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Tracy McDaniel

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ECAP Coordinator

Tracy is the Coordinator for Bernalillo County Early Childhood Accountability Partnership (ECAP), a partner of Mission: Graduate. ECAP volunteers, representing more than 40 organizations, are engaged in a multi-sectorial collective impact approach to ensuring that all Bernalillo County children are ready for and succeed in school.  ECAP’s strategies aim to improve conditions for children prenatally to age 8. As the coordinator, Tracy supports and facilitates the efforts of the many dedicated and passionate ECAP volunteers. 

Tracy comes to ECAP from the field of public health and health promotion with a background in domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and behavioral health crisis intervention. Tracy is a certified birth doula and has had the honor of supporting dozens of women through birth and the early postpartum period. Tracy has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies at Miami University and a Maternal Child Health Epidemiology Graduate Certificate at University of Arizona. As the mother of three Bernalillo County children, ages 4 to 10, Tracy is deeply committed to achieving the goals of ECAP. 

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