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Kathryn Overton

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Research Assistant

Kathryn Overton is a graduate research assistant affiliated with the United Way of Central New Mexico as well as the Cradle to Career Policy Institute at the University of New Mexico. She supports the research objectives of Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families by performing evaluative and analytical tasks as part of United Way’s data team. Her work includes data gathering, data cleaning, and statistical analysis.  Her efforts support United Way’s dedication to constantly improving and enhancing the services provided to central New Mexicans.

Kathryn is a third-year doctoral degree student in the Political Science department at the University of New Mexico. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Economics from the University of New Mexico. Prior to enrolling as a doctoral degree student, Kathryn spent several years volunteering in rural, northern New Mexico and abroad. These experiences shaped her passion for social problems and motivate her current research. Kathryn’s research focus includes quantitative methods, international relations, and legal theory. 

Throughout her graduate degree studies, Kathryn has received multiple grants and awards, including an Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research scholarship as well as a National Science Foundation Political Networks grant. 

Kathryn is a long-term resident of New Mexico and maintains a dedicated relationship with New Mexico nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about education and currently volunteers with adult learners as a high school equivalency mathematics instructor.