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Who We Are

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Mission: Graduate is more than a single organization and more than its dedicated staff.

It’s a growing cross-sector movement in central New Mexico, with over 273 actively engaged community members, who are working to improve education in our community.

Big Goals for Student Success

Our partners are united around a big goal for student success: 60,000 more graduates with college degrees and certificates by 2020.

If you are new to Mission: Graduate, the descriptions below provide an overview of the primary ways our partners and staff have organized themselves to accomplish the goal.

Direction and Leadership

The Mission: Graduate Vision Council is a group of key leaders who were instrumental in establishing the partnership and setting our Big Goal. They meet quarterly to discuss the work underway and provide strategic guidance.

Meet Our Vision Council

Shared Collaboration

Collaborative Action Networks and Community Support Councils collaborate on shared strategies. In the past year, Mission: Graduate convened 273 partners who represent 100 organizations.


Aligning Policies & Practices

Mission: Graduate’s 353 individual partners represent 149 organizations in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties. These organizations have demonstrated numerous signs of alignment to Mission: Graduate goals and have aligned their practices and policies toward a shared vision for student success.

Organizational partners are developing new internship programs, implementing strategies to improve school attendance, adopting effective institutional strategies to increase college certificate and degree attainment, and increasing the support they give employees who return to school.

Meet Our Partners

Our Day-to-Day Work

Our Staff coordinate the day-to-day work of the partnership.

This committed group convenes and facilitates partners; engages new partners; and provides logistical, communications, data, and research support.

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