Pluralsight Free Trial (2024)

Pluralsight free trial

With the rapid advancement in technology and IT industries, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead in the competition.  

But fear not! Pluralsight has got you covered with its vast choice of courses in the technical field. But as quality comes at a cost, you need to sign up for their paid plans to access the course content. 

But learners like you want to enquire about Pluralsight’s free trial before signing up for their subscriptions. 

Does Pluralsight have a free trial policy? Read on to find the answer. 

Pluralsight Courses & Their Benefit In the Professional World 

Pluralsight established itself as a cult online learning institute when it comes to providing courses in technical and creative fields such as data science, software development, cyber security, cloud computing, design, and more. 

Pluralsight Overview

They have more than 7000 courses designed by industry experts to provide the best learning experience to Pluralsight subscribers. 

A Pluralsight course can help you improve job performance, stay updated with the latest technologies, and enhance career prospects by learning new skills. 

Does Pluralsight Have A Free Trial? 

Yes, Pluralsight offers a ten-day free trial to new users. Within this window, users are free to explore the entire Pluralsight library to check all courses, features, and additional material available on the platform. 

However, the trial period comes with a time restriction. During the free trial, you can only watch up to 200 minutes of courses, and once you cross that limit, your access will be revoked.

But the good news is, unlike other online learning institutes, Pluralsight allows you to earn certificates of completion during the free trial. 

Please note that to sign up for the free trial, you need to create a Pluralsight account and provide your payment information. 

They won’t charge anything upon signing up, but once the 10 days trial period ends, payment will be automatically deducted unless you cancel your subscription on time. 

How To Access A Pluralsight Free Trial? Step-By-Step

Here are the steps to access Pluralsight free trial; let’s have a look: 

  • Step 1: Go to the Pluralsight official page.
  • Step 2: Upon landing on the new page, click on Try for free in the top right corner. 
Pluralsight - Try for Free
  • Step 3: On the next page, choose a plan (Standard Or Premium) 
Pluralsight - Choose a plan
  • Step 4: Provide your details like name, email Id, country, and payment details. 
Pluralsight Free Trial - Create an Account
  • Step 5: Your account gets activated upon providing the correct details, and the free trial begins. 

Pluralsight Original Price Plan Explained 

It has separate plans and pricing options for individuals and teams with different payment options, which are as follows: 

Pluralsight Individuals Pricing

Here’s a quick view on Pricing Plans for Individuals

Prices Standard Premium 
Monthly $14.25$22.50
Yearly $149$224
Pluralsight individual pricing

Pluralsight Teams Pricing

Here’s a quick view on Pricing Plans for Teams

Starter Professional Enterprise 
$399 per year (for each employee)$579 per year (for each employee)$779 per year (for each employee)
Pluralsight Free Trial - Pricing Plan

For individuals, the annual plan is the most cost-effective option for people who are sure to take multiple courses. But if you specifically want to take a couple of courses, then the monthly plan would suit you the most. 

Team plans are meant for businesses or organizations that want to provide learning resources to their staff. Companies can select the plan they think aligns with their budget and provides the most significant advantage to their employees. 

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Concluding Thoughts On Pluralsight Free Trial

Pluralsight 10 days free trial is a great opportunity to test and try courses on the platform without spending a penny. It’s a great initiative from them to let users have a first-hand experience of what Pluralsight courses look like so that users can make an informed decision. 

You can follow the steps I mentioned to access the Pluralsight free trial and take some courses for free. And if you are a fast learner, you can earn a Pluralsight certificate course within the trial period itself!

FAQs : Pluralsight Free Trial

Is Pluralsight free for students? 

Yes, Pluralsight offers free courses for high school students to empower them with skills that shape their future.

Pluralsight Or Udemy: Which one is better?

Pluralsight is a better platform if you want to take courses related to software, data science, etc.

Can a Pluralsight Certificate alone get me a job? 

No, a Pluralsight certificate alone isn’t enough to get you a job. You need to have qualifications specified by the companies to secure a job. 

Can I add my pluralsight certificate to my LinkedIn profile? 

Yes, you can add a Pluralsight certificate to your LinkedIn profile. 

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