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Vision & Goal

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Mission: Graduate’s vision is a world-class, seamless, and coordinated education system that provides equitable opportunities for all children and youth to excel and succeed in school, graduate with a post-secondary certificate or degree, and enter a career of their choosing in central New Mexico. Download a pdf version of our brochure.

Our Big Goal

At the heart of our work is a big goal, around which all of our activities are oriented: 60,000 new college degrees and certificates in central New Mexico by 2020.

To achieve this vision, our Partners are united around a common purpose to nurture and develop the next generation of skilled workers, engaged citizens, and civic leaders, by:

  • setting big goals for educational attainment
  • developing a common agenda
  • galvanizing all sectors of the community
  • supporting and holding each other accountable as we work toward achievement of the goals

Learn More

Mission: Graduate is committed to using data to assess our impact. Each year we produce a report to measure progress on the data indicators identified in our Student Success Roadmap.

These reports also provide an opportunity to showcase effective practices, in school and out of school, throughout central New Mexico that are making a difference in the lives of our children, youth, and adults.

Annual Progress Reports

Building Capacity - Mission: Graduate Annual Data Report Year: 2020 Author: Mission: Graduate
The 2020 report contains progress toward the goal, population-level data, and updates on strategy work.
Data Report cover
Driving Change - Mission: Graduate 2019 Annual Data Report Year: 2019 Author: Mission: Graduate
The report contains progress toward the goal, population-level data, and updates on strategy work.
Reaching New Heights - Mission: Graduate 2018 Annual Data Report Year: 2018 Author: Mission: Graduate
In addition to sharing population-level data, this report identifies the problems we are trying to solve, provides insights and impact of our approach, and describes next steps. 
Fired Up, The 60K Challenge - Mission: Graduate Community Report Year: 2017 Author: Mission: Graduate
This community report provides updates on the volunteer-led projects that support our strategies.