Lingoda Review: Pricing, Course & Lingoda Reviews By Customers

As the spread of globalization continues, people must get familiar with cultures and languages that are not their own. This promotes diversity, acceptance, and tolerance amongst people and is great for international opportunities. However, learning a language is not easy – it requires passion to master any language. Sites like Lingoda help people achieve the same.

Lingoda is an online learning platform that helps its users master any language offered by them. This includes French, German, Spanish, English, and Business English. However, you must know everything about this platform before purchasing any course. Hence, in this article, we will be covered the pricing, course, and Lingoda reviews by customers.

Pricing of Lingoda

The costs at Lingoda can be a little higher than other language learning platforms because it only hires professionals that hold reputed certifications. Users have the choice of either availing of group classes (10 to 20 dollars per hour) or private classes (20 to 42.50 dollars per hour). The pricing depends upon which language you choose to learn and the subscription plan availed.

There are two kinds of subscriptions provided on Lingoda:

1. Monthly 

The monthly plan allows users to avail of 4 to 40 classes per month. The cost ranges between 59 dollars to 549 dollars per month for this plan, and it varies as students choose to add more classes. For instance, 4 General English Classes in a month would cost 59 dollars and 40 classes for the same subject would cost 399 dollars.

2. Marathon

The Marathon payment plan allows users to purchase any language course for 3,6, or 12 months at a time. Users can buy Spanish, French, and General English for 3 months at $575, for 6 months at $1,050, or for one year at $1,800; German for 3 months at $700, 6 months at $1,250, and for one year at $2,200; and Business English for 3 months at $775, 6 months at $1,400, and one year at$2,500.

Courses at Lingoda

Lingoda offers users to learn a variety of languages. However, before the course starts users are advised to take a test to see which level they should ideally begin from while taking the course. The levels are:

  • A1: the user is a beginner in the language and should start from the basics
  • A2: This is a beginner course too, but simple interactions are also included
  • B1: This intermediate course involves everyday conversations
  • B2: an upper intermediate level that involves a complex topic
  • C1: advanced level with proficiency in the language

The courses offered on Lingoda are:

1. German

People who wish to learn German can avail this course by Lingoda. This platform focuses on practical learning; hence, while you will learn the complex grammatical rules, you will also be made familiar with topics of relevance to the German people. Concepts such as regional language differences and everyday phrases used in German are covered efficiently by experts; hence the learning process is easy and fun.

2. English

The English course on Lingoda allows users to master several concepts such as vocabulary and grammar to use in their daily life. For instance, if you are traveling somewhere that requires you to comprehend English well – then this course has got you covered. Users can expand and develop their vocabulary through this course.

3.  Business English

While the English course is great, it may not be enough for people looking to use this language to achieve their professional goals. Hence, if you want to interact fluently and confidently with your clients then Business English is the correct course for you. It allows users to learn industry-specific phrases and vocab while developing confidence to interact with this language.

4. French

If you are interested to learn more about France and other francophone countries, learning French from Lingoda is a great decision. It allows users to get familiar with all the grammatical rules, exceptions, commonly used phrases, slang, and so on. Concepts that allow people to relate to the French culture are covered too.

5.  Spanish

Simply learning a few phrases of Spanish that are spoken in Spain is not enough to master this beautiful language – which is why Lingoda teaches this course in a much more diverse way. The regional differences and phrases from different Spanish-speaking countries are covered within the course to help you thrive in any region that requires you to comprehend the language.

Lingoda Reviews by Customers

Lingoda has some great ratings on various platforms. Trustpilot has awarded this learning platform a whopping 4.3/5 for its amazing style of teaching and curriculum. 

No matter how much any platform claims that they provide quality courses – it all comes down to user experience at the end of the day. Here are some reviews by real customers of Lingoda who availed of the course:

1. “Thank you, Lingoda! The Super Sprint was awesome, and I am so happy to have received my refund (it took a long while, though). The Super Sprint got me to speak Spanish after only having learned it in school (forgot most of it), and Duolingo (doesn’t get you speaking freely). The first half was a challenge every day, but I grew into it and it started to be a great pleasure. I really can’t thank Lingoda enough, because without it I would not have accelerated my Spanish learning journey like this—with wonderful results!”

2. “80% of classes were very productive with good teachers. The whole system is less flexible than I thought at the beginning.”

3. “I had a Great experience. I can speak English every day without money.”

While mostly the experience on Lingoda is reported to be positive, some users feel that the placement tests should be revised and improved. Users also wish they could have a little more interaction with their peers. 


A very unique feature of Lingoda is the Lingoda Sprint, which can give you up to 50% to 100% cashback of your fee upon successful completion of your language course. There are no hidden terms and conditions for this, and you can learn more about this on their website.

Many free apps claim to help users learn any language, but they are seldom useful. Lingoda on the other hand may be pricey but is worth every penny. Hopefully, this article would have helped you clear all doubts regarding the pricing, courses, and reviews of this virtual learning platform and help you make a calculated decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lingoda worth the money?

Ans. Yes, Lingoda is worth the money because all the tutors here are certified professionals and the quality of courses is amazing.

Can you get fluent in Lingoda?

Ans. Yes, proper attendance of classes and regular practice with Lingoda can get you fluent in any language that you want.

How much is Lingoda monthly?

Ans. The cost of courses on Lingoda monthly depends upon the number of classes that you wish to take. For instance, taking four classes French classes in a month would cost you 59 dollars.

How much is a Lingoda class?

Ans. It can cost you about 10 to 20 dollars per class on Lingoda.

What do Lingoda teachers earn?

Ans. Lingoda teachers earn in the range of 8 dollars to 13 dollars per hour.

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