Pluralsight Black Friday 2024 | Get 50% OFF

Last year, Pluralsight Black Friday offered a staggering 50% discount. You could even redeem the offer as a gift card. Do you want to get similar discounts on Pluralsight this year?

Pluralsight Black Friday sales are not live, but this article will prepare you for what will happen on D-Day, November 29, 2024.

In this article, you will learn about the best Pluralsight’s Black Friday discounts, currently active discounts, and Black Friday discounts 2024 forecast.

Let’s dive into it!  

Pluralsight Black Friday 2024: In a Nutshell

  • Pluralsight Black Friday 2024 sales are not active. But will go live on November 29, 2024.
  • The best Pluralsight Black Friday deal in 2023 was 50% off on Skills and A Cloud Guru yearly subscription plans.
  • In 2023, Pluralsight Cyber Monday deals offered 50% off Pluralsight’s Skills program + 10-day free trial and 50% off A Cloud Guru + 7-day free trial.
  • Currently, Pluralsight is offering a 33% discount on its A Cloud Guru and Skills plans.
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Pluralsight Black Friday Sale: Active Or Not?

Pluralsight’s Black Friday sales are not yet active. The black Friday sale will be activated on November 29, 2024. 

The deals actually start in the first week of November. More deals are rolled out each subsequent week, leading to the Black Friday climax.

Moreover, Cyber Monday 2024 will take place on December 2, 2024. You can expect to see some Cyber Monday deals a week prior.

Validity Of Pluralsight Black Friday Deals

On a standard note, most Pluralsight Black Friday deals last just 24 hours. However, there have been instances when Pluralsight extended Black Friday deals through the weekends.

The deals themselves are time-limited. For example, the 50% off on the annual subscription plan is only valid for a limited time. 

Similarly, discounts like the 10-day free trial have an expiration date. Even gift cards, which allow you to share the benefits, expire after a particular time limit.

The validity of Pluralsight Black Friday deals depends on the offer. You should carefully understand the conditions attached to the deals and take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Pluralsight Black Friday 2023: Best Deals

On Black Friday 2023, Pluralsight offered myriad deals and discounts. Here are some of the best deals that were available.

1. Pluralsight Black Friday 50% OFF On Skills

Pluralsight offered a 50% discount on its annual plans, which included Pluralsight Skill’s Standard and Premium plans.

The following table shows the detailed structure of the 50% Black Friday discount on Pluralsight Skills.

PlanPriceDiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Standard$299/year50% $149/year$150/year

2. Pluralsight Black Friday 50% OFF On A Cloud Guru

Pluralsight also offered 50% off on the A Cloud Guru. But there is a catch: the Black Friday offers are only available for Personal subscription plans, not Business plans. 

Pluralsight Black Friday 50% OFF
Source: Pluralsight LinkedIn

The following table shows the 50% discount on A Cloud Guru’s yearly subscription.

Personal PlanPriceDiscount Discounted PriceSavings

Along with the discounts, Pluralsight offers a free trial period on a general note for new learners. This allows you to try out the platform and its courses without a subscription commitment.

Pluralsight Black Friday Deal Inclusions

Pluralsight offers many features during the Black Friday- Cyber Monday discount seasons. I have jotted them down for your convenience.

  • Detailed courses with expert instructors
  • Numerous coding challenges
  • Industry recognized certificates
  • Access to more than 7000 courses
  • Knowledge and skill assessments

Does Pluralsight Offer Cyber Monday Deals?

Pluralsight Offer Cyber Monday Deals

On Cyber Monday, Pluralsight offered 50% off on Pluralsight’s Skills program; in addition to that, the same discount also had a 10-day free trial for newcomers.

The discount was not limited to Skills. Pluralsight’s A Cloud Guru also offered 50% off on its subscription and 7-day free trials.

Currently Active Pluralsight Discounts

Since Black Friday deals are not live yet and there is a lot of time for them to be activated, you can take advantage of currently active deals to save a few bucks.

1. 33% off on A Cloud Guru Annual Personal Basic and Plus plans

33% off On A Cloud Guru Annual Personal Basic
Source: Pluralsight

Pluralsight announced a 33% discount on its A Cloud Guru Personal plans in May 2024. The following table shows the details of this discount.

PlanPrice Per YearDiscounted Price Per YearDiscountSavings
Personal Basic$348/year$233/year33%$115/year
Personal Plus$468/year$313/year33%$155/year

Note: This discount is expected to end on May 20, 2024. 

2. 33% off on Skills Annual Individual Standard And Premium plans

 33% off on Skills Annual Individual Standard
Source: Pluralsight

Currently, Pluralsight is offering a 33% discount on Skill’s Standard and Premium plans. With this discount, you can save up to $150 per year. 

PlanPrice Per YearDiscounted Price Per YearDiscountSavings
Personal Basic$299/year$199/year33%$100/year
Personal Plus$449/year$299/year33%$150/year

Note: This discount is expected to end on May 20, 2024. 

3.  Discount on Annual Subscription

Plan Price Per YearDiscounted Price Per YearDiscountSavings
Skills Standard$348/year$299/year14%$49/year
Skills Premium$540/year$499/year8%$41/year

The platform has offered up to 14% off an annual Pluralsight subscription. With this, you pay less than the monthly plan and enjoy all the benefits.

Steps To Redeem Pluralsight Discount

If you find claiming a Pluralsight discount tedious, I have listed the steps to make it easier to redeem a discount.

Here are the steps that will help you redeem your discounts.

Step 1: Open Pluralsight’s redemption page by clicking here. You’ll see the following page.

 Open Pluralsight’s Redemption Page

Step 2: Copy the discount/promo/coupon code and paste it into the “ Offer Code” slot.

Offer Code Slot

Step 3: Add all the information, such as Email, first name, last name, country, etc., in the starred fields. Click on the check box after reading Pluralsights, all terms of use, and privacy policy.

Add All The Information & Click The Check Box

Step 4: Click “ I AGREE, ACTIVATE BENEFIT” and enjoy the benefits.


You can redeem all the Pluralsight discounts using the steps mentioned above.

Pluralsight Pricing

There are three products available on Pluralsight: Skills, A Cloud Guru, and FLOW. Each one of these products has different subscription plans for individuals and teams.

Let’s check these subscription plans in short.

1. Skills

Pluralsight has multiple plans, which are grouped under individual and team plans.

A] Skills For Individuals:

Skills For Individuals
Source: Pluralsight

Skills has two pricing plans for individuals: Standard and Premium. Both Standard and Premium plan offers a 10-day free trial. 

PlanPrice Billed MonthlyPrice Billed Annually

B] Skills For Team:

Skills For Team
Source: Pluralsight

Pluralsight Skills also has a separate pricing section dedicated explicitly to Teams. Skills Team has three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

PlanPrice Billed MonthlyPrice Billed Annually
EnterpriseContact salesContact sales

2. A Cloud Guru

This program offers individual and team plans, also known as Personal and Business. Each is divided into Basic and Plus. 

A Cloud Guru
Source: Pluralsight

Personal Basics provide certifications along with practical learning. Personal Plus teaches you with the help of AWS, Azure, and GCP Sandboxes.

The following table shows the detailed prices of Personal Basic and Plus.

PlanPrice Billed MonthlyPrice Billed Annually
Personal Basic$35/month$420/year
Personal Plus$47/month$564/year

In A Cloud Guru pricing plan only Personal Basic and Plus offer 7-day free trial.

Pluralsight Team plan is divided into two plans: Business Basic and Business Plus

Pluralsight Team plan
Source: Pluralsight

Business Basics is used to upskill the teams through practical learning through real-life industrial case studies. Business Plus is for customizing the learning plan and accelerating skill development.

The following table shows the detailed prices of Business Basic and Plus.

PlanPrice Billed MonthlyPrice Billed Annually
Business Basic$35/month$420/year
Business Plus$49/month$588/year


FLOW has two pricing plans: Core and Plus.

Source: Pluralsight

The Core will help you gain new visibility into your team’s software development process. FLOW Plus provides project timelines, investment profiles, API access, and more. 

The following table shows the detailed prices of Flow Core and Plus.

Price$38/month billed annually$50/month billed annually

Pluralsight Flow does not offer free trials, but they do have a Demo option. 

Pluralsight Black Friday 2024: What To Expect?

Pluralsight is expected to offer significant discounts on its subscription plans on Black Friday sales in 2024.  

Based on the past trends available, here are some projections of the Pluralsight Black Friday discounts:

  • Pluralsight has offered 50% off its annual plans in the past. It is highly likely that it will provide similar concessions this year, too.
  • Pluralsight often offers a 10-day free trial. This plan allows you to access the course library and plans.

Note: These are just expectations. It is always a good idea to check the Pluralsight website to stay informed about the latest deals and promotions.

How To Know When The Pluralsight Black Friday Deal Goes Live?

Knowing the date of Pluralsight Black Friday discount activation is very important in order to benefit from them. 

I have listed some important steps to know when the Pluralsight Black Friday deals go live.

  • Frequently check the official website and social media accounts of Pluralsight. They usually announce the start of their Black Friday sale with a bang.
  • Pluralsight has a newsletter of its own. You can sign up for the Pluralsight newsletter and get customized updates on Black Friday deals and discounts.
  • Many technological and educational blogs have early access to Pluralsight discounts. You can keep an eye on such blogs.
  • To get an early warning, you can make use of alert services that keep track of price drops.

In addition, based on past trends, Pluralsight’s Black Friday deals go live a day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday of November. So, get ready on Thanksgiving for the next-day sale.

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Conclusion: Pluralsight Black Friday 2024 Discounts

On Black Friday last year, Pluralsight’s two products, Skills and A Cloud Guru, offered 50% off. This year’s expectations are high, and along with the two mentioned above, Pluralsight’s FLOW will also be included in the discount bundle. 

If you can not wait for Black Friday discounts, you can take advantage of active deals. With easy steps, you can redeem the discount and enjoy the courses.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Pluralsight Black Friday sale, and get ready to dive into the sea of discounts!


Why are there so many expired Pluralsight coupons online?

Pluralsight often offers limited-time discounts with specific expiration dates. Coupon websites may not always update their databases in real-time, and some websites may not thoroughly verify the expiration dates. All these factors lead to the presence of numerous expired Pluralsight coupons online.

Are Pluralsight Black Friday sales coupons the best?

Pluralsight Black Friday sales offer significant discounts that can reach up to 50% off. Pluralsight also offers 40% off on annual subscription plans.   

Are Pluralsight certificates worth anything?

Pluralsight certificates are not accredited, so a university might not recognize them. However, Pluralsight claims that many employers consider them proof of skills. 

How soon do Pluralsight Black Friday sales start?

Pluralsight Black Friday sales start right after Thanksgiving. Pluralsight sometimes begins at midnight or even on Thanksgiving. 

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