Coursera Plus Discount 2024 | Get $309 OFF (April)

MissionGraduate is offering the official Coursera Plus Discount to help you claim exclusive offers.

Coursera Plus offers discount deals such as: 40% off the Coursera Annual Plan, 50% off on TEAMS subscription, a seven-day free trial, 50% off the Professional certificate.

Let’s dig into the offers, a step-by-step guide to redeem your discount, and some tips to save maximum money on your subscriptions! 

VERIFIED Coursera Discount Codes Of April 2024


40% Off on the Coursera annual plan

Get the annual Coursera plan at just $399 and get a flat 40% discount.


50% off on TEAMS – save $159

To receive Coursera’s TEAMS plan at half price, use “new-year-2024” at the end of your checkout. 


7 Days Free Coursera Plus

For every new sign-up, Coursera Plus offers a seven-day free trial. Claim this discount without needing any promo code. 


50% off on professional certification

You get a 50% discount for six months, and for three months, you get a 33% discount. 


Free Coursera Plus courses

Coursera offers 1400+ free Courses. Despite the number of programs available, access to them is limited.

Free Courses

Free Google Professional Certification 

Coursera offers professional Google certification for programs like Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT support, Project Management, etc.

Free Certificate

Expired Coursera Plus Coupons & Promos


Get Coursera Plus for $1

Grab Coursera Plus at just $1 and enjoy unlimited access to courses.

Only at $1

$100 OFF (ending on 1st April)

Get a flat $100 discount by purchasing an annual subscription to Coursera Plus.

$100 Off

$200 New Year Offer (Expired)

Get a flat $200 discount by purchasing an annual subscription to Coursera Plus.

$200 Off

20% Cyber Monday Discount

Get a Coursera Plus annual membership at a 20% discount. 

Active Coursera Plus discount codes 
Most Used couponAnnual discount (40%)
40% OFF on the Annual Plan$309 Savings
50% OFF on TEAMS – new-year-2024$159 Savings
Free Trial 7 Days
6 Months Professional Certificate50% OFF
3 Months Professional Certificate33% OFF

How To Claim Coursera Promo Code?

To claim Course Promo Code, follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Click on this link to go to the exclusive Coursera offer.

Step 2: At the bottom left of your page, you will see “Save $100 now,” so click on it.

Click On Save $100 Now

Step 3:  Now, click on “Save now.”

Click On Save Now

Step 4: Sign up with your personal details or Google, Facebook, and Apple account. 

Sign up with your personal details

Step 5: Enter your billing information and start your Coursera subscription. 

 Enter your billing information

This is how you can claim Coursera Plus discount offer using the guide given above.

Coursera Plus Student Discount: Is It Available?

Coursera does not offer separate discounts for students. However, you can take advantage of the current Coursera offers and existing discounts that are open to all. 

As a student, you can opt for the annual plan that will give you a flat 40% discount. 

In addition to the available discounts, students can enjoy free Coursera courses and also apply for financial aid. We have covered the information on financial aid in detail in the next sections!

What Is Coursera’s $1 Offer? 

Coursera Plus was offering 98% off on its 2023 Black Friday Deal. 

So, instead of paying the standard $59, the e-learning platform offered the same service at $1 for the first month. However, keep in mind the offer is not currently available. 

Regardless, I will keep you updated whenever the 2024 discount goes live.

Is the $100 Coursera Plus Offer Still Available?

The $100 Coursera Plus discount code is currently not available. The offer was valid until April 1st only. 

However, you can redeem the 40% discount, which is currently available. 

Coursera Plus Military Discount

Considering the larger Coursera community, there is no exact information on how much the Military discount is. However, know that this offer is only available for:

  • US Active Duty
  • Guard/Reserve
  • Veterans
  • Military Spouses and Family members

For more queries, you can contact the platform’s support group.

Coursera Plus Financial Aid 

Coursera Financial Aid is for learners who cannot afford to pay for the Coursera Plus subscriptions. All you need to do to receive your Coursera Plus Student Discount is head to Coursera’s homepage and apply for financial aid. 

Here, you need to mention your:

  • Financial circumstances
  • Career goals
  • Educational background

Also, agree to their code of conduct.

Now, to apply for Coursera’s Financial Aid, you must first select any program you like. If financial aid is available for that particular program, you will see “Financial Aid Available” on the right side of the course. 

Once you click on the option, you will get an application form. Simply fill it out and wait for a revert to understand whether they have accepted your financial aid application. 

Can You Use Coursera Plus For Free?

Coursera Plus offers a seven-day free trial to access all the Premium features, including 7000+ courses, unlimited certificates, hands-on experience with over 1000 applied projects, and more. 

Other than that, Coursera also offers you 1400+ free courses, including:-

  • The Science of Well-Being – Yale University
  • Financial Markets – Yale University
  • First Step To Korean – Yonsei University

What Are Coursera Audit Courses?

When you audit a Coursera Course, you can access most of its resources free of cost. 

The only downside is you will not get grades for your completed work, nor can you submit any assessments. You will also not receive any certificate for your time invested in the course.

However, if you are really hell-bent on getting a certificate, then simply pay for it. But then, you might have to finish some extra coursework that is generally not included in the audit program.

Coursera Plus Black Friday Offer 

The Coursera Plus Black Friday offer for 2024 is not live yet. However, the Coursera Plus Black Friday offer will be available by the third week of November. 

So, to make sure you do not miss out on its latest update, keep checking our page. 

Which Is The Best Coursera Plus Discount For You?

The 2023 Back Friday offer was hands-down the best Coursera discount. 

There is no certainty Coursera will return its 98% OFF offer. This is why my next best discount deal is an indirect offer on the annual plan –saving $309 by subscribing to an annual plan.

Other Ways To Save Money On Coursera Plus 

The three main ways to save money on Coursera is through the following mediums:-

1. Occasional Sales – $100 OFF For Year & Save $309 

Coursera Plus always releases new discount deals that would help you save money. 

The two sales I can think of are $100 OFF for the first year of your subscription and an indirect discount on the annual plan ($399). 

For example, when you redeem the first offer, you get the Coursera Plus benefits at just $299. 

Meanwhile, for the second offer, you can save $309 indirectly by purchasing the annual subscription instead of the monthly one, as the annual billing of the monthly subscription is $708. In contrast, the annual plan is only $399. 

2. Black Friday Sales – $1 For 2023

Last year’s Black Friday sale had held learners in a chokehold as Coursera offered 98% off on its first month. So, stay tuned for this year’s sale! 

You can expect it to go live by the third week of November 2024.

3. University Tie-ups

Coursera is partnered with many privileged universities, including YALE, the University of Michigan, Penn University of Pennsylvania, and many more. If you google the in-person tuition (approximately $80K) fees for these partnered universities, you will notice that Coursera is way more affordable. 

In fact, the coursework taught on the e-learning platform and on campus are similar. This is more so because the instructors are the same. 

So, why waste thousands of dollars getting an in-person degree if you can get the same knowledge and post-degree benefits at a much cheaper price? That too from the comfort of your home.

Tips For Maximizing The Value Of Coursera Plus

My top tip for saving money on a Coursera subscription is to share the account with 4-5 people. This way, you are purchasing a $399 or $299 subscription, and after splitting the amount between 4 people, each one of you will pay $75 to $100. 

If the cost is still expensive, invite more people, and that’s how you will make the learning more cost-effective. Plus, you can take up different quizzes and projects to better understand the concepts. You can teach it to your friends or ask them to teach you to engrave the learning in your brain even more. 

Lastly, make use of the online communities and the discussion forums. The more you connect with fellow learners, the more you understand different learning approaches. You can also drop your queries and answer existing ones for a deeper learning experience. 

Tip: Coursera Plus is worth it. Irrespective of the niche you want to explore, Coursera has thousands of courses that will help you get certified. Additionally, Coursera certificates hold high value. Learn more about Coursera through our detailed review here.

Wrapping Up: Coursera Plus Offers A 40% Discount!

Coursera Plus offers up to a 40% discount on its annual subscription, where you save $309! 

In addition, you get a 7-day free trial, irrespective of your chosen plan. 

The best part is that there are frequent Coursera promo codes that have been rolled out. I keep this article updated with the latest deals and discounts on Coursera. 

So, make sure to check out again!

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