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What We Want to See in Schools: Local Wisdom from New Mexico Employers and Educators (Executive Summary)

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Mission: Graduate Research
Mission: Graduate and New Mexico Center for School Leadership
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On April 26, 2016, the New Mexico Center for School Leadership (NMCSL) brought together a variety of local employers and other stakeholders for a School Innovation Tour. A primary objective of the School Innovation Tour was to raise awareness in the business community and among other stakeholders about innovative models of teaching and learning. To that end, tour participants were given the opportunity to hear from students and staff, visit classrooms, and tour the facilities of one of eight local schools.

Following the tour, a three-person research team conducted interviews with 18 participants. Their findings based on the interviews are summarized below. NMCSL intends to use the findings to inform education policy in New Mexico, as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) moves significant control over school policy and practice from the federal to the state level.

Full report is available here.