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Launch to Learn

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Welcome to the Launch to Learn site!

First and Foremost, Why Launch to Learn?

According to the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, research demonstrates that students lose ground academically when they are out of school for the summer. The problem is particularly acute among students from lower income families who lose an average of more than two months in reading achievement during the summer. Research also shows that children who continue learning throughout the summer don’t lose as much ground.

To help our students continue learning over the summer, Mission: Graduate along with many community partners developed the Family Adventure Guide. Intended to help curb summer learning loss, it connects youth to quality, integrated summer learning experiences along with providing math-related, fun activities, that children can work on at home with the adults in their lives. 

What is Family Adventure Guide? 

The Family Adventure Guide, available in Spanish and English, features 29 different math-related activities that children can work on with the adults in their lives. The activities can be done at and around home using materials generally found at home. It also includes locations such as museums, libraries, and open spaces that families can visit. 

Download a .pdf version of the Family Adventure Guide

Where can I pick up my guide?

Guides are available at the following sites.

How to use the guide? 

  • Set summer goals:
    • Read _____ books.
    • Visit _____ neat places.
    • Spend _____ days outside.
    • Complete _____ of the activities found in this book.
    • Other? _____
  • Visit sites around the city. When you visit partner sites, ask the person at the front desk to stamp your child's guide.
  • Work on activities in the book. When your child completes an activity, mark it complete. This is on the honor system.
  • Enter to win monthly prizes. When your child completes five items in the guide -- this includes visiting sites or completing activities -- click here to enter into the raffle. Again, this works on the honor system.
  • Inspire your kids to become more curious by asking them questions about the activities you work on together.
  • Document your adventure! Take pictures, make notes in your guide, and have fun. Your final project can be creating a photo collage or a memory box at the end of the summer.
  • Have fun!

How can my child win prizes?

After your child has completed five adventures, this includes visiting locations or doing any of the activities, you can fill out the Electronic Prize Entry Form and your child will become eligible to win monthly prizes. This entry automatically makes your child eligible to win the grand prize. Remember to submit a a separate entry for each child.

Click here to enter into the monthly raffle

Storytime in the Park

Join us at Summertime in the Park where your children can get a healthy lunch and listen to Albuquerque Public Schools teachers read books to children. Teachers will also share reading strategies with the adults. Children will receive a book that they can take home, and at certain locations, children can work on a Launch to Learn activity and receive a stamp. Summertime in the Park kicks off June 10 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Tower Pond Park. 

Storytime in the Park Locations

12 Months of Math

12 Months of Math, a project of STEM-NM, is an exciting new program to help Albuquerque families engage with math and help them prepare for good jobs in our local industries like science, technology, and health care. Each month will focus on the math skills needed for different careers including agriculture, computer science, finance, engineering, and more.  Click on the button to learn more.

12 Months of Math

City of Albuquerque link

Click on the button to find a find a complete list of family-friendly summer programs. 

ABQ Family-Friendly Summer Programs

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