LinkedIn Learning Free Trial 2024: 30 Days Trial (Live)

Want to build your skills and take them to the next level with LinkedIn Learning courses? 

The answer is probably yes, and you’re contemplating your purchase decision and want to learn about LinkedIn Learning’s free trial policy. 

Here is a detailed guide on the LinkedIn Learning free trial period, how to access it, and how to make the best use of the trial window. 

Let’s dive in for more. 

Does LinkedIn Learning Offer A Free Trial? 

LinkedIn Learning offers a free trial of 30 days to its new subscribers. The free trial gives access to all the courses and other features of LinkedIn Learning. 

LinkedIn Learning has a monthly or annual paid plan, and both plans offer a free trial. Within this time, you can take as many courses as you can cover to build your skill set. 

But it’s important to note that you have to provide valid payment details such as credit card or PayPal to avail of the free trial. 

LinkedIn Learning won’t charge you anything upon signing up, but if you don’t cancel the subscription before the trial ends, they will automatically deduct the payment. 

The free trial is a great way to explore the extensive LinkedIn Library of 5000 plus courses; try a few of them to decide if the platform is worth spending on or not. 

How To Sign Up For LinkedIn Learning Free Trial? Step-By-Step 

Let’s address the main query that we are here for. How to sign up for the free trial? 

Here is the simple process you need to follow: 

Step 1: Navigate to the official LinkedIn Learning page. 

LinkedIn Learning- official page

Step 2: Tap on Start my free month in the top right corner of the page. (see image below).  

LinkedIn Learning -Click on start my free month

Step 3: Sign In if you already have a LinkedIn account.

If not, click on Join now and provide the necessary details to create a LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn Learning -Create an account

Step 4: Choose a plan (monthly or annual) on the new page and provide payment details. 

Payment Gateway

Step 5: Review your order and confirm to start your free trial. 

Want To Continue Learning From LinkedIn? Here Are The Original Price Plans 

If you want to continue upskilling with LinkedIn Learning, you must be curious to know how the platform’s price structure works. 

Here is a quick glimpse of it: 

Subscription Type Price 
Monthly $39.99 per month 
Yearly $19.99 per month 
LinkedIn Learning -Click on try for free

The annual subscription is more cost-effective compared to the monthly plan. Users who have a knack for learning new skills and are sure to take multiple courses would benefit from the annual subscription. 

Learners who don’t find either payment suitable can buy individual courses too. LinkedIn Learning has that option. 

Apart from the individual plans, LinkedIn Learning provides team subscriptions as well. There are two categories: teams with not more than 20 members and organizations with more than 21 members. 

The prices for tram subscriptions are not revealed on the site. You have to contact the LinkedIn Learning team to enquire about the charges. 

LinkedIn Learning - tram subscriptions

Does LinkedIn Learning Provide Free Courses Too? 

Yes, LinkedIn Learning offers a few free courses, but they are quite generic in nature. Moreover, these free courses do not have video lessons or other in-depth resources that we usually get with paid ones. To know more about LinkedIn Learning read our honest and unbiased LinkedIn Learning Review.

Therefore, the only way to learn from LinkedIn Learning for free is through the free trial. The platform is also free for people with a LinkedIn premium account. 

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Final Thoughts!

LinkedIn Learning 30 days free trial is great for testing the credibility of the platform’s courses and making an informed buying decision. I shared the entire process of availing of the trial, following which you can try LinkedIn Learning free for a whole month. 

Have more questions about LinkedIn Learning? Share them in the comments! 


Can I Cancel LinkedIn Learning After Free Trial? 

Yes, you can cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription anytime. But after the trial period ends, you won’t get any refund. 

Can I Get A Certificate During LinkedIn Learning Trial Period? 

Yes, you can get a certificate during the LinkedIn Learning trial period if you finish the entire course. 

What’s The Difference Between LinkedIn Learning And Coursera? 

LinkedIn Learning offers courses primarily related to the professional field, whereas Coursera has options for academic courses in addition to professional or career-oriented options. 

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