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Mission: Graduate is an education partnership that brings together individual and institutional partners to work on collaborative projects and align organizational practice and policy toward achieving common goals. 

Join Our Work

We seek partners with the interest, experience, and expertise necessary to identify strategies that can turn the curve on our seven core outcomes.

If you fit any of these roles in your organization, department, or program, we are looking for you: leaders and decision-makers, subject matter experts, workers and frontline staff, and concerned community members.

To become a formal partner of Mission: Graduate, please review partner expectations and benefits below, and then complete a partner profile.

Partner Expectations

With the support of Mission: Graduate staff, partners are expected to:

  • Regularly attend and actively participate in Mission: Graduate meetings
  • Participate in collaborative projects in an appropriate role
  • Collect data on shared metrics, as appropriate, and use data to support continuous improvement
  • Challenge themselves and their organizations to work collaboratively with others to align their work in support of partnership goals

Partner Benefits

In addition to hands-on facilitation, training, and technical assistance to develop and implement a shared action plan, partners also receive: 

  • Consultation and support from data and research experts
  • Recognition for effective practices & improved outcomes
  • Access to best practices
  • Advocacy to further improve outcomes
  • Access to resources

Become a Partner

If you have any questions or want to discuss where you might plug in, contact Teri Wimborne at