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Attendance and Engagement

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Reducing Chronic Absenteeism in Preschool Through High School

How are we reducing chronic absenteeism? By working together with our school and community partners we have created attendance guides with talking points and tips for school leaders and community partners.

We also created an Every Day Matters Attendance Awareness Campaign Toolkit with ready-to-use communications designed for parents and schools.

Our Every Day Matters Attendance Resources page had attendance resources for schools and parents.  

Every Day Matters Tips and Resources

We are partnering with New Mexico PBS to produce and disseminate radio and television PSAs and other marketing materials to raise awareness about the impact of not going to school regularly. We are helping schools form attendance teams that are using chronic absence data to design school and community-based strategies for attendance improvement.

Finally, we are reaching out to employers to provide sponsorships and incentives for attendance improvement.



Patsy Nelson

Chair Person

NM Alliance for School-Based Health Care

Kelly Callahan

Chair Person

NM Coalition for Charter Schools


Teri Wimborne

Director of Collective Impact


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