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What We Do

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Mission: Graduate is about doing things differently. We’re a cradle-to-career partnership that brings together educators, local employers, educational support providers, government leaders, and citizens who are committed to our vision and goal.

Mission: Graduate Works By

  • Using data to track progress and make improvements
  • Identifying effective educational practices
  • Leveraging and aligning existing resources to replicate and spread impactful practices 
  • Collaborating with our partners and their organizations to develop and implement strategies that can help every student succeed

We Are Moving the Needle

We have adopted a variety of strategies to achieve our goal of adding 60,000 new graduates with college degrees and certificates in central New Mexico by 2020.

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Research Informs Our Work

Our Strategies are informed by research in key topic areas. We rely heavily external research from credible think tanks, universities, and research centers. We also conduct data collection, analysis, and literature reviews to guide our action planning. 

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Mission: Graduate is a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, a national network of communities working to improve education success for every child through a data-driven, quality collective impact approach. Connected by their work on the ground, StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network members are committed to sharing knowledge, building upon what works and driving action to improve key outcomes along every child’s path to education success.