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College and Career Readiness

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Through a collaboration of employers, educators, government leaders, and nonprofit leaders, we are working to improve students’ understanding of and exposure to potential careers by creating a better system to connect students to high-quality career exploration opportunities.

We’re working on several projects in this area.

The Graduate Profile is the foundational document for our college and career readiness strategy. It identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that high school graduates need to succeed in college, career, and life, as well as the foundational experiences that can help students attain these critical competencies. The  Graduate Profile has also been formally adopted as part of Albuquerque Public Schools Academic Master Plan.

The South Valley Career Exploration Demonstration project helps students at Rio Grande High School and the three South Valley middle schools that feed into it to learn about career options in our community.  Career exploration activities include guest speakers in the classroom, job shadows, internships, and in-school career preparation. They’re available to students beginning in eighth grade and continue on through high school. 

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Selena Hardy

College and Career Readiness Manager


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