DataCamp Discount Code 2024 | 50% OFF Coupon

With the number of resources out there for learning data science, I was very confused about the right direction to take. Then I found out about the DataCamp.

But the cost of DataCamp subscriptions was out of my league. I searched for discounts, and DataCamp promo codes online to solve the cost-of-learning crises. 

Using the current DataCamp discount, you can save a maximum of $209 per month. Additionally, with a Student Discount plan, you can save about 50%.

Let’s check the deals in detail below!

MissionGraduate DataCamp Discount & Deals

The currently active DataCamp discount is 50% off the DataCamp Student discount and up to 75% off yearly subscriptions to Learn Premium, Workspace Premium, and Recruit Pro plans. 

Discount plansActual Price Discount Discounted Price
DataCamp Student Discount$149 per year50%$74 per year
DataCamp Annual Savings $9-$249 per month16%-75%$6-$40.75 per month
DataCamp Classroom$0$0

However, the best deal is the DataCamp 6-month free subscription for teachers and students, which can be renewed repeatedly.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the best DataCamp coupon codes and discounts.

1. DataCamp Student Discount

If you are a student but can not afford $149 per person per year, check out DataCamp’s highly affordable Student Premium Plan.  

You can get a year of everything DataCamp offers on your terms for just $74 (50% off the regular price). All you need is a working school email account to take advantage of this low price. 

Who is eligible for the DataCamp Student Discount?

DataCamp Student discount is for students enrolled in degree-granting universities and colleges. 

By subscribing to the Premium Student Plan, these students can get discounted access to 470+ courses, 14 career tracks, 80+ projects, and about 1500+ hours of DataCamp content.

Step-By-Step Guide To Claim DataCamp Student Discount

Step 1. Visit the official DataCamp website by clicking here.

Official DataCamp Page

Step 2. Scroll down the page until you find the ‘PLANS’ option.

Scroll Down The Page

Step 3. Click on ‘Discounts, Promos & Sales.’

 Click On Discounts, Promos & Sales

Step 4. Next, You’ll be directed to the ‘Promo’ page.

You Will Be Directed To The Promo Page

Step 5. Scroll down to find ‘DataCamp’s student discount’. Click on ‘Learn More About DataCamp for Students.’

Scroll Down To Find DataCamp’s Student Discount

Step 6. You’ll then be directed to the ‘Premium Student Plan’ main page. Click on the ‘Unlock Now’ to proceed.

You Will Be Directed To The Premium Student Plan

Step 7. You’ll be taken to the ‘Sign-in’ page next. Click on ’click here to create your free account.’

Click On Click Here To Create Your Free Account

Step 8. Enter all the required information details like email address, and password, and click ‘Get Started’.

Enter All The Required Information

Step 9. In the next step, you’ll be taken to the ‘Verification Page.’ Here, enter all the details like University/College Email address, University/College name, verification code, and clock on ‘Verify Now’. 

You WIll Be Taken To The Verification Page

Step 10. Then, you’ll be directed to the ‘Payment’ page and enter the information like card number, name on card, expiration date, CVV, address, ZIP code, city, country, etc.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Isn’t it?

 You can now proceed further to pay and purchase the Premium Student Discount.

2. DataCamp Savings On Yearly Plans

DataCamp’s pricing plan is very straightforward. You don’t need to sign in to view all subscription options and costs. DataCamp offers substantial savings on yearly plans, stretching up to  75% max. Think of it as an unofficial  DataCamp coupon code.

The only thing that you need to be careful of is that DataCamp has a separate pricing system for universities and businesses.

1. DataCamp Promo Code For Individuals And Universities

Teachers and students can use DataCamp’s data science learning platform for free. This interactive approach enables professors to supplement teaching and students to fast-track their learning.

DataCamp Promo Code For Universities
Source: DataCamp

DataCamp Savings on yearly subscription plans are as follows.

SpecificationsLearn Premium Workspace PremiumRecruit Pro
Monthly price$29 per month$9 per user per month$249 per month
Monthly Price billed annually$7 per month$3 per user per month$208.25 per month
Discount Percent75%66%16.36%
Savings$22 per month$6 per user per month $40.75 per month

Learn Premium Plan: 

The Premium plan is the most popular plan of DatCamp. It gives you access to all the courses available on DataCamp, as well as some practice exercises, and also comes with two payment options: monthly and annual.

Workspace Premium Plan:

The Premium plan is for power users and teams. This plan includes unlimited workspaces and AI assistant prompts. It offers 16 GB RAM compared to 4GB in the Starter plan. Additionally, the Premium plan stores version history for up to one year.

Recruit Pro Plan:

The Recruit Pro plan is for companies with fewer than five positions to fill. This plan offers unlimited job posts and seats, 20 matches per month, and access to a certified talent pool. The best feature of this plan is that it is the only university plan with a free 15-day trial.

2. Datacamp Promo Code For Business

The DataCamp Business allows you to hire data-driven teams of all sizes quickly. This simplifies how managers find and hire data talent.

Datacamp Promo Code For Business
Source: DataCamp

DataCamp business offers yearly subscription savings only on Recruit Pro plans.

These DataCamp Savings on annual subscription plans are as follows.

SpecificationsRecruit Pro
Monthly price$249 per month
Monthly Price billed annually$208.25 per month
Discount Percent16.36%
Savings$40.75 per month

Recruit Pro Plan:

The DataCamp Business Recruit Pro plan is similar to the University plan. This plan is also for companies that have less than five positions to fill. This plan offers unlimited job posts and seats and 20 matches per month. 

Recruit Pro plans give access to a certified talent pool. This plan has a free 15-day trial.

3. DataCamp 6 Months Free

Teachers and students can get free access to DataCamp Classrooms for six months. 

Through DataCamp classrooms, you can access all the content throughout your academic life without spending a penny, and the best part is that these subscriptions can be sought repeatedly.

DataCamp 6 Months Free
Source: DataCamp

The DataCamp Classrooms include 450+ courses, five certifications, Premium Workspace, DataCamp mobile app, and many other resources. You can have all of that in your hand. 

DataCamp 6 Month Free Subscription For Teachers

The DataCamp six-month free subscription for teachers is the best offer for teachers who want to use the DataCamp platform to disseminate knowledge to their students.

Who is eligible to apply for a DataCamp Classroom?

  • Instructors in colleges and universities offering degrees around the world.
  • Teachers in high school and secondary education in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, and Turkiye.

How Teachers Can Get Free Access To DataCamp Classrooms?

Step 1. If you work as a teacher, you can apply to DataCamp Classrooms by providing a link to your faculty page on the school website and your official school email address. A credit card is not required. 

Step 2. Check your email inbox for one to three business days for an approval notification (also be sure to check your spam folders). DataCamp Support might also send you more inquiries about yourself, your class, and your educational institution to ascertain your eligibility. Kindly reply to these emails. 

Step 3. After receiving your approval email, go into your DataCamp account and select Groups from the top navigation bar to access your Classroom.

Step 4. To maintain access, repeat this process every six months or less. You can use DataCamp Classrooms for as many semesters as you like and as many Classrooms as you have. 

DataCamp 6 Month Free Subscription For Students

This DataCamp six-month free subscription plan offers students a chance to receive data science education free of cost. 

Who is eligible for the DataCamp Classroom?

  • Students who are at least 16 (or, in the US, 13 with parental permission)

How Students Can Get Free Access To DataCamp Classroom?

Step 1. To gain access, ask your teacher to submit an application to DataCamp.

Step 2. Check in with your instructors to find out whether they have applied and heard back from DataCamp. Once they are able to access the DataCamp Classroom, ask them to select Invite Members to invite you as a member.

Step 3. Locate the email invitation in your inbox and click the link to accept it to join your teacher’s group (remember to check your spam folder).

Step 4. Continue every six months or until you stop attending classes and start working.

What To Do When Your DataCamp Discount Doesn’t Work?

Here’s what to do if your DataCamp Coupon Code doesn’t cooperate:

1. Check for the availability of coupons and discounts.

2. Verify your eligibility.

3. Check the accuracy of the code.

Don’t worry if these methods don’t fix the problem. The DataCamp Help System is available. If you need to talk with someone, you can quickly reach a team member by utilizing the Support bot.

Alternatively, you can click “Contact Us” and leave a note about your problem. 

Datacamp Pros And Cons

DataCamp is a massive open-access online learning platform offering top-notch courses on data analysis and AI generative technologies. 

It provides more than 300 in-depth courses instructed by top business professionals.


  • It offers a free trial package allowing you to try the courses before committing.
  • It is suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Professional educators have years of experience.
  • There are challenging and engaging practice exercises in every session.
  • The classes are fascinating and fun.
  • It provides a gamified experience for coding within a browser.


  • No official certifications.
  • Plans and courses are non-refundable once purchased.

Note: The first section of most of DataCamp’s courses is free to take if you have the Basic plan.

Refunds And Cancellations On Datacamp

Unless you manually cancel, DataCamp’s auto-renewable function will 

automatically renew your payment monthly or yearly (depending on your chosen membership plan).

You can use the services until the end of your subscription plan and stop at any time. It is important to understand that DataCamp does not issue refunds.

Is DataCamp Worth It?

The goal of DataCamp is to provide accessibility to data science and analysis for individuals, corporations, and students. In addition, DataCamp offers commercial and personal plans. 

What I like about DataCamp is that the platform offers free, unrestricted access to its classes for both teachers and students. 

Along with that DataCamp provides free memberships to underprivileged and impoverished communities through partnerships with more than 120 charitable organizations.

With so many individual courses or career and skill tracks available for purchase, you will gain a deep understanding of particular data-driven abilities, which will help you make money later.

Numerous businesses have increased productivity and upskilled their staff members using DataCamp.This is why over 2000 businesses, including HSBC, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, and eBay, have chosen DataCamp to help their staff members become more skilled.

All these factors make Datacamp a truly worthy solution!

Datacamp Student Testimonials

When I initially started taking classes on DataCamp, my biggest concern was whether the site offered helpful material. Does that mean everyone will receive a definitive income and be guaranteed a job?

I did a lot of research and discovered a lot of positive student evaluations with real insights into DataCamp’s platform and courses even before I visited the website.

Nearly 300 users have given DataCamp an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2, indicating that many individuals really enjoy the platform.

Furthermore, almost 400 Trustpilot users rated DataCamp five stars and said it is amazing. Based on these ratings and evaluations, DataCamp is a top-notch educational resource.

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Conclusion: Save 50% Off On DataCamp Courses

Anyone interested in data science and analysis but worried about cost should definitely check out DataCamp Coupon Codes. 

There are three different discounts that you can use if you want to learn Data Science and Analysis.

  1. DataCamp Student discounts (50% off with conditions applied)
  2. DataCamp Yearly Subscription Savings (16% to 75% off)
  3. DataCamp 6 Month Free Subscription for Teachers and Students (100% off with conditions applied) 

Data science is the present and the future, so having these critical skills on hand will help you advance your career.

So, use DataCamp Promo Codes to secure your present and, eventually, your future. While you’re at it, make sure to save some extra bucks with the listed DataCamp Discounts.


Is there a way to get DataCamp for free?

The initial chapter of every course is available to non-paying users without any charge. Additionally, you can use a free six-month Classroom subscription that you can renew indefinitely if you’re a teacher or student.

Is DataCamp Free for college students?

Professors and their students can use DataCamp Classroom for free. Once you’ve applied, you can use the system without charge for the entire semester (six months), after which you can reapply for the next semester. 

Are DataCamp certificates recognised?

According to DataCamp, obtaining a Data Analyst certification will demonstrate your commitment and competence to companies and clients, giving you instant credibility. 

How to get a free DataCamp subscription for 2 months?

Create a Microsoft account, then use that account to access DataCamp. This will get you two months of free access to all premium course materials.

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