If you want to brush up your skills in the field of maths, science, or computer science, this Brilliant.org review will give you the right direction. 

Brilliant is one of the most preferred platforms for students, professionals, or learning enthusiasts who love studying quantitative subjects. 

In this review, I have covered common queries like the type and quality of courses, course structure, price plans, whether Brilliant.org is worth it, and more.

I have also shared my experience with Brilliant Courses, which will help you make an informed decision. 

So without further ado, let’s get to the review. 

Brilliant.Org Review: A Quick Verdict 

Aspect Description 
Number of courses 90+
Types of courses Math Computer Science Science 
Price Free & paid ($24.99 to 299.88)
Overall rating 4/5
User-interface User-friendly 
Course quality Engaging and interactive courses created by industry leaders 

Features of Brilliant.org

Before discussing if the platform of Brilliant.org is worth purchasing courses from or not, we must go through some of the top features offered by this e-learning platform. Here are a few as listed below:

Brilliant.org features

●  As of now, there are 10 million happy users of Brilliant.org who access the courses and the content of this platform to learn various skills and concepts. The brilliant app review and ratings are quite positive.

●  This platform promotes the idea of active learning. Hence, visualizations and interactions during the teaching process are witnessed while the tutors teach the courses.

●  The users have access to the instant feedback feature to enhance the overall learning process for them and other users as well.

●  People get to choose from more than 60 courses that revolve around different fields such as Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, and so on.

●  Since this platform teaches users to analyze problems and uses critical problem-solving skills, the concept of rote memorization is highly discouraged. Students are taught to grasp concepts efficiently and understand the logic behind their existence instead of simply memorizing.

Pros And Cons of Brilliant.org

Here, we have listed few pros and cons of Brilliant.org

What we liked (Pros)

  • Support flexible and self-paced learning 
  • Engaging and interactive lessons 
  • Problem-solving approach 
  • Wide selection of courses 
  • Availability of free trial 
  • Suitable for learners in various skill levels 
  • Mobile-friendly platform 

What we disliked (Cons)

  • No real-time interaction with teachers 
  • There is no one-time payment option; you must subscribe to either a monthly or yearly subscription. 
  • Brilliant does not offer any course completion certificates 

Brilliant.Org Course Category 

Brilliant.Org  is one of the top-rated platforms providing STEM courses, and the main agenda of the institution is to help students achieve their goals in the mentioned field. 

The courses are curated by industry experts who have presented them in the most interactive bite-sized lessons to enable learners easily grasp complex ideas. 

Brilliant focuses on three main course categories, which are as follows: 

1. Maths 

You’ll find a comprehensive set of mathematical courses covering areas like algebra, mathematical thinking, geometry, statistics, probability, contest math, logic & deduction, advanced mathematics, and the road to calculus. And each area has further sub-courses to choose from. 


2. Computer Science 

This category includes courses like foundational computer science, applied computer science, quantum computing, etc. Besides, there are bonus computer science puzzles to help learners gain hands-on experience. 

Computer Science

3. Science 

Advanced physics, scientific thinking, real engineering, etc., are a few popular courses under this category. The courses explore key scientific concepts, theories, and practical applications through interactive lessons and problem-solving exercises. 


Are You Suitable For Brilliant Org Courses? 

Brilliant has designed courses for anyone who loves studying courses in the mentioned categories. Moreover, if you have a knack for problem-solving and complex courses through gamified and interactive lessons, you’ll love attending Brilliant.org classes. 

Brilliant.org overview

The courses are helpful for students, teachers, professionals in the SET field, or anyone who loves upskilling. 

The best part about Brilliant.org is that they present even the boring and complicated subjects most interestingly. It makes learning engaging and keeps our brains active the whole time. 

List of Most Popular Brilliant Courses 

As stated before, Brilliant offers a variety of courses, and if you’re new to this platform, shortlisting a couple of courses may be confusing.

To give you a direction, I have made a list of learning paths that comprise a group of courses to help you master a specific subject.

1. Foundational Maths 

This course learning path begins with pre-algebra and ends with algebra and geometry. 

2. Probability, Statistics, and Math

This learning path is ideal for students and data science professionals who want to make their base clear about fundamental probability and statistical concepts. This course covers topics like applied and perplexing probability, cryptocurrency, math for quantitative finance, casino probability, etc. 

3. Enrichment & Competition Maths  

This chain of subjects is suitable for math enthusiasts who love content math and solving math puzzles. This learning path will teach you number theory, geometry, logic, probability, and contest math. 

4. Intermediate Math

This path covers topics from algebraic problems solving and ends with the fundamentals of geometry and trigonometry. The lessons start with solving equations and mathematical fundamentals and wrap up with Geometry I and Geometry II. 

5. Science Foundations 

Science Foundation is the perfect learning path for those who want to learn the basics of science and scientific thinking. You’ll learn about the foundations of scientific thinking to applications of physics in our daily life. 

More advanced topics like electricity, classical mechanics, and magnetism are covered in this learning path. 

6. Road to Calculus & Advanced Maths 

If you have your base clear about trigonometry and pre-calculus and are looking for the perfect set of courses to widen your understanding of the subjects, this learning path would be most suitable for you. 

It starts with the fundamentals of Calculus and takes you through Integral and Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Victor Calculus, etc. 

7. Advanced and Applied Science 

In this nine-course path, you’ll deepen your understanding of the subjects covered in the foundational science learning path. Does this category include subjects like Quantum Computing, Computational Biology, Special Relativity, Gravitational Physics, etc? 

8. Computer Science Foundations 

If you have a knack for gadgets and love studying interesting things about computers, this learning path will be perfect for you. You’ll be introduced to concepts like foundations of computer science, programming, algorithm, and data structures, and some intermediate subjects like basics of neural networks, etc. 

9. Applied Computer Science 

Lastly, we have the applied computer science learning path, which is suitable for advanced learners who already possess a basic understanding of computer science. This learning path has a host of subjects covering everything from neural networks, quantum computing, cryptocurrency, programming languages, and more. 

How Much Does Brilliant.Org Cost? 

Brilliant.org has both free and paid courses, especially for students and teachers. But to apply for the educational account, you must verify your student or teaching status. You’ll have to complete a survey and fill out a signup form to prove the fact that you’re associated with an educational institute as a teacher or student. 

The free account gives you access to interactive lessons and classroom tools apart from the courses. 

There are three Brilliant premium price plans for those who don’t qualify for free access- monthly, yearly, and group plans which costs: 

Subscription TypePrice
Monthly $24.99 per month
Yearly $10.80 per month
Group (3+ members)$323.88 per month 
Brilliant.org pricing

Brilliant provides a 7-day free trial to let users test and try the courses and make an informed decision before making the final purchase. Once the trial period ends, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan and pay the required amount. 

Are Brilliant.Org Courses Worth It? 

Ever since Brilliant.org was founded in 2012, it has become a go-to learning institute for science and data lovers. The platform has over 4 million users to date, which speaks for the platform’s credibility. 

Talking about the course quality, Brilliant has done an excellent job. Teaching subjects like science, advanced mathematics, programming, and coding, can easily get boring. But the instructors have gamified the content to keep us engaged. 

The lessons are short and crisp to not overwhelm us with information which I liked the most. The challenges and quizzes further help us to put our learning to the test. 

Overall, Brilliant.org would be a great starting point for anyone who wants to build their quantitive skills or sharpen them. 

However, please note that Brilliant.org courses won’t help you get a new job or make you eligible for a new career. You won’t even get any course completion certificates as well. 

The platform is entirely for developing critical thinking and sharpening your skills in the mentioned areas. 

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Final Thoughts On Brilliant.Org

Brilliant.org offers an interactive learning experience that benefits students, professionals, and lifelong learners alike. The platform encourages self-paced learning and requires you to participate in the learning activities. 

However, Brilliant.org isn’t for everyone. It’s strictly meant for individuals who love studying STEM subjects, so subscribe only if you’re genuinely interested in learning maths, science, or computer science. 

Overall, it’s a great online learning institute to sharpen your knowledge and skills and keep up with the new developments in mathematics and science!

FAQs: Brilliant.Org Review 

Can I use Brilliant for free?

Yes, you can use Brilliant for free. It has a free subscription plan allowing users to access some courses free of cost. 

Is Brilliant better than Skillshare?

Both platforms are unique in their own ways. Brilliant is better for STEM courses, while Skillshare is more suitable for taking creative courses. 

Does Brilliant have a refund policy?

Brilliant usually has a 7 to 15 days Refund policy from the date of the receipt of the refund request. You have to get in touch with their customer care or use the chat feature on their website to request a refund. 

Does Brilliant Work on Mobile? 

Yes, it works on mobile. Brilliant has a mobile app for both Android and iOS, allowing users to access the platform on their smartphones. 

Which are Some of the Best Brilliant Courses? 

Some of the best and most popular Brilliant courses are Maths Foundations, Science Foundations, Enrichment and Competition Maths, Road to Calculus, Advanced Maths, etc. 

Can Two People Use the Same Brilliant Account? 

No, one individual account cannot be used by more than one individual. If you’re a team, opt for the Groups of 3+ subscription option. 

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