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Attendance and Engagement

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Reducing chronic absenteeism in our schools

Since 2017, Mission: Graduate has been working with community partners and schools in central New Mexico in creating and implementing effective school-based attendance teams. To support these teams, we host two conferences annualy designed to connect teams to resources, provide training on data management and provide informational materials. 

In 2019, United Way of Central New Mexico's Chief Strategy Officer Angelo Gonzales served as an expert witness supporting HB236, The Attendance for Success Act, which made its way through the legislative process and now awaits the Governor's signature. 

By working together with our school and community partners we have created attendance guides which include talking points and tips used by school leaders and community partners. The guides are currently under revision.

We also created an Every Day Matters Attendance Awareness Campaign Toolkit with ready-to-use communications designed for parents and schools.

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Director of Collective Impact


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