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2018 Every Day Matters Conference Materials

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Breakout Session One

Grounding in the Three-Tier Structure

Tiered Attendance Interventions and Activities

Tiered Resources Worksheet

Using the Three-Tiered Intervention Approach

From Talk to Action -- Using Data to Increase Attendance

Data Workshop Slides

Go Team! Essentials of a Successful Attendance Team

Mission: Graduate Successful Teams Workshop

Meeting in the Middle: How to Implement Strong Tier-Two Strategies and Supports

Activity for Tier-Two Breakout

Tier-Two Strategies and Supports

Celebrating Success - the Importance of Small Wins

Celebrating Small Wins Handout

Celebrating Successes Small Wins Slide Deck

Working SMART: How Leaders can Align Attendance with Schools Goals, Structures, and Functions

Working SMART Attendance Alignment

Breakout Session Two

Taking the Lead - the Role of Administrators in Attendance Work

Taking the Lead

Who You Gonna Call? Successful School-Resource Partnerships

Resources and Connections

Planning Attendance Strategies Across the Tiers: Developing an Outreach and Intervention Plan

Working Across the Tiers

Building Results Focused Partnerships for Attendance 

Building Results Focused Partnerships for Attendance

Guided Team Time 1

School Attendance Success Plan APS

School Attendance Success Plan Current Strategies at Your School

SMART Goal for Attendance Examples

SMART Goal for Attendance Update

Guided Team Time 2

Attendance Team Roster

Process for Outreach and Intervention

Process for Outreach and Intervantion Blank

Laying the Groundwork

Conference Slide Deck

APS Tiered Attendance Model

School Attendance Self Assessment