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College and Career Readiness

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Through a collaboration of employers, educators, government leaders, and nonprofit leaders, we are working to improve students’ understanding of and exposure to potential careers by creating a better system to connect students to high-quality career exploration opportunities.

The Graduate Profile guides all college and career readiness projects.

We’re working on several projects in this area.

The Employer and School Community Model focuses on pairing employers, schools and community partners to increase opportunities for employers to work directly with students. This is done through a series of activities including a guest speaker’s series, mock interviews, job shadows, internships and other career exploration activities. Three projects underway include the SouthValley Demonstration project, the Hispano Philanthropic Society's work with Harrison, Polk, and Ernie Pyle middle schools, and the Young Leader's Society work with College and Career High School.

The Valencia County Partnership for a Work Ready Community is a private and public partnership formed specifically to meet the employment needs in Valencia County through education, guidance, community involvement, and support.

The Junior Achievement Job Shadow partnership between Mission: Graduate and Junior Achievement focuses on getting students out to businesses to learn about how each organization works, talk with employees, and get an understanding of the skills and education needed in those careers.

The Rotary-Stay-in-School project is organized by Mission: Graduate’s partners who bring Rotary members and other volunteers into classrooms to talk with ninth graders about the benefits of staying in school.

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Alina Potrzebowski

College and Career Readiness Manager

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