Coursera Plus Discount: How to Claim One In 2023?

Looking for a Coursera Plus discount and wondering if there are any current offers? 

Well, there are no official coupon codes or discounts available on Coursera at the moment.  

But you can still save some additional amount by opting for the annual plan. Coursera yearly subscription is the best way to take up multiple courses and learn at your own pace. 

Furthermore, Coursera is offering a 7-day Free trial of the Coursera Plus monthly plan. You can test out all the premium features with the free trial and upgrade to the paid one. 

In this guide, I have discussed everything related to Coursera discounts, steps to claim a coupon, refund policy, and more. 

So without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Claim a Coursera Plus Discount: Step-by-Step 

As stated, there are no active Coursera Plus discounts at the moment, but you can save some bucks by opting for the yearly plan. 

Here are the steps for the same: 

  • Step #1: Visit the official Coursera Plus website by clicking here. 
Coursera Plus official page
  • Step #2: Click on the $399/year with 14-day money-back guarantee at the middle of the homepage. 
Coursera Plus homepage
  • Step #3: Enter necessary details like name, email ID and provide a password and click on join for free. 
Coursera fill your detaits
  • Step #4: Select a payment method and provide your payment details, like the name on the card, card number, expiry date, etc. 
Coursera fill your card details
  • Step #5: Click on Pay Now, and you’re all set to start learning from Coursera Plus. 

Coursera Plus Original Price Plan Explained 

If you are not quite sure about the annual subscription and want to check out the other pricing plans of Coursera Plus, they are as follows: 

Single Learning Program Coursera Plus Monthly Coursera Plus Annual 
$49 to $79 per month (get access to only one course or specialized program) $59 per month$399 per year 
Coursera pricing page

As you can see, the annual subscription is the most cost-effection option. It’s cheaper compared to the other plans, plus you get some additional perks like a 14-day money-back guarantee and access to the entire Coursera library, and learning flexibility. 

You can take a couple of courses and see whether the courses suit your learning pattern or not. And commit to the year-long plan based on that. 

Who is Coursera Best For? 

Coursera has hundreds of courses in varied fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, language learning, math & logic, creative thinking, and the list goes on. 

If you’re one of those curious individuals who love upskilling and learning a new skill, you’d love Coursera Plus. Their programs are created in collaboration with top universities and industry leaders to offer you a top-notch learning experience. 

The best part is you can undertake most of these courses without prior knowledge. Overall, Coursera is a great platform for students, teachers, and anyone who loves learning and staying updated with the latest trends in the mentioned field. 

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Final Thoughts!

That’s everything you need to know about the Coursera Plus discount. The platform does offer coupons and discounts; however, we can’t predict when. 

You can keep an eye on the platform and wait for one to release, or go for the Coursera annual subscription. 

We keep our content updated. So, as soon as Coursera rolls out any coupon code or discount, we will update our content. So, you check our content in a while again!


Is there any way to get Coursera Plus for free? 

No, there is no direct way to get Coursera Plus for free. But you can take a first-hand experience of the courses through the free trial. 

Can 2 people use the same Coursera Account? 

According to Coursera’s terms of use, only one user should use a Coursera Individual account. You should share your account credentials with others and vice versa. Teams can go for the Coursera Plus business plans. 

Can I try any course during the Coursera Free trial period? 

Yes, you can try any course during the Coursera free trial period. There is no usage restriction. 

Do Coursera certificates expire? 

No, a Coursera certificate does not expire. Once you gain one, you can have it forever. 

Can I do 2 courses at the same time in Coursera? 

Yes, you’re free to do more than one course at the same time in Coursera. 

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