Review 2022: Is Worth It? Review 2022: Is Worth It?

As almost every aspect of our lives shifts to the online mode, so has the field of education. Online learning platforms are now very popular amongst a variety of audiences. One such virtual learning platform is, and the reviews on the internet are proof of it. is an e-learning platform that works intending to help people from science, technology, engineering, and math – often abbreviated as STEM – reach their fullest potential. They provide courses to help people develop critical thinking skills too which can up-skill any person’s market value. In this article, we will check out various features of this platform and answer the most important question – whether it is worth it or not through brilliant reviews.

Features of

Before discussing if the platform of is worth purchasing courses from or not, we must go through some of the top features offered by this e-learning platform. Here are a few as listed below:

●  As of now, there are 10 million happy users of who access the courses and the content of this platform to learn various skills and concepts. The brilliant app review and ratings are quite positive.

●  This platform promotes the idea of active learning. Hence, visualizations and interactions during the teaching process are witnessed while the tutors teach the courses.

●  The users have access to the instant feedback feature to enhance the overall learning process for them and other users as well.

●  People get to choose from more than 60 courses that revolve around different fields such as Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, and so on.

●  Since this platform teaches users to analyze problems and uses critical problem-solving skills, the concept of rote memorization is highly discouraged. Students are taught to grasp concepts efficiently and understand the logic behind their existence instead of simply memorizing.

Is Worth It?

Now that many features of have been thoroughly discussed, it all boils down to the main question – is brilliant org worth it? The answer to this question depends upon multiple factors such as your age, your learning goals, and the field of study that you wish to take a course in. For instance, is a perfect platform for people of any age group who are looking to develop their intellectual side. 

It is no new news that critical thinking skills are quite a in demand today, which is why this platform may be worth it for people looking to learn this skill. It also has some great reviews from users who wanted to learn something in the field of STEM because this -e-learning platform has a lot to offer such audiences. 

If you are someone who is not afraid to fail while learning new things, then is worth every penny for you. It has various interactive courses that help boost the confidence of students studying in any field and the 7-day free trial lets you taste what is taught on the platform. 

it may not be as worth it for people looking to learn management skills or humanities courses, since has chosen its niche as problem-solving skills and various STEM subjects. For people who find it relevant, this platform is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brilliant org worth the money?

Ans. If you want to develop your critical problem-solving skills or learn more about STEM subjects, then is definitely worth the money.

Is Brilliant org legit?

Ans. Yes, all the courses on are very legit and reliable.

How much does a brilliant org cost?

Ans. has a monthly subscription of about 12.49 dollars. After paying this amount, users can access a large number of quality courses on the platform.

Who is behind the brilliant org?

Ans. Sue Khim is the founder of

Is Brilliant org shutting down?

Ans. There were a few problems in 2021, but is not shutting down any time soon.

Is Brilliant org free?

Ans. No, is not free and the courses are billed at a monthly subscription. However, users can access the content through their 7-day free trial without spending a penny.


Before buying any course from any platform, we must browse through the internet to understand if it is worth the money and time or not. In the case of, the online learning platform is a great site to learn various skills efficiently and grasp concepts from STEM subjects. 

The reviews on the internet by users have reported a satisfactory and positive experience while surfing and learning from this site. Now that the features and worthiness of this virtual learning platform have been discussed efficiently in this article, you would hopefully be able to make an informed and intelligent decision as to whether you should purchase a course from here or not.

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