Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets 2022: Complete In-Depth Comparison

Today we are comparing two popular online learning platforms – Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets. Let’s have an in-depth comparison and see who wins Pluralsight vs CBT nuggets battle.

With the contemporary situation regarding the pandemic and everything shifting to online modes, skill-based courses over the internet have picked up momentum considerably. People now have larger opportunities to add to their range of skills by opting through hundreds and thousands of certified and quality courses available online. 

These courses help them boost their careers, embellish their CVs, and become highly eligible to land well-paying and advantageous jobs. It is now an easier option than before to attain the skills in demand for desired jobs, this was not quite possible earlier. 

For example, the job market is constantly looking for people equipped with knowledge and skills in AI, digital marketing, information technology, cryptocurrency, market investing, and other profitable courses. 

This article means to walk you through two such platforms which are offering skill-based courses and certifications upon completion of the same. The comparison is made between Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets, to help you choose the right platform to invest your time and money into. Let us begin by knowing what each of these platforms has to offer separately. 

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a private company that primarily helps businesses by providing courses for learning and educating employees to meet career-oriented goals. The courses are provided by learned professionals that inculcate critical business formation skills into the pupils. 

Video training held online is the base of the teaching method. The target audience of the platform includes software developers, creative professionals, and IT administrators. Pluralsight is constantly striving through the value of providing equal access to quality intensive and job-relevant courses to those involved in businesses, companies, and entrepreneurship. 

A skill course certification from Pluralsight holds great value in the job market and helps in career advancement considerably. The platform works based on the subscription method. You can easily buy a monthly or yearly subscription to the platform that will give you access to a wide range of skill-based courses. 

What Is CBT Nuggets?

CBT Nuggets has been around for over two decades now. It works towards providing high-quality and in-demand technological training courses over the internet. The platform lets you have a free week of trial before you pay to learn about it. 

With the ever-increasing competition within the job market, CBT Nuggets keeps up in educating the students in job-relevant skills that are required by the employers of today’s time. The platform utilizes well-functioning virtual labs and tools to inculcate better understanding. 

This is a great help for those who cannot get access to expensive equipment in real life. Each subscription course will end in a CyberVista exam through which the students can easily test the knowledge they have received. 

The very helpful coaching and support for the learners is also a plus point for the platform. Lastly, the platform lets you compare and track the progress you have been making with your learning simultaneously. 

CBT Nuggets vs Pluralsight: Which one out of the two should you go for?

Moving on to which platform will better suit your learning and skill development needs. Here are a few comparatives on the two platforms that we must focus on-

1. Flexibility

CBT Nuggets is an on-demand course platform that is simply not as flexible and fitting in accordance to the user’s time; Pluralsight on the other hand has quite a flexible and relaxed approach towards learning and you can learn without a lot of time constraints stopping you.

2. Variety and amount of courses

Pluralsight is home to a large number of skill-intensive and professional quality courses that hold a lot of value, you have a greater variety to choose from; CBT Nuggets is very selective and focused on a short number of specific courses in IT and other technology-based aspects.

3. Mode of Instruction

You will see that there is a very video-based and vision-intensive approach in the courses provided by CBT Nuggets, that is to say, they have a lot of video lessons in their courses; Pluralsight, however, has a more document-based and text-intensive approach in inculcating education through their courses.

4. Type of material

CBT Nuggets has designed its study and course material to be more on the informative side, it is highly in-depth and delves deeper into the principles of the discipline; Pluralsight provides the material through shorter but informative lessons so the students can learn one thing at a time and be able to properly consume information.

5. Additional Equipment

You can make great use of the virtual lab and tools provided by CBT Nuggets in courses that require it; Pluralsight offers no such thing and you are supposed to have the research on your own.

6. Faculty

Courses on Pluralsight are taught by experts and trained professionals through and through; CBT Nuggets does not have a consistently learned faculty.

7. Course Value

A Pluralsight course certificate holds a lot of value in the job market since it is taught by learned professionals; CBT Nuggets is not going to give you an industry-approved certification but it is quite relevant since it involves great effort and research. 


Having said all that, it is important to make a decision keeping all of those headers in mind. Learners need to sort their priorities as to what they expect from the online skill-based course they are buying. CBT Nuggets specializes in tech-based courses and even provides you with a virtual lab to work in, so you may go for that in that case. You can check out Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets Reddit communities to find out popular opinions regarding both platforms. 

If you have a tight schedule and need to work out a schedule, Pluralsight courses may help you figure out the time without pushing too many priorities. In the end, it all depends on how you wish to receive online skill-based education. So Pluralsight vs cbt nuggets? The answer is your requirement. 

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