Lambda School Review 2024: Is Lambda School Legit?

With the recent situation involving the pandemic and all of the learning shifting online, skill-based courses on the internet have picked momentum considerably. People now have a greater incentive to add to their skill base by choosing through hundreds and thousands of certified courses available online. Today we are discussing the Lambda school review in detail. So stay tuned. 

There is a high demand in the market for digital marketers, AI experts, data scientists, web developers, information technology, investing, cryptocurrency, and other intensive occupations in the job market. These people obtain higher eligibility for high-paying packages thanks to platforms online that offer high-quality education, all of it online through Lambda. 

This article talks about one such school providing courses in Data Science, full stack web development, and coding- Lambda School (now renamed to Bloom Tech). Let us understand how Lambda School works and try to find the answer to a popular question these days – is lambda school legit?

What is Lambda School?

Lambda is a one-of-a-kind school to learn in high-quality programs for data science and web development. The tech school aims to not only educate you in these fields but also get you hired into well-paying jobs. 

They will pay all of your money back if you are by any chance not hired even after finishing the programs offered. Lambda lets you learn part-time or full-time, and the quality of the education is good too, given they put so much trust in their placement opportunities. 

No other school has been known to provide this policy of return if the student does not yield the results required to be in the job market. The school has a chart of courses which you can choose from according to your qualifications and understanding.  

How Does Lambda work?

Lambda boasts a unique design that was aimed at getting students a job faster. It wishes to accelerate your path to a better career. The school believes in its education and placement so much that they guarantee a 110% tuition fee refund if you fail to get a job offer after you complete their programs. 

The classes by Lambda are all held online. Lambda breaks free from the convention of universities that do not guarantee a successful future for all of its students. They also have a deferred fee payment option where you can hold off paying them until you find a job. 

What makes Lambda Unique?

1. Flexible class timings

Their working of the program is highly inclusive of the student’s needs. You can join live classes or have on-demand classes that fit the schedule of your life accordingly. This is unique and brilliant since online learning has to be fitting for those taking part in it, unlike offline conventional schools. You can finish the courses in as early as 4 months and even take as long as 18 months to finish the same. You have the incentive to adjust your study schedule how you want it.

2. Relevant Curriculum and Syllabus

The education at Lambda involves teaching you skills that you will utilize on the work front and those that the employers will hire you for. They have a “no fluff” rule, which implies that unlike most of the education in conventional schools that will not help you have real-life skills, Lambda will help you learn only the relevant stuff. You get experience while learning as you work on actual projects by clients.

3. Reliable Career and Student Support

You get one on one career support for your skills upon completion or during the course. Not just this, you also get student support throughout the program whenever you feel stuck. Lambda does the required “job hunting” on its own so you do not have to get hired from their hiring partners and alumni network, sometimes even before you graduate! 

Can You Trust Lambda School?

According to several Lambda school reviews, Lambda School or Bloom Tech has a considerably good reputation in the online coding boot camp industry. It teaches you all of the skills that are going to be required in the job market in one place according to your convenience. 

The overall learning experience is quite enriched for the learners and would not be found in a lot of places. Exposure to activities and projects guarantees even better learning, something that most schools lack. 

Lambda has a whole team working towards getting you placed into well-paying jobs helping you form a better CV, setting up portfolios, and preparing you for your first salary negotiation. With their intensive experience in getting students good jobs, the team is very well likely to get almost all of their students better jobs. The quality of education is quite up to the mark, as well as the curriculum. 

However, like every platform, it is not free from drawbacks in itself. The class sizes are ever-increasing, which makes interactions and support a little harder to get. Some students believe the teachers delve too further into what is not required to learn for so long. 

Even so, these experiences are quite subjective and not a whole representation of the drawbacks of the school. Lastly, the prices are a bit too high for a lot of students to pay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lambda a good school?

A. Yes, Lambda school is well-reputed for its web development and data science courses

2. How does Lambda school work?

A. the schools work online as per the convenience of the student, and they claim to be sure of placing students into well-paying jobs or they will refund the Tuition fee at 110%. 

3. Is Lambda school available in India?

A. Lambda is yet to begin operations in India. 

4. How many students does Lambda school have?

A. the students of the school are as much as 2,500 in number. 


These help them advance their careers further, enhance their CVs and make them much more eligible to land higher-paying jobs. It is much easier than before to attain the required skills for desired jobs than it was before. 

Hopefully, this Lambda school review will provide you with everything that you need to know about Lambda school. Through the content of this article, you will now be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you wish to avail of its courses or not.

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