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High School

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High School is an important step along the cradle to career continuum. On this page you will find robust high school-related resources, including Bright Spot articles, news and updates, and research documents.

Also learn about Mission Graduate’s Collaborative Action Networks, Strategies, and Community Support Councils that support high school students.

Related Research

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Career Readiness: What It Is and How It's Done Year: 2017 Author: Derek Kuit
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Relationships Come First: How Four Career Development and Workforce Readiness Programs Prepare Young People for Work and Life Year: 2016 Author: Elizabeth Pufall Jones, Sean Flanagan, Jonathan F. Zaff, Craig McClay, Michelle Hynes et al.
America's Promise Alliance
Closing the College Gap: A Roadmap to Postsecondary Readiness and Attainment Year: 2016 Author: Robert Balfanz, Jennifer L. DePaoli, Erin S. Ingram, John M. Bridgeland, Joanna Hornig Fox
Civic Enterprises, Everyone Graduates Center