Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets 2024 — Which Is Better & WHY?

Pluralsight vs CBT nuggets

When it comes to online learning, Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets are two of the most popular platforms in the market, offering high-quality courses in various fields, especially in IT and software development. 

However, choosing between Pluralsight and  CBT Nuggets can be overwhelming as both of them provide exceptional courses.

So to help you with this confusion, I tried and tested both the platforms and various available courses.

In this article, I am going to share my experience with the ultimate comparison between Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets to help you determine which platform is best suited to your learning goals and preferences. 

I have reviewed the key aspects, like the key features of both platforms, the range of courses, quality of instruction, flexibility, certification options, interactivity, and pricing, to help you make an informed decision. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the similarities and differences between Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: In a Nutshell

Before we dive deep, here is a quick comparison between Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets.

CBT NuggetsPluralsight
Ease of UseSmooth and Interactive.User-friendly and easy to navigate.
Course QualityHigh-quality and in-depth courses.Comprehensive and easy to understand.
Instructors Industry experts.Top-notch instructors from various fields.
Features Average Exceptional
PriceStarts from $33.25/monthStarts from $59/month
Additional ResourcesYesYes
Overall Rating4.8/54.9/5

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Overview

Let’s start with a detailed overview of the best online learning platforms – Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight Overview

Pluralsight is a video training course platform that is designed exclusively for tech courses. 

Pluralsight homepage

Currently, Pluralsight has over 7000 skill development courses on tech with over 1500 industry expert instructors.

With Pluralsight, you can access disciplines like Cloud, Business, machine learning, cyber security, and software development.

With its extended library, the courses are organized into the proficient and expert levels so that you can choose from the individual courses or paths.

The feature that attracted me the most is the self-assessment feature. It helps you to choose the right course with ease. 

I was so satisfied with the hands-on learning configuration that allows testing cloud stations and pre-designed labs for practical learning. Plus, you get courses in more than 50 languages.

I would say Pluralsight is a complete package of a wide range of courses and is perfect for beginners who are willing to build their skills.

CBT Nuggets Overview:

On the other hand, CBT Nuggets is a huge online learning platform that aims to provide courses for IT professionals, project management, and time and productivity management.

CBT Nuggets homepage

At first, CBT Nuggets used to help small organizations with practical training, but it was quite difficult to provide service in a room. 

Eventually, they started providing online sessions, making them available to everyone. 

This platform provides a comprehensive library that offers hundreds of training videos varying from Cisco networking to Microsoft Word.

At the moment, there are over 1000 courses available on CBT Nuggets that help you enhance and learn new skills. 

All the courses on CBT Nuggets are delivered through high-quality video sessions. They provide up-to-date and accurate training that helps learners to gain skills and understand the latest trends.

As per my experience with CBT Nuggets, this platform has comprehensive and top-notch courses that help enhance your skills.

Verdict: Both platforms are super engaging and provide their learners a huge library of tech-based courses. Overall, I feel Pluralsight has more courses and engaging videos than CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Features

It is crucial to compare the features offered by the eLearning platforms, especially when comparing the best ones. Let’s have a look at the features provided by both of these.

Pluralsight Features: 

  • Huge library of comprehensive courses.
  • Provides a cloud labs feature that helps in applying your learning into action.
  • Covers skill assessments and quizzes to help learners test their knowledge.
  • Provides a reporting tool called ‘Flow’, which provides complete visibility of your work progress.
  • Pluralsight podcasts provide discussions on many tech-related topics that are helpful in your courses.

CBT Nuggets Features: 

  • In-demand and concrete courses.
  • Comprehensive projects that help to display your skill acquisition.
  • Assessments and multiple quizzes to assess a learner’s comprehension.
  • Tools to track your project.
  • Offers a virtual lab feature that helps you practice and correct errors with ease.
  • Has an exclusive playlist that can be customized with relevant courses as per your choice.
  • Certificates after completion.
  • Get access to the 50 Cisco courses.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Ease of Use

Now coming to the ease of use, the user interface of a product or a platform decides whether it is worth it or not. 

I tried and tested both platforms, and here is my experience:

Pluralsight Ease of Use:

Pluralsight is designed to be very interactive and easy to navigate.

It has a well-designed user interface that is quite simple to access.

Just within a few steps, you can arrange and organize your progress in Pluralsight. The ‘Solutions’ option on the home screen will directly guide you to the various skills that you can take.

Pluralsight provides a tool called ‘cloud labs’, one of the coolest features that help you apply your learning in courses directly into practical action.

Moreover, Pluralsight stands out because of the skill profile where you can see your progress.

My experience with the Pluralsight platform was on point. It has an intuitive user interface that anyone can navigate easily.

CBT Nuggets Ease of Use: 

Coming to the CBT Nuggets, this platform has a super easy user interface, and it is smooth to handle. 

After the signup process, you can see the homepage filled with the guide to various training certifications as per your preferences.

The ‘Learn’ tool on the homepage covers the different certifications and training from various vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, Google, etc.

My experience with CBT Nuggets was average. It took time to personalize the skills I needed to develop. But except for that, it was easy to use and navigate.

Verdict: My experiment with both platforms says Pluralsight has a much better interface and is quite easy to handle than the CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Instructors

Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets both have amazing but completely varied instructors and teaching styles. Here is my verdict on the instructor on both platforms.

Pluralsight Instructors:

Instructors on Pluralsight use the professional approach to train their users.  Pluralsight has top-notch instructors who are experts in their respective fields. 

They provide hands-on learning with their formal approach so that lessons look more professional. 

These instructors provide in-depth knowledge and practical experiences that help learners to build the skills needed.

CBT Nuggets Instructors:

On the other hand, CBT uses a casual approach to teach learners.

CBT Nuggets has a group of more than 20 instructors who are industry experts and professionals. They provide a completely different teaching style than any other online learning platform.

Most of these instructors are renowned experts who have worked with top companies like Amazon, Google, etc.

CBT Nuggets Instructors

They use a casual style to train individuals so that they can understand them properly. However, it is not suitable for some students, but in my experience, the casual approach was helpful and made me feel as if I was conversing with a buddy.

Verdict: I had a great experience with the Pluralsight instructor as they provided on-point information and easy-to-understand methods. In this battle, Pluralsight wins the battle.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Course Quality

Course quality is a crucial factor in reviewing online learning platforms. Let’s have a look at the courses and quality of the Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight Courses: 

According to Pluralsight, they publish three out of more than 1000 content proposals they receive. This means the courses on Pluralsight have high-quality content and provide value through it.

As per the latest stats, Pluralsight has over 7500 courses ranging from 9 to 50 hours. Courses are all in English and offer captions or subtitles in other languages.

This platform offers over ten different course categories. These mainly include: 

  • IT Ops
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Creative Professional

The courses on this platform are regularly updated and ensure that the skills you pursue are relevant and trending.

Moreover, along with the courses, Pluralsight offers career paths that combine relevant courses and tools to teach you a specific skill.

pluralsight courses

Talking about the courses on this platform, I went into deep research, and I found the best courses on Pluralsight that are trending and worth taking.

Some of the best courses on Pluralsight include: 

  • Introduction to Testing in Java
  • Java Language Fundamentals
  • Core Python
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Communicating Data Insights
  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Fusion 360 Essentials 

CBT Nuggets Courses:

As I said earlier, CBT Nuggets have a casual approach to teaching. So most of the courses are designed casually so learners can understand quickly and effectively.

There are around 1000 courses available on CBT Nuggets with detailed instructions and easy-to-follow guides. Course duration varies from course to course. The average course duration is 5 hours.

You can choose your course or certification as of the vendor or career path. The top vendors on CBT Nuggets include Microsoft, Cisco, and Networking. 

Some of the best courses on CBT Nuggets are: 

  • HTML, CSS, and JS for Web Developers 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 
  • Certified Associate in Python Programming 
  • Getting Started In IT 
  • Juniper vSRX Firewalls on AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Verdict: In this case, my vote goes to CBT Nuggets as it has comprehensive and high-quality courses that help in building new skills.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Pricing And Plans

Pricing plays an important role when it comes to purchasing. So, let’s make sure you are investing in the right platform or not.

Here is a detailed pricing plan for Pluralsight as well as CBT Nuggets.

Pluralsight Pricing:

Pluralsight has two main plans for individuals and a few plans for teams. 

Pluralsight Subscription Plan

Individual plans offer Starter, professional, and Enterprise plans. These plans are

PlanIndividual PricingTeams Pricing
Standard Plan$14/user/month$33.25/user/month
Premium Plan$22/user/month$48.25/user/month
Enterprise PlanCustomisedCustomized

Individual Plan:

  • Standard Plan: This plan is designed for individual learners and costs $149 per year or $14 per month. With this plan, you can access all courses, learning paths, skill assessments, and interactive courses.
  • Premium Plan: This Pluralsight plan is designed for individuals committed to learning. This premium plan costs $22 per month or $224 if billed annually. You can access the entire library, hands-on live projects, and certificates after course and exam completion.

Team Plan:

  • Starter Plan: This team plan starts at $33.25 per user per month or $399 per user when billed annually. With this plan, you will get curated channels and learning paths, access to more than 2500+ courses, and skill assessment.
  • Professional Plan: This plan is designed for businesses and teams and starts at $579 per user per year and $48.25 per user per month. The price may vary depending on the number of users and the level of features required. With this plan, you get all the features of the Personal Plan, plus advanced analytics, reporting, and custom course recommendations.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is designed for large organizations and provides customized pricing based on the number of users and the organization’s specific needs. With this plan, you get all the features of the Professional Plan, plus dedicated customer support, a dedicated success manager, and advanced security features.

Pluralsight also offers a 10-day free trial that gives you access to all the features of the Personal Plan.

It’s worth noting that Pluralsight occasionally runs Pluralsight discounts and promotions that may impact the pricing of their plans. Additionally, they offer scholarships and discounts for students, educators, and non-profit organizations.

CBT Nuggets Pricing:

 CBT Nuggets offers various pricing plans to fit the needs and budgets of different users. Here is an overview of CBT Nuggets pricing plans:

Pricing Plan- CBT nugget
  • Individual Plan: This plan is designed for individual learners and costs $59 per month or $599 per year. This plan gives you access to all courses, virtual labs, and other training resources. You can also download videos for offline viewing.
  • Team Plan: This plan is designed for businesses and teams and starts at $84 per user per month. With this plan, you get all the features of the Individual Plan, plus advanced team management features such as usage reporting and progress tracking.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is designed for large organizations and provides customized pricing based on the number of users and the organization’s specific needs. 

Free Trial: CBT Nuggets also offers a 7-day free trial that gives you access to all the features of the Individual Plan.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets: Pros and Cons

Now that I have covered a complete comparison between Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets, Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of both platforms.

Pluralsight Pros and Cons:

Following are the Pros and Cons of Pluralsight.

Wide range of coursesPluralsight’s subscription fees can be expensive.
Courses taught by industry experts.Some courses may not be available in all regions
Learn at your own pace and schedule.
Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface.
Free Account provides access to 200+ free skill assessments.
Certifications that are recognized in the industry.
Offline and mobile course downloads are available. 

CBT Nuggets Pros and Cons:

Here are the pros and cons of the CBT Nuggets.

Here the courses are taught by experts in their respective fields.Less number of courses as compared to the other platforms.
Offers a wide range of courses in different categories.
Effective virtual labs.
Exceptional instructions using videos.

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Which One To Choose Pluralsight or CBT Nuggets?

When comparing Pluralsight and CBT Nuggets, both platforms offer quality instruction, a wide range of courses, flexibility, and certification options. 

However, they also share some cons, such as expensive subscription fees and limited interactivity. 

If you ask me, I suggest you go with Pluralsight, which provides hands-on learning and exceptional courses. For those who are looking for a wide range of courses, a user-friendly interface, and a personalized learning experience, Pluralsight is a better choice. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for hands-on labs, a more engaging learning experience, and certification in IT-related fields, CBT Nuggets may be the better option.

Both platforms offer valuable resources and can be useful for individuals and organizations looking to develop new skills and advance their careers. It is recommended to carefully review each platform’s course offerings, features, and pricing before making a decision.

So what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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