9 Best Cybersecurity Certifications For Beginners in 2024

A cybersecurity certification program can be very helpful for advancing your career in the industry. It improves employability and employment prospects, raises earning potential, creates a path for career growth, and shows a dedication to ongoing professional development.

While the latter is a creative hub of specialized programs, the former focuses completely on cuisine.

This connectivity raises the possibility of theft, damage, and interruption by dishonest people. Due to a surge in cybercrime, there is a greater need for cybersecurity professionals. It is expected that between 2024 and 2031, the job market will increase by 35%.

Let’s dive deeper into the best list of cybersecurity certifications and the associated requirements and benefits. Why wait? Let’s start learning!

List of Top 9 Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners

Here is the list of the courses that provide Cybersecurity Certifications in a nutshell:

Course NameReviewsStarting CostBest-Suited Application
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)4.8$749Security &Risk Management
Certified Information System Auditor(CISA)4.3$50Security and Asset security
Certified Information Security Manager4.6$50Information security governance
ComPTIA Security+4.5$219IT Security
Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)4.5$850 to $2999Specific Network Security
GIAC Information Security Fundamentals4.9$949Web application security
Systems Security Certified Practitioner4.2$1000Monitoring Information Systems
Certified Cloud Security Professional(CCSP)4.7$125Clouds Environment Risk Management
Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity4FreeTo protect computer systems and networks

1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification

The Body of Knowledge (CBK), which was also developed by (ISC)2, contains almost all the knowledge that an experienced cybersecurity practitioner should be familiar with. The CBK lists eight core domains, including software development security and asset security. Your previous employment must have been in one or more of these eight domains in order to qualify as a CISSP.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification

CISSP perquisites

  • At least two CISSP Common Book of Knowledge categories must be covered in at least five years of total paid, full-time work experience. Obtaining a four-year degree from a college or a regional CISSP credential from the (ISC)2 approved list. This enables you to fulfill the needed one year of experience.

CISSP Best Suited to & Course Time

The CISSP is strongly recommended for cybersecurity professionals who have at least a few years of work experience and desire to advance to management positions like security architect, security manager, or even chief information security officer. The CISSP is excellent for people who wish to work in defense because the U.S. military needs it for several positions.


  • Exam rescheduling fee: $50
  • Exam Postponement Fee: $100 USD

CISSP Benefits

  • Demonstrates practical information security knowledge.
  • Provides a differentiation for your profession, improving your reputation and marketability.
  • Access to beneficial resources, including peer networking and idea sharing.

2. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) 

The above course with certification, provided by ISACA, attests to your command of compliance reporting, vulnerability assessment, and control implementation. The CISA is a renowned certification for auditing. However, candidates need to have extensive experience. Professionals with CISA certification generally work in the following sectors:

  • Information Systems Auditing 
  • IT Governance and Management
  • Asset Protection for Information
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) 

CISA perquisites

  • Work experience of five years in IT auditing or assurance. 
  • Moreover, each two-year experience requirement may be replaced by a degree program accepted by ISACA.

CISA Course Time & Exam Format

  • You must complete at least 20 contact hours annually and 120 contact hours over three years.
  • There are 150 questions.
  • Questions – MCQ Exam Types Around 4 hours.
  • Exam grading is done on a scale of 200 to 800 points. You needed at least 450 points to pass.


  • Pay the $50 processing fee for the application. To demonstrate the necessary experience, submit an application. Follow the Code of Professional Ethics Follow the Continuing Professional Education Policy.
  • Cost of the CISA exam: The CISA exam fees are neither transferable nor refundable. These consist of the costs the organizations incur for using the testing facility, the scoring procedure, and exam proctors. ISACA members pay $575 for the CISA exam, compared to $760 for non-members.

CISA Benefits

  • Verify your information security expertise and experience.
  • Demonstrates if you have attained and keeping up the expertise required to address the companies’ changing problems.
  • Combines theoretical success with practical experience and education to establish you as a reliable employment resource.
  • Provides you with a competitive edge over your competitors while you pursue employment advancement.
  • Assists you in meeting high professional standards for ethics and continuing education through ISACA.

3. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 

This certification will help you be successful in the management side of cybersecurity. Such intriguing topics are as follows:

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) 

Creation and Supervision of Security Risk Management Programs

CISM perquisites

As a prerequisite, candidates must have managerial experience of around 5 years in the field of information security.

CISM Course Duration and Cost

  • Consists of 3 months of classes. For qualified candidates, the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) test can cost up to $760, and preparation is required to obtain the accreditation. 
  • Current ISACA members must fork up $575.25 to the non-profit organization that manages and maintains the certification. 

CISM Benefits

  • Administration.
  • Risk Control.
  • Program Development for Security.
  • Handling of incidents.
  • Skills for the Job and Flexibility.
  • Skills in Systematic Management& dependable laws

4. CompTIA Security+

CompTIA A+ is a certification that verifies your proficiency with Computer customization, installation, operation, and maintenance. Although this certification does not specifically address cybersecurity, it can be useful because Computers frequently play a significant role in the systems that organizations utilize.

CompTIA Security+

You can use CompTIA A+, which is pretty broad and can be applied to a range of IT professions, to advance your career in a variety of ways.

CompTIA Security+ perquisites

  • Although CompTIA Security+ has no prerequisites, we advise having a minimum  IT administration experience of 2 years with a security focus and obtaining the CompTIA Network+ certification before sitting for the test.

CompTIA Security+ Course Duration and Exam Format

The average duration of the course is 30 to 45 days.

CompTIA Security+ Cost

The Basics: $392.00, $565.00, $720.00, and $977.00 for training and preparation for the CompTIA Security+ Exam Voucher Only.

CompTIA Security+ Benefits

  • The certification is impartial to vendors.
  • Experience that is essential and required.
  • Certification That Is Recognized Worldwide.
  • Higher potential for employment.
  • Large Payscale.
  • A chance to work for the government.

5. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Course

Another well-known penetration testing certification from the Council of EC training professionals is the Certified Course on  Ethical Hackers (CEH). CEH is a more generic certification in terms of the exam content. It focuses on key pen-testing ideas, such as network security, web hacking, scanning, and reconnaissance.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Course

CEH perquisites

  • There are two options available to candidates who want to take the final CEH exam. Attending an approved EC-Council training session, which is made for all learning abilities, is the first step. There is no prerequisite for the training course in cybersecurity.
  • The second route enables applicants with at least two years of prior expertise in information security to forego the course and proceed straight to the certification exam. Candidates must initially provide documentation of their prior experience and should be knowledgeable in the specialized areas.

CEH Course Duration

This course was created by EC-Council as a boot camp to hasten your path to C|EH certification. The 5-day, 40-hour curriculum is structured to optimize learning and prepare you for action as quickly as feasible.

CEH Cost

For a certified training program on ethical hackers, the budget is between $850 and $2,999. The cost to take the Ethical Hacker exam is $1199. For Certified Ethical Hackers, remote proctoring will cost an additional $100.

CEH Benefits

  • Information security and ethical hacking
  • CEH can assist you in understanding the thought process of a cyber attacker.
  • Also, it equips you with the knowledge and ability to anticipate risks and respond to them far more quickly than a layperson.

6. GIAC Information Security Fundamentals

The CompTIA Security+ test is thought to be easier than the GISF exam. It is advised to have hands-on expertise earned through training or on-the-job experience because GIAC certification tests generally require test takers to apply knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

GIAC Information Security Fundamentals

The GISF certification is targeted by GIAC at system administrators, managers, and information security officers who require a thorough understanding of computer networks, security guidelines, incident response, and cryptographic fundamentals.

GIAC Perquisites

  • There are no prerequisites 
  • This course just requires the most fundamental understanding of computers.
  • The course does not assume any prior security expertise.

GIAC Course Duration

After activation, you will have 120 days to complete your certification attempt.

GIAC Cost 

Cybersecurity Certifications: Pricing; GIAC Certification Attempt- $949; GSE Entrance Exam- $559; GSE Hands-on Lab Fee- $2,699; Certification Attempt Retakes.

GIAC Benefits 

  • Professionals in cybersecurity are guaranteed to meet and exhibit a certain degree of technical expertise owing to GIAC certification.
  • You’ll receive practical training in the most recent cybersecurity techniques across a variety of professions, allowing you to use your certified knowledge right away.

7. Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

By (ISC)2, the SSCP certification is given out. This advanced security administration and operations certification is widely recognized. It is another excellent way to launch your IT Security career and move your company’s valuable assets one step closer to security.

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Your technical proficiency and knowledge to administer, monitor, and implement IT infrastructure while following security best practices will be confirmed by your SSCP certification.

SSCP Perquisites

You must have at least a year of paid job experience in one or more of the exam domains to be eligible to take the SSCP exam. Internships, whether compensated or unpaid, full- or part-time employment, are all examples of this.

SSCP Course Duration

  •  Access to official course materials for 180 days:
  •  61 knowledge checks; 20 content-specific learning activities; 22+ hours of video-based instructional content; and 12 applied scenarios.
  • 160 questions on a post-course assessment with response feedback; 8 end-of-chapter quizzes with feedback; and online interactive flashcards


The price of the course starts at $249

SSCP Benefits

  • Verify your expertise and dedication to cybersecurity with hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Improve your resume to increase your marketability. Get the necessary security clearances.
  • Get access to a network of like-minded cybersecurity experts.

8. Certified Cloud Security Professional(CCSP)

By (ISC)2, the CCSP certification is given out. Because many businesses are moving their assets to the cloud and switching from traditional on-premise security to cloud security, this certification is now highly sought after and well-recognized.

Certified Cloud Security Professional(CCSP)

The topic of this test is the information system and IT professional who needs to apply security to their cloud architecture. If you frequently work on cloud platforms, you must have this certification. A standardized cloud security architecture is required in order to protect all of your activities and services on this cloud infrastructure.

CCSP perquisites

Applicants must have a minimum of five years of IT work experience, three of which must be in information security.

CCSP Course Duration

It is a self-paced examination. One can pursue the course according to


In the US, the CCSP exam is priced at $599.

CCSP Benefits

  • This test is a necessity for you if you intend to work in a cloud environment or if you are already doing so. It will enable you to show that you are proficient in cloud data security, cloud architecture, and design, daily cloud operations, and application security.

9. Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity

This course might be a good fit for you if you’re considering a career in cybersecurity and are trying to decide which path to take. It covers four of the basic disciplines in a modular fashion over the course of slightly over four hours of videos, with the goal of assisting you in choosing amongst the major areas of cybersecurity.

Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity

If you like this course, there are many others to pick from on Cybrary, many of which are free. Their library may be searched using criteria like course type and level of difficulty. For those who learn best visually, all courses are given in video format.


There are no prerequisites for this entry-level IT course, and you are not required to have any prior IT work experience.

Course Duration

Free to take, 1 hour 45 minutes


The Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity course has three plans:

Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity PRICING


  • The Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity course gives an introduction to various important cybersecurity occupations, outlining typical job duties, cybersecurity expertise required, and typical certifications for each position.

Conclusion– Which Are The Best Cyber security certifications for beginners?

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more popular as a skill today. Naturally, job marketing is also filled with vacancies for these trained cybersecurity workers, and the pay offered is quite impressive. You are one step away from being eligible for these promising jobs- certification.

My trop recommendation would be — Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). And the alternate certification recommendation would be : Certified Information System Auditor(CISA)

However, it is difficult to narrow down to one platform to learn cyber security from when there are hundreds claiming to offer you the best quality courses. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best platform to earn cyber security certifications for beginners easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cyber security certification is the best for beginners?

Certifications by Microsoft, CompTIA, and ISACA are considered one of the best certifications for beginners. 

Can a beginner learn cyber security?

Beginners can learn cyber security by enrolling in beginner-friendly programs and certification exams. 

How do you start cyber security for beginners?

Certifications by Microsoft, CompTIA, and ISACA are considered one of the best certifications for beginners. 

Can I learn cyber security in 6 months?

Yes, there are several certificate programs that you can enroll in which will be done in 6 months or less. 

What are the five basic checklists for security courses?

Excellent methods for password protection, training on phishing awareness, malware detection instruction, Using simulated cyberattacks to assess workforce preparedness

What is the hardest cyber security certification for beginners?

One of the top cybersecurity credentials is the GIAC Security Expert (GSE), but it’s also one of the hardest to obtain because it’s at the senior level. The GSEC, GCIA, and GCIH certificates, all provided by GIAC/SANS Institute, are among the prerequisites for the GSE test.

How many questions are marked in cyber security certifications exams?

The Cybersecurity Plus exam contains 90 questions. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam, and there could be up to 90 questions. You must receive a score of 750 or above on a scale of 100 to 900 in order to pass the test.

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