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Adult Transitions to College

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Supporting Adult Education Students as they Transition to College

Currently only five percent of adults who complete adult basic education transition to college.

We Break Down Barriers

We are working together to help those adults break down the barriers that keep them from increasing their education.

Our work includes assisting the State of New Mexico with its Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) plan to ensure that adults have access to information on college and career exploration opportunities.

We are also working together at the local level to determine what actions we can take as a community, such as sharing resources and connecting with employers to increase internships for adult education students.

Cradle to Career Step: 



Delma Madrigal

Adult College Completion Manager


Teri Wimborne

Director of Collective Impact


Meetings & Events

There aren't any upcoming meetings or events right now. Please check back later.

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