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Tips and Resources for Educators

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On this page, you'll find tips and resources that you can use in your conversations with parents.

  • Did you attend the 2018 Every Day Matters Attendance Conference. You can access conference materials here.
  • Attendance Works, an organization with a mission to advance student success and reduce equity gaps by reducing chronic absence offers resources for monitoring, understanding, and addressing chronic absence beginning in the early grades through secondary school. These strategies can be implemented at the school, district, and state level.
  • Read and download Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's  Attendance Resource Guide
  • America's Promise Alliance created a Parent Engagement Toolkit for all organizations and community leaders interested in bringing the parent voice into the planning process and the development of local and state action plans addressing the dropout crisis. 
  • Among middle and high school students, it is important to empower students to develop their own strategies for getting to school and to monitor when absences add up. Here you can find messaging for teens and their parents.
  • While we all have a role to play, teachers can teach attendance. Click on the link to explore the Teaching Attendance 2.0 Toolkit and learn more about what you can do to teach attendance.
  • Preschool is the ideal time to introduce children and families to the importance of consistent on-time attendance and to encourage strong attendance habits. Attendance Works provides great information for Early Education Providers
  • Go to the 2018 Attendance Awareness Campaign Kit where you'll find sample Facebook and Twitter posts, along with a sample newsletter article, letter to parents, robocalls, and marquee messages that can be tailored for your use. Use the hashtag #EveryDayMatters
  • Below you can find links to flyers that you can print and post at your school
  • Use these videos below, created by New Mexico PBS, on your website or show them at parent meetings.

Download and post these flyers at your school:

Use these videos below, created by NM PBS, on your website or show them at parent meetings.

These New Mexico PBS videos produced by Blackout Theater, poke a little fun at what happens when you don't show up. 

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