you want without the inhibition of paying for each certificate.

With unlimited certificates, you can strengthen your CV and increase your chances of getting shortlisted for a job.

  • Stand out amongst your peers

With many online certificates in your college application, you can showcase your dedication towards education, which will help you stand out amongst others.

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Conclusion- Coursera Offers A 7-day Free Trial To All Its New Users!

The Coursera Plus Free trial is a great way for anyone considering buying the Coursera Plus subscription to wonder what it offers. 

Using the 7-step guide shared, you can easily sign up for Coursera and enjoy free and complete access to Coursera Plus for 7 days. But remember, a certificate comes at an added cost and isn’t free.

The Coursera Plus Free trial can help you gauge whether the subscription is right for you and make an informed decision about your purchase!


Can I get Coursera Plus for free?

Coursera offers a free trial for Coursera Plus for 7 days, but the Plus services can not be used for free after that. A Coursera Plus subscription costs $59 monthly or $399 annually.

Can two people use one Coursera account?

Two people can not officially use one Coursera account because any course certificate you take is awarded in the name of the registered user of that account only.

Are Coursera certificates worth anything?

Coursera certificates are widely recognized and are awarded by prestigious organizations. They are accredited, and they also offer college credits.

What is not included in Coursera Plus?

MasterTrack Certificates, Degree Programs, and a few certificate courses from IBM are not included in the Coursera Plus subscription.

Is Coursera not free anymore?

Coursera offers many free courses, but the platform is not free. You must pay an additional fee to receive a certificate for the free courses.

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