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Every Day Matters Attendance Guides

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Since attendance is one of the key factors in whether or not a student is successful in school and graduates we, in conjunction with our partners, created this attendance guide. It is intended to be used as a facilitation tool by school staff with parents. Our hope is that parents take it home and stick on the fridge.

Download English Version   Download Spanish Version

The guide provides

  • Ready reference information on homework help, nurse advise, and a number for finding resources. It also provides a spot where families can write down important school phone numbers. 
  • Tips on what the family can do to develop good habits. 
  • Guidance on when a child is too sick to go to school and ways that families can keep children healthy.
  • A bit of education on the differences between excused and unexcused absences and warns of the risks of missing too many days of school.

Printing directions:

  • Select the language  
  • Download the pdf file
  • Set your printer to:
    • color
    • duplex (print on both sides, flip on long edge)
    • legal size paper
  • Print
  • Fold using the dotted lines as guides.