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Teacher Academy enables school and business relationships

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RRPS SciMIT Leaders

More than 40 science teachers from Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS) and Los Lunas Schools participated in the third annual Summer Teacher Academy, known as Science and Math with Infinite Technology (SciMIT).

This year’s academy focused on integrating technology into the district’s science and math curriculum and building strong partnerships with the local business community. The first two years focused on math and this year, shifted the focus to science to address New Mexico science standards.

On the first day, business partners presented specific applications of scale, proportion, and quantity as used in the working world that teachers could replicate in the classroom. These presentations provide an opportunity for business partners and educators to build a relationship that can continue throughout the school year.  

Sandia National Labs shared an activity on exploring nanoscale, Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) talked about gears and balloon cars, the Balloon Museum showed a project about air and hot air balloons, and NMPBS talked about nanotechnology and balance.

One participant said,

Everything they talked about made me reflect on reasoning. We always ask our kids "Why?" and these activities were no different. Why is this important? Why do I have to do this? Why did you come up with the reason you did?”

The professional development session was hosted by RRPS and sponsored by Mission: Graduate, Sandia National Laboratories, and AFRL.  Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum, and New Mexico PBS (NMPBS), along with the sponsors were business partners.

What happens next:

Next year there are plans to expand the training to include additional school districts. 

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