Datacamp Free Trial 2024  — How to Claim it?

DataCamp is an excellent platform to tick off your learning goals. However, DataCamp does not offer a free trial. Instead, it gives free chapters.

This feature is popularly known as the Basic Plan, where you log in and avail of these free chapters.

In this article, I’ll share how you can claim these free chapters and other details of DataCamp.

With that, let’s dive in!

DataCamp Free Trial 2024: Is It Available?

DataCamp does not have a specific free trial. However, you can always access the basic features free of charge.

DataCamp Free Trial
Source: DataCamp

However, DataCamp has offered a week-long free trial on its Premium Plans in July and November. Let’s find out what you can do during this limited-time free trial period.

Features Included With DataCamp Free Trial

During this 7-day free trial, you can avail of the following 9 features –

  1. Access to the entire library of 387 courses
  1. 83 projects
  1. 55 practice sessions
  1. 15 assessments
  1. DataCamp Workspace
  1. DataCamp Projects
  1. Data Scientist and Data Analyst Certifications
  1. DataCamp Jobs
  1. DataCamp Competitions

Limitations Of DataCamp Free Trial

As mentioned earlier, this is a limited-period offer. In the year 2022, the limitation period for the free trial started on July 18th and ended on July 24th. In November 2023, it lasted from November 6th to November 12th.

Limitations of DataCamp Free Trial
Source: DataCamp

Read official information about Free Week on DataCamp 2022 here. 

DataCamp Free Courses: Are They Available?

The basic access includes every first chapter of all the 387 courses on DataCamp. Here are the Top 5 picks for you to check out and decide whether you like DataCamp-

1. Introduction To Python For Data Science

In this introductory course, you’ll learn the fundamentals required to write Python code, work with data structures, and analyze data in 4 hours with this interactive course.

Introduction to Python
Source: DataCamp

2. Introduction To Data Visualization With Matplotlib

Through this course, you will learn how to create visualizations for different types of data and how to personalize, automate, and share these visualizations.

Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib
Source: DataCamp

3. Introduction To Data Science In Python

Introduction to Data Science in Python covers the basics of Python, including data cleaning, visualization, and machine learning. In addition to the basic concepts, you will learn how to load data in pandas, plot data with Matplotlib, conduct exploratory data analysis, and build three new plots.

Introduction to Data Science in Python
Source: DataCamp

4. Introduction To SQL

Learn the fundamentals of SQL in 2 hours, and learn the language used for managing and analyzing relational databases. By the end of this course, you will know how to write SQL queries, work with databases, and analyze data.

Introduction to SQL
Source: DataCamp

5. Intermediate Python

If you are well-versed in the basics of Python, take this course to build on your existing knowledge of dictionaries, Pandas, logic, control flow, filtering, and loops.

Intermediate Python
Source: DataCamp

DataCamp Pricing

If you like the free chapters and wish to finish the above-mentioned courses or any other course of DataCamp, this is how much you will have to pay– 

DataCamp PlansBasicPremiumTeams
Annual SubscriptionFree$300 $300/ Person
Monthly SubscriptionFree$39N/A

Note- Find Information on why no refund is offered on Datacamp here.

Basic Plan

The basic plan gives you limited access to 1 chapter of all the courses on DataCamp. This plan is great for determining whether you like what you see before upgrading to the paid plan and finishing your course.

Basic Plan
Source: DataCamp

Premium Plan

The premium plan gives you unlimited access to DataCamp’s content library. With this plan, you can start working on projects, earning certificates, and learning to code on the platform.

Premium Plan
Source: DataCamp

Teams Plan

This plan is great for training a group of learners. I recommend it for all educators, employers, and HRs in the IT or Data Science field, as it will help you manage group training easily.

Teams Plan
Source: DataCamp

Ways to Save Money On DataCamp

You can save a few dollars on DataCamp’s Premium Plan in various ways. Here are the current and future discounts and deals– 

1. 50% Discount On DataCamp Premium

If you are a new DataCamp user or looking forward to upgrading from the basic to the premium plan, now is the time. DataCamp is offering 50% off the annual subscription to DataCamp premium until 30 June 2024. 

50% discount on DataCamp Premium
Source: DataCamp

2. DataCamp Free Week (Coming Soon)

If you want to experience free access to the Premium Plan on DataCamp, you can set reminders for July and November. As mentioned earlier, this week-long free trial gives you full access to all the features of DataCamp Premium.

DataCamp Free Week (Coming Soon)
Source: DataCamp

3. DataCamp Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale (Coming Soon)

DataCamp, during the Thanksgiving time, offers 50% off on its Premium Plan. You can get a subscription of $300 just for $149.

DataCamp Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
Source: DataCamp

Since no official announcement about the dates of the DataCamp Black Friday sale has been made yet, we can only predict that it will go live around 23rd November 2024.

4. DataCamp Annual Plan Will Save You 50% Without Any Code

The DataCamp monthly plan costs $39, totaling $468 for 12 months. When you opt for the annual plan, you pay only $300 for the same time period and save $168.

DataCamp Annual Plan Will Save You 50%
Source: DataCamp

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Final Thoughts- DataCamp Offers 1 Free Chapter Of Every Course As A Free Trial!

I like DataCamp because it does not offer a restricted free trial for a few days or months. 

Instead, it offers one free chapter of each course on its learning platform.

If that is not enough for you and you are looking for a free trial for DataCamp’s Premium features, you can watch for it in July and November, where they offer a week-long free access to all the paid features of DataCamp Premium.

However, if you want to start your journey of learning and upskilling right now, I recommend using the 4 ways I mentioned to save money and excel through learning on DataCamp.


Do I need to enter credit card information to claim the Datacamp free trial?

No credit card is required to avail of the DataCamp Free trial or DataCamp basic plan.

Can I cancel my Datacamp free trial?

You can cancel your free trial before the free period ends. If you do not cancel it, your access will automatically be restricted. However, this is true only for users who have not entered their credit card details. If you enter your credit card details, you will be auto-charged.

How do I see if I’m eligible for the DataCamp free trial?

Log in with your email ID. If you successfully log in, then you are eligible. Anyone can be eligible for the DataCamp free trial, so I would not worry about it. 

Which plan should I choose to get maximum savings?

You must choose the annual plan of the Premium subscription priced at $300 to save $168 compared to the monthly plan where you spend $468 yearly.

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