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Delma Madrigal

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Adult College Completion Manager

Delma coordinates the work of the Graduate! ABQ initiative, an adult-focused strategy in partnership with Workforce Connection and other community partners aimed at supporting adults who want to pursue a college education. She manages the implementation of the project plan and supervision of the coaching staff.

Prior to joining the Mission: Graduate team, Delma served as a Community Engagement Coordinator for Youth Development Inc. (YDI) at West Mesa High School.   In that capacity, she facilitated initial start-up, coordinated logistics, and implemented planning for quality projects and programs aligned to the community school model. Her work experience also includes product development and project coordination for Circles USA, a national organization that offers a unique relationship-based strategy that encourages the building of social capital for families engaged in the process of moving forward on a path out of poverty.

Delma’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s in Management with a focus on Project Management.  She enjoys merging project management methods and strategies with her passion for supporting collective impact frameworks that result in positive outcomes for New Mexico families.

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