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Community Support Councils

Community Support Councils play an advisory role in Mission: Graduate, providing input into the overall priorities for action, advocating on behalf of the initiative, and connecting partners to resources in the community.

The exceptions to this rule are the Area Rotary Council and Summer Learning Council, which have also developed collaborative strategies designed to improve high school graduation rates and summer learning opportunities, respectively.


STEM Education Council

The STEM Education Council is working with a number of STEM education initiatives and programs to develop a common vision for STEM in central New Mexico. The group is in the process of creating a “STEM Hub” to better coordinate resources and information.

Summer Learning Council

The Mission: Graduate Summer Learning Council undertakes projects aimed at preventing summer learning loss, and closing the opportunity gap, by connecting students to a range of learning opportunities while they are out of school during the summer months.

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Area Rotary Council

Plans are in works for the Area Rotarians to take their “Stay in School” curriculum to schools to drive home the message that education pays. A team of volunteer presenters will go to area schools to talk to all freshmen students. Through interactive presentations, Rotarians will facilitate discussions on earning potential based on level of education. They will also spend time talking about budgeting.

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Marketing Council

The Mission: Graduate Marketing Council provides advice and support to the Mission: Graduate staff, Vision Council, and Collaborative Action Networks around the development of a communication and marketing plan. When appropriate, Council members promote communications through their channels.

Data and Research Council

The Data and Research Council helped Mission: Graduate develop its Student Success Roadmap during the first year of the initiative. In 2016, Mission: Graduate will reconvene the Council to develop a new mission for the group.