Codecademy vs Freecodecamp: Better Platform To learn Coding?

Which is better Codecademy or Freecodecamp? How is different Codecademy from Freecodecamp?

As coding has now become an important aspect of many lives, they are numerous platforms that help you learn to code. But, many are confused to prefer one among many. If you are one of them, we are here to help you. We have come up with brief information on Codecademy vs Freecodecamp.

On this site, all your questions will be answered on Freecodecamp vs Codecademy. We have mentioned an in-depth comparison between both. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom for competing for analysis.

In this post, we are going to look at two platforms Codecademy vs Freecodecamp, and study some special features of both to reach a strong conclusion about which appears to be the right choice to use.

What is Freecodecamp?

Freecodecamp is a nonprofit with the mission of assisting individuals in acquiring all necessary coding skills. To make studying web development available to everyone, it consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, online publications, and local groups.

Anyone who is new to web programming or seeking certifications should check out Freecodecamp, in our opinion. We can discuss the Freecodecamp advantages and disadvantages now that you have a basic idea of what the platform is all about.

Freecodecamp Pros

  • Since the business is non-profit, everything you may learn on the platform is free.
  • The curriculum can be completed as quickly or slowly as you choose.
  • Courses are regularly updated, and new material is added.
  • Nice, supportive, and helpful community.
  • Freecodecamp just indicates what you should study while encouraging people to locate their sources of information.
  • If you do not receive a response, you can find excellent responses in the forums, either from other “campers” or from the website’s creators.
  • There is an interesting Full stack certificate.

Freecodecamp Cons

  • They’re mostly focused on web development.
  • It has a few technical issues.

What is Codecademy?

An American online interactive platform that offers free coding classes is named Codecademy. It teaches 12 different programming languages from Python, Java, and SQL to HTML, JavaScript, C++, R, and more. Codecademy offers courses to make learning to code and design websites fun and easy.

About 45 million individuals use the e-learning coding platform Codecademy. Now that you know the basics of the platform, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Freecodecamp.

Codecademy Pros

  • Code results are instantaneously visible to users, providing excellent feedback.
  • Front-end and back-end development are the main areas of concentration.
  • It provides only what is necessary to complete a task in bite-sized chunks, and as the course goes on, it gradually adds background knowledge.
  • A user-friendly integrated development environment is available at Codeacademy (IDE).
  • The best advancement series and the majority of it is free.

Codecademy Cons

  • Completely self-directed.
  • Free materials are shallow, and those who finish the free courses won’t receive a certificate.
  • Pricing is dependent on subscriptions (no lifetime access).

Freecodecamp vs Codecademy, Which is Better?

Now, since you have got to know that both are coding-based platforms, your next question is Codecademy or Freecodecamp. Scroll down to find your answer.

 Codeacademy is relatively simple. There is also little depth and little thinking on your end to complete the exercises.  Even though you, you can start to build projects and create your portfolio.

For professionals and individuals who want to learn a language from A to Z, Codecademy is the ideal resource. It could not have the best qualifications or the most motivated teachers. Nevertheless, it offers a simple, interactive interface that enables you to program in a matter of minutes.

Freecodecamp provides a lot more depth, handles the handholding portions correctly, and includes whole sections of tasks that genuinely make you think and are suited to your skill level. It performs an excellent job of consistently introducing new information and upgrading and is also totally free.

In short, Codecademy is the finest application to learn the basics of coding, while Freecodecamp is the one to use to hone your skills. Freecodecamp is ideal if you want to increase your knowledge in a certain area of expertise.

In conclusion, I would advise choosing Freecodecamp because it is cost-free and you receive important credentials. In addition, Freecodecamp has received much better evaluations than Codecademy.

In any case, register for Freecodecamp right away. Truly, the community is AMAZING. And in our opinion, the way their curriculum is set up is the most effective approach to learning.


Is there anything better than Freecodecamp?

Yes. The most effective free option is SoloLearn. Codecademy, W3Schools, edX, and exercises are excellent websites and applications that are comparable to Freecodecamp.

Is there anything better than Codecademy?

Freecodecamp, which is also Open Source, is the ideal substitute. Khan Academy, Udemy, SoloLearn, and exercise are other fantastic websites and applications that compare favorably to Codecademy.

Is the Codecademy certificate Recognised?

Codecademy’s courses and routes are not authorized, so its certificates simply serve as evidence that you passed the course. In the end, the certificate value from Codecademy is poor. It only informs individuals about your finished courses; therefore, it is not very recognizable.

Is Freecodecamp enough to get a job?

Not entirely, although Freecodecamp can be quite beneficial in finding developer jobs. They give you free skill training in exchange for your assistance in creating an app for a nonprofit organization, which will earn you a certificate. Your productivity during that procedure will entice potential employers to hire you.

Is the certificate from Freecodecamp worth it?

Yes, it is worthwhile to include a Freecodecamp certificate on your resume given the value of the projects you completed and the certificate itself (portfolio). Your efforts and contributions will be acknowledged simultaneously. However, don’t rely on these certifications to compete. Because they are only worth it to some extent.

Is Freecodecamp worth the time?

Absolutely, yes. If you complete all the classes at Freecodecamp, you can accomplish a lot more than just creating your website. Once you have finished creating the front end, it is easy. You obtain a great deal of knowledge and a free certification. Therefore, spending time on this site is recommended.

Wrapping up

We’ve come to the end after saying all that. Both Codecademy and Freecodecamp are fantastic resources you can use to launch your programming career. Both offer pros and cons of their own and choosing one platform over another entirely relies on your needs.

I genuinely hope that our information on Codecademy vs Freecodecamp was useful to you and that you’ll be able to use this information to decide on one particular platform. Keep visiting often for more information. 

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